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I’m not sure how to word out my question, but here is the “scenario”: I have an Imac and a Macbook, both upgraded to Snow Leopard, Intel Core Duo. I’d like to be able to transfer files-photos-links over from one computer to the other remotely. So far I have been emailing myself to duplicate the info. I need both computers to have the same info. I ave found the following instructions: “finder-go-connect to server” but it gives me remote access, not able to transfer stuff from the Drop Box on the Desktop. Is there a way I can transfer everything I need by the click of a button whether I’m working on the Macbook or the Imac? Thank you in advance…

— Sameen

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    7/24/10 @ 8:04 am

    First, check out episode 320 for simple file sharing basics. http://macmost.com/simple-mac-file-sharing.html
    You can use the Finder to transfer documents back and forth between your Macs.
    But you mention three different types of things: files, photos and links.
    For files, you can use simple file sharing. Though if you have documents you are constantly updating on both Macs you might want to consider a cloud-based file sharing service like MobileMe’s iDisk or a free DropBox account.
    For photos, you should look into iPhoto’s sharing function. I would have your photo library on your iMac and have iPhoto running with sharing turned on. Then use iPhoto on your MacBook to view the shared photos — otherwise you are dealing with having to keep two separate photo libraries in sync which is a pain.
    Third, you said “links” — do you mean bookmarks in Safari? Using MobileMe you can automatically keep your bookmarks (and calendar and contacts) in sync between Macs (and i-devices). You should look into it if synced bookmarks are important to you. Otherwise, maybe an online bookmarking service (delicious) could be a better option.

      7/24/10 @ 12:30 pm

      Brilliant info Gary,
      thanx a million, I didn’t realize the three diff. things I was trying to transfer over required diff. procedures. I will get on it asap,

      and keep you posted. Again thank you,
      much appreciated!

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