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The MacMost Newsletter: Issue #648
June 3, 2021
June 20% Off Courses Coupon
Newsletter subscribers get 20% off all courses at the MacMost Courses site. The coupon code starting now until the end of the month is smile. Check out all of the MacMost courses, including the new mini courses on Automator, Photos and Final Cut Pro at the MacMost Courses site.
If you use your Mac to write, then here are some tools that can help, including ways to outline, keep notes, check spelling, look up words, collaborate, and much more.
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Often users of Mac Pages, or any word processor, find they have extra blank pages at the end of their document. These can be there for a number of reasons, but they are easy to remove if you know the cause.
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Here are 10 Numbers functions that all beginners and expert users of Numbers should know. Learn how to use functions like SUM, SUMIF, LOOKUP, STOCK and more.
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You can use your iPhone to scan in your vaccination card and then create a Shortcut to display it with one tap. This can come in handy when it isn't convenient to carry your card with you.
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What do we really own? Has tech changed it? A practical and philosophical discussion on owning music, movies, software, land, food and other things. Subscribe at iTunes...
I'm often asked about the software and gadgets I use to produce the MacMost videos and in my work as a developer. So I've compiled a list of the products I use and recommend. Check it out. -- Gary
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