MacMost: Calendar

MacMost Now 322: Schedule Automator Tasks Using iCal
You can create tasks in Automator and then have iCal run them at a specific time in the future, or even as a recurring event. This example shows you how to have thumbnails of new photos automatically sent to an email address every week.
MacMost Now 296: New Ways To Edit Events in iCal
Snow Leopard includes a new version of iCal that lets you edit events in two new ways that make it much easier to use iCal as your calendar program. You can also easily import and sync Google and Yahoo calendars.
MacMost Now 272: Publishing An iCal Calendar
You can publish your own iCal calendar to MobileMe or to your own hosted server. Others can then subscribe to your calendar. It is a great way to make a list of events available to others.
MacMost Now 168: Connecting iCal and Google Calendar
Learn how to connect iCal to your Google Calendar. You can add events and update either one and they will synchronize within minutes.
MacMost Now 159: Using Data Detectors

Data Detectors allow you to turn addresses, phone numbers and dates in mail messages into Address Book contacts and iCal events. You can also turn selected text into to-do items or stickies.

MacMost Now 94: Subscribing to Calendars with iCal
Gary Rosenzweig shows you how you can subscribe to free and interesting calendars using iCal.