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MacMost Now 662: Reading Textbooks With iBooks 2 For iPad
The new version of iBooks for iPad allows you to read advanced textbooks. These can include interactive images, 3D objects and even review quizzes. You can add your own notes and then review them as Flash cards.
MacMost Now 661: iBooks Author Overview
Take a quick look at iBooks Author, the new tool from Apple that lets you create textbooks for the iPad. You can design and layout pages like in iWork Pages. You can also add special elements like photo galleries, quizzes, 3D objects and interactive images.
MacMost Now 653: Setting Up Multiple iOS Devices For Messages and FaceTime
If you own multiple iOS devices you may want each one to be able to receive its own messages and FaceTime video calls. This is handy if you have kids with their own iPods or iPads, but they are too young to have their own Apple ID. You need to specify special email accounts to be used by the Messages and FaceTime apps so you can contact that specific iOS device without all of your devices getting the message.
MacMost Now 650: iPhone and iPad AirPlay Mirroring On Your TV
You can show your iPad or iPhone screen on your television wirelessly using your Apple TV 2. You need the latest iOS device and the Apple TV 2. You can also do it with cable adapters. The result is you can see whatever is on your iOS screen on your TV.
MacMost Now 648: iOS Parental Controls
Parents of kids who have an iPad or iPod touch may want to know how to control restrictions in iOS Settings. It is fairly simple to restrict content like movies, music and apps. You can also set the device so your kids can't add new apps or change email or other settings.
MacMost Now 646: The iOS 5 Multitasking Bar
All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users should know how to use the multitasking bar. It allows you to view your recently used apps, quit apps, control audio playback and AirPlay streaming. Learn how to access and use it. Also learn how to quit an app without using the multitasking bar at all.
MacMost Now 624: iOS Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn how to add keyboard shortcuts to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Keyboard shortcuts can make it much easier to type using the on-screen keyboard. You can substitute short groups of letters for longer phrases, like 'em' for your email address or 'icu' for 'I'll call you later.'
MacMost Now 621: Useful iOS 5 Accessibility Features
iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has a great set of accessibility features that can be useful for just about anyone. You can zoom in on the screen, change the font size for some apps, have your iPhone speak text on web pages and in documents, use multi-touch gestures with just one finger, and even set custom vibration sequences.
MacMost Now 617: iOS 5 First Look
Take a look at the new features in iOS 5. New apps like Reminders and Messages add new functionality. Notifications now have a wider set of options. Twitter is built in to many apps. You can move and split the on-screen keyboard. You can sync with iCloud and use an iOS device independent of any computer.
MacMost Now 546: iPad Video Screen Capture

Update: This technique also now works with the iPhone 4S.
Update: See episode 702 for a new method of doing this.
Learn how I capture the iPad 2's screen to use in presentations and video podcasts. You must use the iPad 2 plus the HDMi adapter. Then bring the HDMI in to your Mac or recording device using special hardware and software.

MacMost Now 541: Printing From Your iPad With AirPrint

With the most recent iOS on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can use AirPrint to print a document from some apps to some printers. Find out which printers are compatible and how the printing process works.

MacMost Now 537: Borrowing From the Library On Your iPad
Many U.S. libraries will let you borrow electronic versions of books using your Mac, iPhone or iPad. But using an app on the iPad you can check out e-books and audio books.
MacMost Now 534: Basic iPad Security
There are three simple steps you can take to protect your iPad against being lost or stolen. Use the passcode feature to stop someone else from accessing your data. Set up Find My iPad with your MobileMe or free Apple ID. Put a message on your lock screen to help someone return your lost iPad to you.
MacMost Now 531: iMovie for iPad 2
Take a look at iMovie for the iPad 2. This simplified version of the desktop software allows you to put together clips you take with your iPad's cameras into short movies. You can choose a theme that determines the look of the transitions and titles. You can insert audio and photos.
MacMost Now 529: iPad 2 Cameras
Take a look at the iPad 2's cameras. While they are fine for video chatting and posting online, they are not good enough quality for even casual photography. See a side-by-side comparison with the iPhone 4's camera.
MacMost Now 528: GarageBand for iPad
Take a look at the new GarageBand app for iPad. It provides a similar, but simpler interface for editing music as compared to GarageBand for Mac. But it also has screens that allow you to play keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. You can play each note, or use smart instruments to quickly compose with chords, rhythms and beats.
MacMost Now 527: iPad 2 First Look
Take a look at the new iPad 2. It has two cameras and three new apps to support them. You can also get a new smart cover and an HDMI cable.
MacMost Now 523: iPad 2: Faster, Thinner, Lighter, Plus Cameras
Apple announced the iPad 2 today with a faster processor, thinner design and two video cameras. On shelves on March 11, there will also be a new version of iOS that day and major new apps for the iPad 2: Photo Booth, FaceTime, iMovie and GarageBand.
MacMost Now 484: New Features In iPad iOS 4.2
The 4.2.1 update for iOS brings many new features to the iPad. You can now run several apps at once, organize apps into folders, print to some wireless printers and search inside web pages. There are also improvements to Mail ;and other default apps.
MacMost Now 442: Customizing Your iPad
Learn how to change some basic setting on your iPad to customize it to you needs and personality. Also, find out about Gary's new book: My iPad.
MacMost Now 421: iPhone, iPad-Only and Universal Apps
Now that there are many different devices that run apps, it can be difficult to determine which ones work on the iPhone, the iPad or both. There are three basic types: iPhone apps, universal apps and iPad-only apps. Learn how to tell the difference and decide which to buy.
MacMost Now 409: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do On the iPad

Take a look at 10 iPad apps that do things you may or may not have known the iPad could do.

MacMost Now 406: Mac Screen Sharing on the iPad

Learn how to use apps to connect to your Mac and control it from the iPad. You can also use your iPad as a second monitor.

MacMost Now 404: Keynote for iPad
Take a look at Keynote on the iPad. You can build presentations with text, images, charts, shapes and transitions. You can present them on your iPad's screen, using an external projector or monitor, or export them as PDFs for printing.
MacMost Now 400: iPad File Sharing
The iPad has many apps that can be used to create and view documents. Getting those documents to and from the iPad can be done using several different methods. You can do it using iTunes and special features built into some apps.
MacMost Now 398: Creating Forms In iPad Numbers
One interesting feature of Numbers on the iPad is the ability to create forms. You can use forms to fill in the rows of a spreadsheet instead of entering data into the spreadsheet grid.
MacMost Now 395: Converting Books to EPUB Format
If you use iBooks on your iPad or iPhone, you can only read books in EPUB format. If you have books in text or PDF format you may want to convert them to EPUB so you can read them in iBooks. You can do this with Calibre, a free open-source e-book library application.
MacMost Now 393: iPad Camera Connection Kit
You can use the iPad Camera Connection Kit to import photos directly from your camera or an SD card. You can also connect USB headsets and some keyboards.
MacMost Now 389: Using an External Keyboard With Your iPad
You can use both an Apple Wireless Keyboard and the iPad Keyboard Dock with your iPad. Learn what each has to offer, and what special features you get when using an external keyboard instead of the on-screen keyboard.
MacMost Now 387: Viewing Photos On Your iPad
The Photos app is used to view pictures on your iPad that you sync from iPhoto or iTunes. Although the app is very limited, photos do look great on the iPad screen.