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The MacMost Newsletter: Issue #603
July 23, 2020
Ever since I started making courses, an iPhone Photography course has been on my to-do list. Now it is finally here! I enlisted my friend and long-time MacMost collaborator Jay Shaffer to teach it.

This is a comprehensive course with more than 40 lessons and 5 hours of video tutorials. It will teach you how to use your iPhone with iOS 13 or newer to take better photos. It not only looks at the Camera app's controls and settings, but also goes into how to make better photos with photography techniques everyone can use. You can see the full table of contents and preview some of the video lessons here. This course is for iPhones with iOS 13.

Here is a special coupon that will get you 40% off the price of the course, from now until July 31. So in the U.S. that would be $23.97 instead of $39.95. Click on this link or use the code snapshot. Make sure the coupon code is applied before checking out.

As with all MacMost courses, you can start at the beginning and watch each lesson, or skip around. You have as long as you want to take the course and can always go back to review it later on.

– Gary
There are many very useful Mac features and functions that users don't know about because they atre hard to find. You can batch rename files, dictate text, see a paper tape in Calculator, summarize text and easily remove ads from web articles.
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A new feature in Pages 10.1 allows you to add a title and a caption to objects such as images, shapes, tables, charts, videos and even text boxes. You can even add them to groups. This same functionality is also available in the most recent versions of Keynote and Numbers.
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You can use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad to create a quick method to shrink an image before sharing it. With this more advanced Shortcut, you can choose a size in pixels or percent, and select the image format and quality.
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If you need to open PDF files or just want a decent image editing app that doesn't cost too much or require a subscription, there are plenty of options in the Mac App Store and elsewhere. All of these and 64-bit apps that work with macOS Catalina and beyond. See for links.
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Learn how to position and resize windows on your Mac by dragging the top, sides and corners of a window, and what various modifier keys do while dragging. You can also double-click, use snapping, and use hidden menu items to quickly move and resize windows.
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Should we worry about clipboards and phone numbers? Looking at spam, online shopping competition, LastPass phishing, and more Warrior Nuns. Subscribe at iTunes...
You can go into Safari, Preferences to switch which search engine is used by the address field. But a quicker way to do it is to simply press the spacebar when the search field is completely empty. This brings up a list of the search engines that you can arrow-down to and press Return to select. This is very useful if you need to switch between search engines often.
I'm often asked about the software and gadgets I use to produce the MacMost videos and in my work as a developer. So I've compiled a list of the products I use and recommend. Check it out. -- Gary
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