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20 Hidden iPhone Messages Features
Here are some fun things to try in the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad. You can send messages with special effects, send special links, respond with a reaction instead of a new message, easily include GIFs or stickers, add subject lines, send audio recordings, and so much more.
Using Screen Zoom On Your iPhone or iPad
When text is too small to read or you want to enlarge an area of your iPhone or iPad's screen, you can use the Accessibility feature Zoom. There are a lot of options to help you position the zoom area, change magnification, and even speak text on the screen.
How To Work With PDFs On An iPhone or iPad
You can create, view, mark up, merge and split PDF documents on an iPhone and iPad with no special apps needed. If you know where to look, you can do almost everything in the Files app, but the Books app may be the better way to view PDFs.
Find Out Which Of Your iPhone Apps Use More Battery
If your iPhone's battery seems to run down quickly, use the Settings app to figure out which app is the culprit. You can see yoru battery use by app, by day and even by hour.
How To Make Good App Store Purchase Decisions
When buying an app in the App Store on the iPhone, iPad or Mac, it can be hard to judge which apps are worth it. Here are some ways to quickly assess an app based on the information shown in the App Store and elsewhere.
How To Download Files On Your iPhone And Unzip Them If Needed
What happens to a file when you download it on your iPhone? In many situations you can view the file right in Safari or Mail, but otherwise, you can find it in the Files app. You can also uncompress ZIP files, or even view the contents of a ZIP archive and extract only one file.
Add Notes To Passwords On Mac And iPhone
A new feature in macOS 12.3 and iOS/iPadOS 15.4 is the ability to add notes to password entries. You can use this to store extra information about an account, or to create secure text notes inside of the iCloud Keychain.
How To Undo On The iPhone
While it is easy to Command+z on a computer to undo, it isn't obvious how to undo on an iPhone. But there are actually 5 methods including a set of tap gestures, and some apps include an undo button.
Comparing the 4 Ways To Type On Your iPhone
If you have trouble typing quickly on your iPhone, maybe you haven't tried some of the other options available. Instead of typing each letter, you can use predictive text and swiping to pick up the pace. Or, you can just dictate. The best way is probably to combine these methods as needed.
How To Use The iPhone Files App
The Files app on your iPhone or iPad is like the Finder on a Mac. You can use it to find, open, and organize your files. You can also preview documents and perform other functions. If you are looking to get work done on your iPhone or iPad, it is important that you know your way around the Files app.
Building a Handy Shortcut For Easy Access To iPhone Functions
You can build a simple Shortcut to access the things you use your iPhone for the most. Then you can use back tap, a Home screen icon or Siri to activate it and choose the function. Great for productivity or for helping someone who needs easier access to some things.
How To Troubleshoot iPhone Auto-Correct Problems
If you find that auto-correct on your iPhone or iPad is getting words wrong or getting in the way when trying to type unusual words or uncommon spellings for names, there are a few things you can do. You can train it using the Predictive Text Bar over the keyboard. You can also use the Settings app to add corrections, new words and names as Text Replacements. Also learn how to turn off auto-correct entirely or reset the dictionary.
Getting the Most From the iPhone Weather App
The iPhone Weather app in iOS 15 puts a ton of information at your fingertips. You can dig even deeper by looking closely at the 10-day forecast, bringing up maps and searching for other locations.
How To Secure Your iPhone Before Handing It To Someone
If you need to hand your iPhone to a ticket checker, cashier, security guard, or police officer to show a document or your ID, be sure to use Guided Access first, to lock the iPhone into that one app and restrict access. You can also use Guided Access to allow children to play games on your iPhone or iPad.
How To Take a Screenshot On an iPhone or iPad
To capture your iPhone's screen you must use two physical buttons at the same time. Then you can let it save to the Photos library, or preview it and make changes like cropping, adding text and shapes and more. You can send the result directly to another app or save it as a file instead of to Photos. You can also capture the entire length of a document or web page.
Creating Regular Repeating Reminders
You can create reminders on your iPhone or Mac that will repeat on a regular schedule. Reminders can repeat hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and with all kinds of patterns such as specific days of the week or the nth day of every month.
Using Drag and Drop On Your iPhone or iPad
Drag-and-drop on the iPhone is greatly improved in iOS 15. You can now drag images, files, text and other items between apps. To do this you'll need to master use multiple fingers to drag at the same time as you switch apps.
Showing a Screen Pointer Indicator On an iPhone Or iPad
I'm often asked how I manage to show a red circle in my iPhone and iPad tutorials. This is just the pointer you get when you connect a mouse to your device. I'll show you what I use and how to modify it.
Managing Your Home Screen App Icons On iOS 15
Here are the basics and some advanced tips for arranging the icons on your iPhone's Home screen. Also learn how to create folders, change the order of the screens, and only show a small selection of apps on your Home screens instead of all of them.
iPhone Screen Sharing and More With SharePlay
SharePlay is a new feature in iOS 15.1 that allows you to share your iPhone or iPad screen with others over FaceTime. You can use this to share photos, web pages or almost anything while using FaceTime. You can also use SharePlay to play synchronized music or video.