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The MacMost Newsletter: Issue 740
March 9, 2023
When it comes to naming your files, there are many things to consider. The best file name is often a compromise.
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Most of the time you don't want to allow sites to open up their own pop-up windows. But occasionally you want to allow it for some sites. Here's how to set it up.
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You can use ChatGPT to learn about various topics, get suggestions, improve skills and even quiz yourself or your students on subjects.
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While tabs are heavily adopted in web browsers, a lot of people still don't realize how useful they can be elsewhere. For years I have used a single Finder window with multiple tabs instead of multiple Finder windows.
The easy way to make sure you are using an Emoji character right is to just search for that character on the web. You can make a Shortcut to do this for you with a selected emoji.
In order to use Numbers to its fullest, first master these essential skills before worrying about functions.
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Crop and Rotate Photos: YouTube
In-App Purchases: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram
I'm often asked about the software and gadgets I use to produce the MacMost videos and in my work as a developer. So I've compiled a list of the products I use and recommend. Check it out. -- Gary
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