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Forum Question: Is There a Way Of Password Protecting a Folder, That Isn’t Capable Of Being Deleted?

Is there a way of password protecting a folder, that isn’t capable of being deleted?

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    1/19/12 @ 8:03 am

    So what you want is two different things: password protection and making a folder hard to delete.
    In the first case, the thing to do is not to use a folder, but a disk image. Episode 46 shows you how:
    The idea of making something hard to delete can be dealt with many ways. One would be to simply lock it. Get info (Command+I) on the disk image when you are done. Then check off the “Locked” option.
    Now you can’t make it impossible to delete, of course. I mean, you could always manipulate any file if you are the account admin. But at least something like this makes it harder to delete. If you go to delete the file you will get a message about it being locked. So you would have to try to put it in the trash, then confirm with the message, then empty the trash.
    Another way to deal with it is to simply make sure it is backed up. Everyone should be doing backups anyway, of course. So that way if it is accidentally deleted, you have a backup. That would also protect you from hard drive failure if the data contained is important — I imagine that is what you are really asking about.

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