Helping Classrooms

I hope that by building I am not just building a web site, but I am also building a community of Mac users and technology enthusiasts. I’d like to see that community help out children in classrooms in the United States. I believe that the use of technology in classrooms helps children learn, grow and become the leaders that we need for the future.
Therefore, I have started personally giving to projects at This is a web site that lets teachers post their needs, and the community give money to fund them. You can read more about and I hope you agree with me that these are worthwhile projects for the MacMost community to rally behind.
Each week I will pick a project that I feel relates to MacMost in some way. Maybe a classroom needs a new Mac or iPad. Or, maybe they need software, digital cameras or other devices. I will personally give some money to the project and then post it here and in the weekly MacMost newsletter.
I hope that you will join me in donating a small amount to the projects I choose. This way we can come to the aid of a classroom as a community. Or, you can browse the different projects and pick on that inspires you. Either way, please tell others about your donation. Telling others will hopefully inspire them to give as well. I would love it if eventually the MacMost community could fully fund a project each week!

Past Projects: