MacMost: Finder

MacMost Now 233: Using Terminal to Copy Files
Sometimes the Finder can fail you when you want to copy lots of files, like an entire CD or DVD. Learn how to use the Terminal to copy whole volumes with better error handling and reporting.
MacMost Now 230: Customizing the Finder Sidebar
Learn how to use and customize the Finder sidebar. Add common folders and searches, and control which devices are shown.
MacMost Now 225: Hot Corners
Learn about Hot Corners and how you can use them to have your cursor trigger actions like starting or disabling your screen saver, putting your display to sleep, or starting Expose or the Dashboard.
MacMost Now 218: Mac Spring Cleaning
Look at a variety of ways to clean out old files and information from different programs like iCal, Address Book, Safari, Mail, iMovie, etc.
MacMost Now 216: Mac OS X Dock Tricks
Learn how to control the appearance of the Dock and how it works. Lots of tips.
MacMost Now 213: Using Exposé
Learn how to use Expose to make it easier to navigate between your windows and applications in Mac OS X.
MacMost Now 178: Hidden Finder Menu Choices
If you hold down the Option key while selecting menus in the Finder, you'll find some hidden functions.
MacMost Now 163: How to Take a Screen Shot
Learn how to capture the entire screen or only a portion, then compress it to send it in an email. This is handy for sending bug reports or pointing out problems.
MacMost Now 154: Finder Window Tricks
Learn how to customize the Sidebar, Toolbar and other parts of the Finder window. Also, announcing the new MacMost weekly email newsletter.
MacMost Now 152: How To Report a Bug To Apple
Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to report a bug to Apple. If you've ever been frustrated by an Apple application that isn't working right or crashes, this is the way to tell Apple about the problem and help them fix it.
MacMost Now 148: Merging Folders
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at three methods of merging files inside of folders. You can use Apple's FileMerge that comes with XCode, the 'ditto' command in Terminal or a variety of downloadable programs including File Synchronization.
MacMost Now 147: Spotlight on Spotlight
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at Spotlight, the search functionality built into Leopard. By using the quick keyboard shortcut and the Spotlight menu, you can quickly run applications, search for specific files and even look up dictionary definitions and do complex mathematical calculations.
MacMost Now 116: Finding Large Files on Your Hard Drive
Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to find the largest files on your hard drive and clean them up to create more space.
MacMost Now 69: OS X Directory Basics
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the basic structure of Mac OS X, especially the user folder, and gives suggestions on how to organize your files.
MacMost Now 56: Printing File Lists
Gary Rosenzweig looks at various methods for printing lists of files in folders: downloadable applications, using the Terminal, and simple copy and paste methods.
MacMost Now 46: Protecting Files With a Password
Gary Rosenzweig looks at one method to protect a set of files with a password. It involves using Disk Utility to create an encrypted disk image.
MacMost Now 42: Using Smart Folders
Gary Rosenzweig and Molly Stanberry show you how to use Smart Folders in Leopard.
MacMost Now 39: Talking to Your Mac
Gary Rosenzweig looks at basic speech recognition built into Leopard. You can speak simple commands to your Mac ad have it perform functions.
MacMost Now 37: Finder Hints and Shortcuts
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the Leopard finder and discovers some handy functionality and shortcuts.
MacMost Now 7: Customizing the Dock
Gary Rosenzweig talks to artist William Follett about how to create a custom Leopard Dock with custom icons. They use Candy Bar from Panic ( , and icons from IconFactory (