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The MacMost Newsletter: Issue 679
January 6, 2022
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-- Gary
You can use the Shortcuts app to make it easy to add new Reminders. This could come in handy if you often find yourself recreating the same reminders every day or week.
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If you are looking to buy a MacBook soon, here's a rundown of the current models and the differences between them.
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Merging two folders can seem difficult or impossible until you learn this trick. While it is easy to drag and drop new files into an existing folder, you'll need to decide which ones to keep and which to replace on a file-by-file basis. However, a hidden feature of the macOS Finder lets you merge the files in folders, keeping the newest versions.
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You can use bookmarks in Safari to store the locations of web pages so you can return to them easily. You can access bookmarks several ways, search for them, edit them and organize them. Plus many tips and tricks for using bookmarks.
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We'll most likely see a new larger iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro and iPhone 14 in 2022. What else will Apple release? Will we see a new MacBook Pro? iPads? Mac mini? AR glasses?
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Colorado fire, TV dilemma, Y2K22, recycling, Covid exposure notification fails, Don't Look Up anxiety. Subscribe at iTunes...
I'm often asked about the software and gadgets I use to produce the MacMost videos and in my work as a developer. So I've compiled a list of the products I use and recommend. Check it out. -- Gary
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