My First Mac Archive

This article was first published on 2007-05-24. Due to the age of this article, it is included here for archive purposes only.

OK, people hold some very strong opinions in the Mac vs. Windows debate and the commentary out there can seem a little over the top. The fact is, Windows and the Mac OS have been closing the once substantial gap over the 22 years this rivalry has been going and becoming more and more alike. And most commentators’ opinions are colored by that long history.

Today, the differences are smaller, but still important. In fact, you can do everything on a PC that you can do on a Mac and vice versa. It’s more a matter of how much hassle is involved.

I like to say that a task might take five steps in Windows versus three on a Mac, but if you can only handle two, it still won’t get done. And the same goes for if you can handle more than five steps. In that case either will work just fine for you.

Here are my top seven reasons to buy a Mac.

  1. Get more from your personal media. My top reason for getting a Mac is the iLife suite of programs that come free with your new Mac. These help you take your home photos and movies, and create books, slideshows, calendars, web sites, edited movies, and DVDs. Key point: if you desire to create any of these things, the software will help you along, not hinder you.
  2. Amazing hardware design. The high quality of the design and fit and finish of the actual computer never stops delighting me. This why I think Macs appeal strongly to designers and artists, not because they are easier to design with (PCs have been comparable to Macs in design for ten years or more), but because artists and designer appreciate good product design and are willing to pay for it. Furthermore, because the Apple aesthetic imbues the hardware with a Zen-like simplicity, the Mac recedes and your task comes forward.
  3. Surprises in the Software. The Mac OS is designed to reward experimentation. You will find there is usually three or more ways to do something, such as start a slideshow from a group of files. By providing for multiple approaches, the Mac OS rewards those who try what seems intuitive to them. In particular, you will notice lots of pleasant surprises when you just try to drag and drop one thing onto another.
  4. No Security Worries. I have never received a Mac virus or spyware on any of my nine Macs. Ever. Nor has anyone I know or have read about. It has been demonstrated that they are possible, but there just aren’t any existing in the “wild”. And the best part is I haven’t even had to spend time worrying about or preventing them. Of course bad things can still happen to your data, but it will most likely be by maliciously exploiting you, not your Mac.
  5. The Apple Ecosystem. It may cost a little more, but Apple provides a way to do most every general computing task from writing a document to listening to music to creating an Internet group with an Apple product. You aren’t required to use any other Apple products with your new Mac, but the option is there. And if you take that option, you will find a more seamless experience.
  6. Support from Apple Stores. Regardless of where you buy your Mac, you can walk into your nearest Apple store with it and get help for free. Not only that, but you can participate in free classes that help you get more out of your new Mac.

    And starting recently, Apple stores are putting in Studios, where someone from their team of Creatives can advise you on your project. What other company offers this level of free service? Of course, this only helps those that are in the vicinity of an Apple Store, but take heart in that dozens of stores continue to open each year. Maybe one will be opening near you.

  7. Tons of Mac People Love Their Macs. You never hear that from PC owners. There is something in that. Hopefully, you’ll love your new Mac too.

So there you have seven differentiating reasons to buy a Mac. Of course there are many more, some of which you can find in the Dig Deeper links below. Also, don’t forget to also check out our 6 Reasons to buy a PC instead of a Mac for a more complete view.