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Most documents have a default application that will launch if you open that document. You can also specify an application if you wish to open a document with something else. You can do this with drag and drop, or by using the context menu. You can permanently change which application is used to open a […] (more...)
Video Tutorial: Using Shapes In Pages
The Shape tool in Pages has many uses. You can put text or images in shapes. You can wrap text around shapes. You can also combine multiple shapes by grouping them together to create interesting graphic elements in your documents without needing to use a graphics program. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is […] (more...)
There are many things you can do in the title bar of a document window. You can rename and even move a file without ever having to switch to the Finder. You can also view the folder path to see the location of the file. With the proxy icon you can attach the file to […] (more...)
It can be useful to remove unneeded contacts from your database every once in a while. Before deleting, you can export individual contacts as small VCF files. These can then be stored and accessed easily later if you need them. You also have a variety of other methods for exporting and archiving your contacts. Video […] (more...)
Many web sites feature multiple language options. If a site is not in the language you speak, try looking for a way to switch to another language inside the site. For sites that do not offer a translation in your language, you can use either Google or Bing to translate bits of text or entire […] (more...)
Video Tutorial: Using Mail Signatures
Learn the basic of using signatures in Apple Mail on your Mac. You can create multiple signatures and assign them to different email accounts. You can set a default signature for each account and also choose between signatures when you are composing an email message. You can also have a random signature appear each time. […] (more...)
Learn about Safari’s private browsing mode. It will prevent pages you visit from being recorded in your search history, and erase cookies when you are done. But it will not hide your activity from your employer or ISP. It can be useful in some situations. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with […] (more...)
The menu bar is the most basic part of any app’s user interface. But new Mac users may not look for commands there. More advanced users can use the Help menu to find menu items, and keyboard commands to navigate the menus without using the mouse or trackpad. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this […] (more...)
You can add subtitle tracks to your videos by using third-party software. This is different than imprinting a bottom-third title on to your video. Subtitle tracks can be turned on and off in QuickTime Player, iOS, Apple TV and elsewhere. You can also add more than one language. All you need to do is to […] (more...)
You can create both bullet lists and numbered lists in Pages. Bullets can be many different characters or even images. Numbered lists can use a variety of numbering systems. You can mix and match list types and even create your own styles. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with Let’s take […] (more...)
Video Tutorial: Travel Apps
Before traveling it is worth thinking about adding some apps to your iPhone or iPad. You can download maps apps, language apps, apps with reviews and suggestions and also travel books. While in Tokyo, Gary gives some suggestions of the types of apps to look for and add to your devices before leaving home. Video […] (more...)
When you reply to a message in Mail, you can quote the original message to make your reply clearer. You can quote the entire message, but it usually make more sense to only quote a portion of it. You can also edit the quotes and place your reply between portions of quoted text. Learning how […] (more...)
Video Tutorial: Using Full Screen Mode
Full screen mode allows you to concentrate on a single document or window and maximize your screen space. You can easily enter and leave full screen mode, and also switch between apps in full screen mode and others on your desktop. Apps can even have some windows in full screen mode and others in regular […] (more...)
The latest version of Numbers restores our ability to use AppleScript to automate some actions in your spreadsheets. You can use AppleScript to create new commands in Numbers and do things that could be difficult or impossible to do otherwise. Take a look at some simple examples that populate cells with random numbers and modify […] (more...)
The Enhanced Dictation feature in OS X allows you to dictate text anywhere you find a text cursor, like TextEdit, Pages or Mail. It is an offline version of OS X dictation that allows you to mix typing and speaking for a better experience. It uses context to figure out which words make the most […] (more...)