MacMost Special: Build Your Own Web Site With Squarespace

Check out how to build your own Web site or create a blog using MacMost's sponsor Squarespace. Use the coupon code MACMOST at checkout to get 10% for life.

Video Transcript
Gary Rosenzweig: On this MacMost special, I'm going to tell you a way to build your own website.
Let me tell you about MacMost's new sponsor. It's Squarespace. Squarespace is a service where you can build your own website and they'll host it for you. And it's got all sorts of professional features, even though it's priced so anybody can build a website there.
Now I know there are a lot of options out there for building your own website; some of them are even free. But they're very restrictive; a lot of them will show their ads, making money off of your content. Some will only let you build one specific type of website like a blog or maybe just a photo gallery.
Squarespace has all sorts of professional features. It allows you to do just about anything you want with your website.
Not only that, but they give you the type of control that you usually only get if you build your own website from scratch. For instance, you can control the style sheets completely on your website. You can even add your own custom HTML to any page.
Let's go and take a look at how Squarespace works.
So here's a website I've gone and created in Squarespace. I've assigned a domain name to it,, so you can go ahead and check that out. I'll be blogging about tech culture and all sorts of things here.
Now for editing the Squarespace, I've set my homepage to be a journal, which is a blog. I can go ahead and edit the content on this page, posting new entries, modifying new entries and things like that, even changing the items here on the side. I can dig down deeper in the structure and go ahead and change things like the header and footer and widgets on the page.
I can even go down into the appearance and do things like select templates, do banners, change navigation, do the different columns for the pages. I can change the style sheets themselves, even going in and hand-editing them if I want to. There's all sorts of things to do at the advanced level as well as the basic content level.
Now the front page of the site is a blog, but say I want to have a page that's completely separate, completely different from the blog. I can do that in the structure editor, go ahead and add a page. And then I get all these different widgets that I can add. I can do another blog or I can do a picture gallery. I can do custom HTML. I can go ahead and create custom file storage and drop boxes for people.
I can go ahead and create maps using some Google Maps. I can go ahead and create guest books, I can create discussion forums, and can go and have frequently asked question pages; I can even create forums and the ability for people to send me email. There's all sorts of different choices for you to make, all sorts of different pages you can add.
Now let's say I want to add a new picture gallery. I select 'Picture Gallery', I select configure, come up for a name for it and now there's tons of options how I can customize this photo gallery; how it looks and how it acts. I don't have to settle for just some sort of standard, I can make it my own. So I go ahead and create that page.
Now I'm going to switch over to the content editing, go to that page. It's listed here at the topic with my other pages and I'm going to go ahead and create a new set of pictures. So I'm going to come up with just a quick name as an example and then I can go ahead and upload new pictures to this gallery.
And here's what it looks like once a bunch of photos have been updated. I haven't added any descriptions or titles to them but I can do that easily and go back in and edit them as well. I can click on one and go ahead and zoom in on it sense I've uploaded full resolution photos. And it treats it like a little slide show as well.
Now if you already have a blog or a website somewhere else there's a whole set of import tools, you can import your data from there so you can easily switch to a Squarespace site. Not only that, but they give you export tools as well so you can feel safe knowing that if you ever want to take your content someplace else, you can.
Another cool thing is there is a whole set of stats and analytics so you can look at who is coming to your site and how popular it is.
Now the reason that I'm thrilled that Squarespace is a sponsor of MacMost is that they do a great job of filling some middle ground. On the one side you've got some free services that allow you to build really poor websites that aren't even your own. On the other side you've got more expensive services or ones that take up a lot of your time because you have to learn how to build your own website from scratch.
Squarespace is a really great way to build a complex website and get it up and running almost instantly.
Now if you want to check it out for yourself, just go to They've got this free 14 day trial that's a great way to see how cool it is. And when you're ready to upgrade to a regular account, just be sure to use the MacMost promo code and get 10% off for the life of the account.
The accounts are also really cheap. For instance, you can go ahead and get a basic account for only $8. I recommend the $14 Pro Account, that allows you to assign your own domain name, something I always recommend for anybody building any kind of website.
That's a look at Squarespace. I hope you take a minute to try it out and use the MacMost promo code. This is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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