Learn How To Use Mac Numbers

Want to learn how to create and use spreadsheets on your Mac for work, school or your own projects? Mac Numbers: Creating and Using Spreadsheets On Your Mac is a complete course with 36 lessons and 11 practical examples taking you from beginner to advanced level. It includes three and a half hours of video tutorials and 11 example files.

This course starts at the beginning, teaching you the basics such as creating a new document, starting with the blank template, entering numbers and performing basic calculations. You’ll then move on to create multi-table spreadsheets, perform advanced calculations, sort and filter data, create charts and more.

Whether you need to use Numbers for work, school, or a project at home, this course can get you up to speed fast. It does not assume that you have previous spreadsheet experience. However, if you have used an application like Excel in the past, you can also use this course to quickly learn the ins-and-outs of Numbers.

You can take as long as you need to go through the course. There is no time limit. You can go back and review videos and examples later.

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