Issue #427 for March 9, 2017
The MacMost Newsletter: Issue #427
March 9, 2017
Better Web Searching with Snapback and Tabs
If you do a lot of web searching, you may want to use the Safari Snapback feature to jump back to the page of search results. You can also use Safari tabs to keep search results around and load multiple result pages at once. Watch Video...
Cutting Out Part Of an Image with Acorn
A good alternative to Photoshop on your Mac is Acorn, an inexpensive but powerful image editor in the Mac App Store. In this tutorial, learn how to cut out a person in one photo and place them in another. Watch Video...
Using JavaScript to Find Photos Without Keywords
There is no way in Photos to get a list of all of the photos that have no keyword tags applied to them. But with a little JavaScript in Automator you can add this command to Photos and use it with all photos or any selection of photos. Watch Video...
Deleting Books in iBooks
You can easily delete books you have added to iBooks unless you have added them from the iBooks Store. In that case the best you can do is to hide these books using a hard-to-find function in the iBooks app. Watch Video...
Connecting Your Mac Through Your iPhone with Personal Hotspot
If you are out of the house and need to connect your MacBook to the Internet you can use your iPhone's personal hotspot function. This allows you to connect through your iPhone's mobile data connection. This is handy when you'd rather not use public Wi-Fi or none is available. Watch Video...
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Quick Tip: Set Default Reminders List
In Mac Reminders, in the Reminders menu, you can set a Default List. This list will be used when another app or a notification is used to create a reminder. You can also set this on the iPhone and iPad in the Settings app under Reminders.
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