Issue #432 for April 13, 2017
The MacMost Newsletter: Issue #432
April 13, 2017
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Add Pie Chart Leader Lines in Numbers
A new feature in Numbers is the ability to add leader lines to pie charts. This makes the charts look more professional and easier to follow. This also works with pie charts in Keynote and Pages. Watch Video...
How Was My Password Hacked?
You may be surprised to learn how most passwords are hacked. It isn't by breaking into the account that is threatened, but by stealing the password from another site entirely. This happens because many people use the same password for different sites. You can easily protect yourself against this. Watch Video...
Keynote Low Light Notes
A new feature in Keynote allows you to have your presenter notes in white text on a black background. This makes it easier to present in front of a dark room using a MacBook connected to a large screen. Watch Video...
Adding Math Equations in Pages
You can now use LaTeX and MathML to add math equations to your Pages documents. This creates a separate element that exists inside of the flow of text. You can copy and paste equations from other math apps, or type the code to create the equations on your own. This also works in Numbers and Keynote. Watch Video...
Using Night Shift on Your Mac
Night Shift is a new Sierra feature for recent Macs that shifts the colors on your screen to include less blue light. This can be useful for people using their Macs in the evening as more blue light may make it harder for some to get to sleep. Learn how to turn this feature on and off, and adjust it on your Mac. Watch Video...
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Quick Tip: Find Next Keyboard Shortcut
If you need to find something in a document, but multiple instances of that thing exist, use the Find Next function's keyboard shortcut to quickly flip through the document. For instance, if the word "apple" is in a Pages document 73 times, you can use Command+F to find the first one, but then Command+G (Edit, Find, Find Next) to move quickly through all of them. Just hold the Command key down and press G over and over. The same works for TextEdit, but other apps may have different menu items and keyboard shortcuts. It also works in webpages in Safari.
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