Videos by Category: Photos and iPhoto

MacMost Now 536: Annotating Pictures with Pages and Preview
While you can't add text or shapes to a photo in iPhoto, you can do it using either Pages or Preview. Pages allows you to add a variety of shapes and even other photos. Preview allows text and simple shapes.
MacMost Now 505: Emailing iPhoto Slideshows
You can email a slideshow to a friend by exporting the slideshow from iPhoto as a video and then attaching that file to the message. But there are many good reasons not to use email, but instead share the video online and send a link instead.
MacMost Now 485: Creating iPhone Photo Albums
Learn how to create and modify photo albums that will then appear on your iPhone in the Photos app. You can create them using iPhoto on your Mac, or folders with subfolders on your Mac or Windows.
MacMost Now 477: Editing Photos in iPhoto 11
In iPhoto 11 you can touch up your photos in several ways. You can cure red-eye, fix blemishes, straighten photos and more. You can also enhance or alter the colors in your photos in a number of ways. iPhoto always remembers the original photo, so you can revert even after changes have been made.
MacMost Now 474: Ordering Prints, Books and Cards in iPhoto 11
You can order individual prints, books and cards in iPhoto 11. Ordering prints is quick and easy if you already have an account with Apple. iPhoto 11 features a new book browser and new options for making books. You can also order letterpress cards. You have the option to save books as PDF files or print them on your home printer.
MacMost Now 472: Creating Slideshows in iPhoto 11
iPhoto 11 has new slideshow themes and a new way to customize the themes. You can simply play a slideshow, or create one in the left sidebar to use later. You can also export slideshows as video files.
MacMost Now 469: Emailing Pictures From iPhoto 11
iPhoto 11 includes a new way to email directly from iPhoto using colorful themes and a built-in email client. You can use any email account and customize the message. You can also email individual photos using drag and drop or exporting them first.
MacMost Now 441: Searching With Exclusions
You can search for files in the Finder using exclusions to narrow your search. This can help when the results are too numerous. You can also use exclusions in iTunes and iPhoto.
MacMost Now 402: Organizing Your Photos in iPhoto 09
There are many ways to organize your photos in iPhoto. But the best method involves using keywords to tag each photo so you can search your collection for anything at any time.
MacMost Now 335: iPhoto Smart Albums
You can use Smart Albums in iPhoto 09 to get a list of all photos taken with a single camera, like the iPhone 3GS. You can also use other criteria like camera settings, keywords, descriptions, ratings and dates. Smart Albums update automatically and will sync back to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
MacMost Now 325: Custom Slideshows With Titles Using iMovie
Use iMovie 09 to create custom slideshows from your photographs. You can add titles before and between images, as well as text over photos. You can also add transitions, music and audio narration.
MacMost Now 319: Exporting iPhoto Slideshows as Video
Learn how to create artistic photo slideshows in iPhoto that can then be exported as video files. You can then email these video files, create a DVD or upload to a video sharing site.
MacMost Now 305: Printing and Sharing from iPhoto
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the section on printing and sharing pictures from his new book the Guide to Switching to the Mac.
MacMost Now 301: Using Image Capture to Control Your Camera
The Image Capture program on your Mac can give you direct control over the pictures on your digital camera. You can even take pictures with your camera while connected to your Mac. You can also create Web pages and PDFs using your photos.
MacMost Now 280: Making Twitter and Facebook Icons with iPhoto
Learn how to take a photo in iPhoto 09 and make a small square icon to use as your icon or avatar in social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and other blogs and forums throughout the Web.
MacMost Now 246: Keywords, Checkmarks and Ratings in iPhoto 09
Learn how to use keywords, checkmarks and ratings to organize your iPhoto collection.
MacMost Now 220: Uploading Photos From iPhoto 09 to Facebook
iPhoto 09 allows you to create albums that sync between iPhoto and your Facebook account. You can add more photos to an album later on, and receive tag information from your Facebook friends back in iPhoto.
MacMost Now 215: Using the iPhoto 09 Faces Feature
Check out the new Faces feature of iPhoto 09. You can tag people in your photos quickly with help from iPhoto's facial recognition technology.
MacMost Now 212: Using the iPhoto 09 Places Feature
Learn about the new feature in iPhoto 09 that allows you to label each photo with a location. It can use the GPS data from your camera, or you can supply the location yourself.
MacMost Now 203: Ten Ways To Do Slideshows On Your Mac
Take a look at 10 different ways you can turn a set of images into a quick slideshow on your Mac.
MacMost Now 149: Printing Photo Books With iPhoto
Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to create an print books of your photos using iPhoto. You can order them from Apple, or print them yourself, or save them as PDF files.
MacMost Now 127: Upload From iPhoto to Flickr and FaceBook
Gary Rosenzweig looks at two extensions for iPhoto that will allow you to upload your photos directly from iPhoto to Flickr and FaceBook.