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I have a Imac, your video on address book #732 explained how to use it great video. I don’t have the address book how can I get it?



After watching an episode about the Apple Support App I attempted to download it fro the App Store but it did not come up in the results. Does this mean it is not currently available in the UK?


I have MacBook Pro 15″,MacOSSierra Version 10.12.2, 2.53 GHz, 4GB memory. My computer was purchased in 2010 and I love it but cannot get rid of the rolling coloured ball and it is unbearably slow. I do believe I have installed programs like anti virus that I do not need and want to know how to find them and delete them.



I am running OS X 10.12.2 on a new MBP Touch Bar. I often create and edit my Keynotes with two different presentations Open at once so I can move back and forth between them to Copy/Paste, etc. Today I discovered that I can only have one Keynote, and one Pages document for that matter, Open at a time. When I Click on a second document or Keynote, the Open file disappears and is replaced by the second one. I can’t get the Two Screens option to work from the same Application either.

Thanks for helping!

Kathleen Kirkpatrick


Hi Gary

Leigh Rieder here from South Africa.
How do I set my devices (let’s say iPhone & iMac) to do my background downloading during specified hours?
In SA, we have day/night data packages where we get (example) 200gig day & 200gig night time bundles.
During the “normal” hours we watch Netflix, we game, etc etc…so obviously our day time data gets used the most.
Is there a way to set my devices so it does things like updates, downloads etc etc during (say) 1am to 5am so that I can balance my day/night data usage?

Many thanks

Leigh Rieder


Hello. In my itunes library I have 35000 songs which I back up on an external drive and time machine.
My question is that if I import another album or two, how do I back this up without having to backup the whole library again which takes 3-4 hrs with usb2 and 1.30hrs through thunderbolt.
Up to now nobody i spoke to can answer this question.

P.S. I know time machine backs it up automatically. My question relates to backing up on other external hard drives.
George Uzarowski


When i upgraded to my current iPhone 6s, the sales assistant imported only my contacts from my previous 5s. I didn’t think much more about it until some months later when i tried to find a way to import my sms text messages and iMessages from the 5s to the 6s.

I’ve researched Apple forums and read your answer to “How Do I Transfer Messages To a New iPhone?” from September 2016 which outlines the Backup and Restore process used to migrate all legacy apps and content across to the new phone at the time of ACTIVATION.

Unfortunately, this scenario doesn’t apply in my case.
What are my options as i don’t want to wipe all existing Messages on the 6s to just to bring in the 5s Messages?

Are there any 3rd party apps that you could recommend?

Many thanks Gary for any assistance with this

Adrian Payne


Read one could go up to 6 GB RAM on my iMac. Had two 2 MB chips. Bought a 4 MB and placed in right hand slot. Nothing dramatic. I still show 77.02 GB free of 319.21 GB. Shows a purple color “Backups” 4 MB. Have I helped myself?
Mike Suddarth


Have an iMac and want to update the OS from 10.5.8 but want to back it up first. What external hard drive is the best?
Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac9,1
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
L2 Cache: 6 MB
Memory: 4 GB
Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz

Louise Herlihy


my husband passed away and I am trying to get into his phone to get his messages and e mail. I phone 6 I have Verizon service for my phone and my husbands. They are also asking for a fingerprint and it gets disabled.


i am looking to put all my customers and potential customers on a map so whenever i am travelling i can see who is nearest to me and who i could visit.

is that possible with the mac ? in contacts you can sometimes see a map with the 1 selected address… but would this be possible for all the contacts of one or more groups ?

thank you for your kind reply !


Last year I changed my email address to eliminate junk email, was a mess. Now they’ve found me again, 20 a day. Is there anyway to permanently stop them?
Arlene Von Nieda


Since I updated to Sierra, I lost the message priority drop-down list in Mail, where I could flag a message with “High priority”, “Normal priority” and “Low priority”. How do I get that back?


I was using Safari 10.0.2 on MacBookAir/macOS Sierra/10.12.2. When I lost the bookmark bar at the top now bookmarks only in the side bar, how can I get bar back at top of Safari?
Jerry Dickerson


I just watched your video “How To Know Whether You Can Upgrade to Sierra (#1313)”, and I think you just took into account the hardware point of view. But the software side is also very important.

