MacMost: iMovie

MacMost Now 362: Importing Incompatible Video into iMovie
Most video cameras produce files in a format that iMovie can handle right away. However, some cameras use special video formats that iMovie can't read without your help. There are three strategies you can use to get incompatible video into iMovie: installing software that comes with your camera, researching solutions on the company Web site, or converting the video using free third-party tools.
MacMost Now 341: Beyond the Ken Burns Effect
The Ken Burns Effect in iMovie 09 is the default setting for photos inserted into an iMovie project. But you can use it for more than just adding a little motion. You can pan and zoom to focus on objects or move along an image. You can even zoom in and then back out and other similar effects.
MacMost Now 328: Custom Titles in iMovie 09
If you want to go beyond the default titles built into iMovie 09, you can create your own titles in a graphic editor. You can bring them into iMovie as titles between clips, or as overlays on top of existing video.
MacMost Now 325: Custom Slideshows With Titles Using iMovie
Use iMovie 09 to create custom slideshows from your photographs. You can add titles before and between images, as well as text over photos. You can also add transitions, music and audio narration.
MacMost Now 319: Exporting iPhoto Slideshows as Video
Learn how to create artistic photo slideshows in iPhoto that can then be exported as video files. You can then email these video files, create a DVD or upload to a video sharing site.
MacMost Now 317: Speed Up, Slow Down and Reverse in iMovie 09
Learn how to speed up your video clips and use slow motion in iMovie 09. You can also reverse the direction of a clip.
MacMost Now 307: Editing a Video Soundtrack in GarageBand
You can use GarageBand to edit your video's audio. You can filter the audio, add music, adjust the volume and re-arrange the sound.
MacMost Now 278: Layering Audio in iMovie 09
Learn how to create layers of audio in iMovie 09 and to adjust the volume of each layer and add sound effects to your iMovie projects.
MacMost Now 265: Making the MacMost Now Video Podcast

Gary Rosenzweig talks about the software, hardware and Internet services he uses to produce and distribute the MacMost Now video podcast. See the full post at for links.

MacMost Now 264: iMovie 09 Titles
Learn the ins-and-outs of titles in iMovie 09, which include title overlays, in-between clip titles, lower thirds, and more.
MacMost Now 259: iMovie 09 Editing Basics
Learn all of the different ways you can edit clips in iMovie 09. You can select a portion of the clip, trim the ends, split a clip, use the clip trimmer and the precision editor.
MacMost Now 242: iMovie Picture-In-Picture
Learn how to use the new Picture-In-Picture function in iMovie 09 to overlay video or a photo on top of your main video.
MacMost Now 238: Adding Cut-Aways In iMovie 09
How to add a cut-away in iMovie 09. You can splice in an image to appear in the middle of a video clip with the audio continuing uninterrupted.
MacMost Now 223: Compressing Video with ffmpegX
Learn how to use the shareware program ffmpegX to compress your video while maintaining decent quality. This is useful if you want to send video to your iPod, upload video to the net, send it via email, or archive your camera's video files.
MacMost Now 219: iMovie 09 Maps
Take a look at the new maps feature in iMovie 09 that lets you create travel maps and 3D globes to use in your video productions.
MacMost Now 203: Ten Ways To Do Slideshows On Your Mac
Take a look at 10 different ways you can turn a set of images into a quick slideshow on your Mac.
MacMost Now 196: iMovie 09 Demo
Take a look at some of the new features of iMovie, including image stabilization, video effects, new titles and themes.
MacMost Now 134: Creating iMovie Titles With Keynote
Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to use iWork's Keynote program to make animated titles for use in iMovie. You can use the transitions and special effects in Keynote to build an opening sequence, and then export it as a video to import into iMovie.
MacMost Now 130: Blurring An Area In iMovie 08
Gary Rosenzweig attempts to using iMovie 08 to blur out an area in a video. You can use this to blur a license plate, face or something else you want to remove.
MacMost Now 114: How To Use QuickTime Pro To Edit Video
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the simple but powerful tool QuickTime Pro and how it can be used to edit and compile video.