MacMost: Graphics

MacMost Now 333: Screen Capture and Drawing with Skitch
Skitch is a free tool that can be used to capture your screen and then draw on the image. You can also start with a blank image, photo or any file. You can export the result or upload it to the Skitch Web site to share.
MacMost Now 326: Paintbrush and Seashore
The Mac doesn't come with any drawing tools. Fortunately, two free programs give you some basic ability to draw and edit images. Check out Paintbrush and Seashore for Mac in this excerpt from the Guide to Switching to the Mac.
MacMost Now 280: Making Twitter and Facebook Icons with iPhoto
Learn how to take a photo in iPhoto 09 and make a small square icon to use as your icon or avatar in social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and other blogs and forums throughout the Web.

One thing missing from Mac OS X is a simple and free paint program, you know like that other OS has. But there are several free programs like this you can download. Seashore leads the pack by being both easy to install and use, but still having powerful features like layers support and good export options.

MacMost Now 207: Using Preview to Cut Out Part of a Photo
Use the Preview application that comes with Mac OS X to cut out a person or object from a photo and make the rest transparent. You can use this to make better images for social network profiles, Pages documents or Keynote presentations.
MacMost Now 38: Mac Drawing Programs
Gary Rosenzweig and Eve Park take a look at two programs for the Mac that allow you to draw. The first is Eazy Draw, a vector drawing program. The second is Doozla, a drawing program for kids.