I presently use many applications with my Mac, and it is very important for me to know if they will run without problems with Sierra. For instance, will Final Cut Express 4.0.1 run within Sierra.

André Boileau


Hi Gary, I’m currently macOS Sierra on a 2012 MacBook Pro with a Core i5 and 8 GB Ram.
I found all your iMovie tutorials very helpful especially the one detailing the differences between iMovie’s ‘Events’ and ‘iMovie’s Library’ but I’m wondering why iMovie only offers my Mac’s ‘FaceTime’ camera or my Mac’s hdd as places to retrieve video & photos?. How can there not be another way to import pictures/Video from my iCloud or iPhone/Photo-stream? or am I doing something wrong?
I’ve also tried to ‘drag and drop’ pictures from my Mac’s ‘Photos’ app to no avail.
Any suggestions you have would be most appreciated!
Thank you, Gary
Scott Mackey


I am using Sierra. Are saved emails from my various email accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, etc. stored on my hard drive? I save some but don’t want those on my hard drive because of taking up space.
Carol Harness


I will press and hold the home button and before I can take a breath, she says she didn’t understand me. If I pause during any dictation, she is ready to send message. Sometimes I’m thinking about what I want to say!
Lynda Farabee


Is there a way to click on or more quickly add date information from a web browsing window to an Apple calendar?

i.e. I have multiple windows open looking at blogging conferences and want to quickly add their data to a calendar.
Kevin McCormick


How to cancel all possible format from a text.
Juan Carlos


I open Safari. In the search box at the top of the page, I type the word NAME anywhere in the box and, immediately, my name, address, phone numbers appear.

I open TextEdit. I select new document. Wherever I type the word NAME in the document all of my information, as above, appears.

Somehow the word NAME triggers this. How?


I have a Quotes.numbers which contains hundreds of my favorite quotes. I would like to use to send one of these random quotes to myself via my iMessage address at 6AM everyday. I have no idea about how to write AppleScript. How should I do?

Thank you guys a lot.


In email the application. In my inbox I want to right click and move to folder, email used to remember the last few folders and now it does not. what has happened to my recent used folder list? Where has it gone?
Tony Caselnova


I type a newsletter which needs print outs for some people. The left margin looks fine on screen but the print out has a large left margin about 1″ How do I reduce the margin?
The same newsletter is distributed from a group contact list. There are two new contacts which refuse to be added to this group and they default to my main, personal contact list. How can I make them be accepted into the group?
Mo Whitaker


I was going through some of the web page bookmarks (not apps) that I had added to my iPhone home screen. I found one that I wanted to remove, but was not able to do so just using the iPhone. Doing a long press resulted in a different action and not the jiggling icons with the X on the upper left. As a workaround, I was able to accomplish this by connecting my iPhone to my Mac, launching iTunes, bringing up an image of the home screen, selecting the web page bookmark, going to the Edit menu, selecting Cut, and then Apply the results to sync back to the iPhone. So what I am really asking is: how do I remove a web page bookmark from the iPhone home screen by only using the iPhone and not relying on iTunes on the Mac?
Richard Fuhr


I have the latests version. When you start typing in a cell in Numbers, previously used contents will pop up. Is there any way to edit these as many of the suggestions are no longer wanted. Thanks.
Marcia Byerly


I have imported a video to my keynote presentation. I want it to automatically play after a slide and play the entire 4:30 minutes and then automatically transition into the next slide. The video starts then stops and skips to the next slide. What am I doing wrong/missing? I don’t recall having this problem in the past.

Thank you.


Most of my clips from imovie theatre are black is there a way to put a picture in it like by YouTube that you can choose a custom thumbnail from your library?
Jos Molegraaf


How do I get my Macbook to scan all my photos to place them in people?
David Korte


When I try to use AirDrop to move a Live Photo from my iPhone 6s (iOS 10.2) to my MacBook (10.12.2), all that AirDrop transfers is the still image.
However, if I use a USB cable to move the Live Photo from my phone to my Mac, the Live Photo is preserved.
When I use AirDrop the photos automatically are sent to the Downloads folder.  I don’t get an AirDrop window on the Mac that would allow me to “Open in Photos” as per the Apple Support website instructions for Live Photo transfer using AirDrop.

Any ideas?
Julie S