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Forum Question: How To Create Separate Signatures for Multiple Email Account On the iPhone 4s?

I have three separate email accounts that I use. When I use my iPhone to send emails, by default it signs the email with “sent from my iPhone,” which I hate because it sounds a little arrogant letting the world know you have an iPhone. I like how Apple Mail signs emails by default with “Your Name” and “your email address.” Is there a way to set that up with the different accounts on the iPhone. I currently just have it signing emails with my name.

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    1/25/12 @ 1:18 pm

    You are still limited to only one signature in Mail on the iPhone. But, as I think you know, you can change that one signature so it doesn’t say “Sent From My iPhone” easily enough.
    There is a simple way that you can easily add custom signatures to each email. See this episode:
    You can use this technique to have all sorts of signatures. Make them shortcuts like s1, s2, s3 or whatever. But it won’t choose one automatically, of course.

    Erwin Simons
    10/27/12 @ 3:37 am

    Using shortcuts for the purpose of quickly adding and discriminating between different mail signatures only works if your intended signature covers only a single line. Not possible to link a shortcut to text stretching over multiple lines unfortunately.

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