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How To Format And Use a USB Flash Drive On Your Mac
You can use pretty much any USB flash drive with your Mac. But be sure to buy one with the right connection type, either USB-A or USB-C, or get one that has both. Most drives are preformatted for Windows, so you probably want to reformat it for your Mac. You can add and remove files from a USB flash drive using the Finder. Be sure to eject the drive first before phsyically disconnecting it.
Frequently Asked Questions About MacBook Batteries
Many MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air owners want to know how to properly use and maintain their batteries. But there is a lot of bad information online. Learn what to expect from your MacBook's battery, what you should and shouldn't do to prolong battery life, how to tell if there is a problem, how to get a replacement and how much it may cost.
Comparing Magnetic Power Adapters for USB-C MacBooks
MacBook users miss the old MagSafe power adapters. Third-party products offer an alternative in the age of USB-C power cables. You insert one part into your MacBook and leave it there, and the other part connects to it magnetically. However, since they stick out somewhat, people are afraid that they could inadvertently damage their MacBooks if they catch that edge on something. I take a look at three popular magnetic power adapters for the MacBook and MacBook Pro and compare them.
Naming Printers
If you have several printers on your network, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is which. But you can name your printers to make it easier. Names will carry over to other users on your Mac, but not to other Macs or devices on your network.
Accessing Mac Hardware Diagnostics Mode

If something is wrong with your Mac, either you or the tech repairing your Mac will need to access the special diagnostics mode. You can do this by restarting your Mac and holding the D key. The results could give you some insight into the problem. See for details.

Scanning with Image Capture
You can use the Image Capture app to scan documents and pictures instead of any software that may have come with your scanner. This can extend the life of scanners with incompatible software and may give you more features.
Understanding USB Connections
It can be confusing to try to understand the difference between USB-A, USB-C and other port types and to differentiate that from USB-2, USB-3 and other USB versions. In this video Gary attempts to explain the demystify these terms. Also, learn how USB-C connectors on newer MacBooks are also Thunderbolt 3 ports.
A Tour of the Mac Keyboard
It can be useful for new Mac users, those switching from Windows, or even experience Mac users to take a tour of the typical Mac keyboard. Learn what modifier keys are called and what they do. Find out about keys that may not always be called the same thing that is printed on them. Learn what some obscure keys are used for.
Buying Memory For Your Mac
If you want to upgrade the memory in your older Mac, you can find the information you need on the Apple website. Apple maintains specific pages for different types of Macs. You can find out what type of memory you need to buy and how to install it.
Format USB Flash Drives For Mac
Most off-the-shelf USB flash drives are formatted for Windows computers. You can easily reformat a drive to use the standard Mac OS Extended format with the Disk Utility app. Keeping the drive in MS-DOS format may be a better option, however, if you plan to use it on both Mac and Windows computers.
Touch Bar First Look
Take a look at the Touch Bar on the new Macbook Pro. This thin touchscreen that replaces the function keys on the keyboard allows you to easily access functions for macOS and apps. It changes depending on which app you are using and what you are doing.
Understanding Thunderbolt 3 Ports
The new ports on the MacBook Pros are billed as Thunderbolt 3, but it is better to think of them as USB-C. They can handle USB, Thunderbolt, video and power. They are a single port to handle just about any peripheral need. If you have old devices and cables, then converters are cheap and easy to find.
Reassign the Caps Lock Key
If you don't use the Caps Lock key, you can disable it to prevent accidental use. You can also re-assign it as an optional Command, Control, Option or Esc key.
MacMost Now 910: 9 Common Mac Myths and Misconceptions
I often hear myths and misconceptions about Macs in the comments and questions I get at MacMost. Here are some of the most common ones I see.
MacMost Now 193: Modbook Updates
In this MacWorld Expo special, take a look at the latest developments from Axiotron, the developers of the Modbook. A new version now has some touch as well as pen capability, and a new model will soon support MacBook Pros.
MacMost Now 31: The Modbook Tablet Mac
Eve Park takes a look at the Modbook from Axiotron, a tablet Mac made from a MacBook with a pressure-sensitive tablet screen.