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The MacMost Newsletter: Issue #619
November 12, 2020
New Course: The Guide to MacOS Big Sur
Big Sur is finally here, and so is my new course! For a limited time I'm offering it with a 40% off coupon to newsletter subscribers!

Learn the ins and outs of using macOS Big Sur, the latest operating system for your Mac. This course includes 60 video tutorials and more than 4 hours of video instruction. It begins by showing you the basics of the desktop and then goes into detail about using the Finder, Safari, Mail, TextEdit, Preview and other basic apps. This course includes lots of tips, tricks and techniques.

The course is available at both the MacMost Courses website, and at Udemy. Same course, same videos, same discount. The price depends on your local currency, but as an example in the US the regular price is $39.95 and the 40% coupons bring that down to $23.97. The coupons are good until November 20.

Get it at MacMost Courses with this coupon: BIXBY

Get it at Udemy with this coupon: BIGSURBIXBY

You can also click on either link to go to the sites and read more about the courses, view a table of contents, and even watch a few sample lesson videos. Whichever you choose, you can take as long as you like to start and complete the course. You can jump around to view the videos in any order and go back at any time.

Thanks! -- Gary
Watch as I quickly give an overview of virtually everything new in macOS Big Sur. That includes more than 70 new features big and small.
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Here are 10 new features in macOS Big Sur that you should check out right after updating. Get to know the Control Center, new Notifications Center, new sounds and set up things like your desktop background.
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Apple announced a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini today, the first computers using Apple's M1 chips. They also announced MacOS Big Sur to launch on Thursday. Check out all of the details.
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The free GarageBand app from Apple allows you to play your iPhone like a piano, guitar, bass, drum kit or a variety of other instruments. You don't need to learn how to use GarageBand's complex recording and editing tools, you can just jumpo to one of these instruments and play live.
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Here are some tips to make your iPhone more secure. In addition to using a long and random passcode, you can also prevent others from accessing your data in various ways if you select the right settings now.
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New Apple chips, high power and high efficiency, adventures in recording, software matters, re-reading science fiction, changing passwords and TikTok. Subscribe at iTunes...
I'm often asked about the software and gadgets I use to produce the MacMost videos and in my work as a developer. So I've compiled a list of the products I use and recommend. Check it out. -- Gary
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