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Forum Question: How To Creating To-do Items?

I have just download Lion and installed it on my iMac and I love it. But after spending some time in the mail app I realized that the to-do function was missing. Now I have gone to the Apple.com and on there support site there is an example how to create a to-do item in mail in lion. But I can’t seem to finger out how to this myslef. Can you please help me finger this out?

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    10/21/11 @ 9:55 am

    To Do functionality has been removed from Mail. It is now a whole new thing called “Reminder” and it is in iCal. See episode 620 for how to use them. http://macmost.com/icloud-reminders-for-mac-and-ios.html
    It is odd that the Apple site still has that note about doing it. I suspect that is talking about an older version of Mail, and they accidentally think they updated the note for Lion.

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