Show Anniversary/Other Dates in iCal

Is there a way to show dates listed in Contacts, such as anniversaries, in iCal without using a third party app such as dates to ical?

— Michelle

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  1. Actually, iCal and Address Book already do this — but only for birthdays. If you add a birthday or anniversary to a contact in Address Book, it will appear in a special calendar in iCal. For instance, I have several birthdays for contacts, and iCal automatically shows a “Birthdays” calendar. As long as that calendar is turned on in iCal.
    For other date types, like anniversaries, you’ll need a 3rd-party plugin right now. But I’m hopeful that Apple will add that functionality in the near future.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks, Gary.

    Birthdays works great. I’ll stick with Dates 2 iCal for now to get the Anniversary dates into iCal.

  3. Art says:

    It looks like there is a way to get 2 bdays in an address for one person. How ?

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