As Title suggest… In other browsers its easy to have more than one page that opens when you start the Browser. How do I do the same in Safari?
Jan Præst

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  1. You mean you launch the browser and two windows open — automatically? I’ve never seen that in a browser. Not sure why you would do it. How do you do that in other browsers — maybe explain how it works in another browser and I can figure out what it is you are looking for.
    You can do things like create a folder in the bookmarks bar with several bookmarks and then right+click it and select “open in tabs” to open each of those pages in a separate tab at the same time. Is that what you mean.

  2. Jan Præst says:

    Sorry, in IE, Firefox etc. you can have more than one URL as Homepage. When you open the browser each URL opens at the same time in different tabs.

    It is this functionality I’m missing or can’t find in Safari.

    • Probably the closest you can get is to do what I suggested before: create a folder full of bookmarks and place it in the Bookmarks Bar. Then, you can actually just Command+Click it and all of those pages will open up in tabs. Very handy as 1) you aren’t forced to view the pages every single time you open Safari and 2) you can create more than one set of pages and choose which one to open.

  3. Kev Old says:

    Probably the closest you can get is to create a folder full of bookmarks and place it in the Bookmarks Bar and call it “home pages” or something. Go to show all bookmarks and tick auto click against “home pages”. Open Safari Prefs and set “new Windows open with” to choose tabs folder and choose “home pages” close and you are done. Now every time you open Safari it will open multiple tabs with specified URL’s.

  4. Jan Præst says:

    Great…, Thanks

  5. Jorge Ferla (Brazil) says:

    Great tip. I was looking for this at least 3 months. Thanks for sharing.

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