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Help With the iPad Pencil Please😊

I bought a new iPad several months ago and the salesman also sold me the pencil. From trying to get it to work I believe I don’t have the correct iPad. Mine is the smaller version. If it’s true that it doesn’t work with the smaller one, and he sold this $100. item to me, (which is newly taken out of the box and never used) shouldn’t they take it back? Of course I can’t find receipt. Thank you for your help.
Sherry Spencer

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    7 years ago

    The iPad Pencil works with the iPad Pro -- that's PRO only. There are two versions of the iPad Pro: the 9.7-inch and the 12.9-inch. But you can also get an iPad Air that is a 9.7-inch. The smallest iPad is the iPad mini which is 7.9-inch.
    So figure out which one you have, and if it is not one of the two iPad Pro models, then take it back and explain. If you bought it using your Apple ID at the store, then they should have it on record. If not, then maybe use the credit card you used at the store.

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