MacMost: Mac Software

MacMost Now 358: Text Clippings
Text Clippings allow you to save pieces of text as small files in the Finder and drag them into text documents and fields. You can create them by dragging text from an application to the Finder.
MacMost Now 357: Do Macs Need Anti-Virus Software?

Gary Rosenzweig tackles the controversial question of whether you need to buy anti-virus software for your Mac. There are currently no active Mac viruses and anti-virus software could cause unexpected problems. Staying informed and up-to-date is a better option.

MacMost Now 349: Fixing a Slow Mac
What to do when your Mac slows down. If you are experiencing a slowdown, there are several things you can check before having a pro take a look. Learn how to use Activity Monitor, Disk Utility and the System Preferences to look for obvious problems. There are also some other tips for clearing up trouble.
MacMost Now 347: Quick Look
Take a closer look at Quick Look, the ability to view the contents of a file without opening it. Just select a file in the Finder and press the spacebar. You can also navigate between files with Quick Look active, and browse around inside the contents of a file. Quick Look also works in Time Machine, Mail and iChat.
MacMost Now 344: Making Selections
On the Mac you can select single multiple items in the Finder or in applications in many different ways. Take a look at how selections work in a variety of situations using modifiers like the Command and Shift keys.
MacMost Now 336: User Accounts and Fast User Switching
If more than one person uses your Mac, you should set up multiple user accounts so each person has their own space for files and their own application preferences. You can use Fast User Switching to keep multiple accounts logged in at the same time so applications remain running and documents remain open.
MacMost Now 333: Screen Capture and Drawing with Skitch
Skitch is a free tool that can be used to capture your screen and then draw on the image. You can also start with a blank image, photo or any file. You can export the result or upload it to the Skitch Web site to share.
MacMost Now 330: Sync Files With Dropbox
Dropbox creates a folder on your drive that automatically syncs with a remote server. You can then access these files from your other Macs and iPhone, as well as share them with friends or everyone. It is a good way to keep a set of files in sync if you have more than one Mac.
MacMost Now 326: Paintbrush and Seashore
The Mac doesn't come with any drawing tools. Fortunately, two free programs give you some basic ability to draw and edit images. Check out Paintbrush and Seashore for Mac in this excerpt from the Guide to Switching to the Mac.
MacMost Now 277: Using a Tablet to Write Text
With the Ink feature of Mac OS X you can use a cheap tablet and your Mac will recognize the letters you write as an alternative to using a keyboard. You can insert text and drawings into documents.
MacMost Now 274: Mac OS X Stickies
Take a look at the useful Mac OS X Stickies program. You can add little notes to your screen that float above other windows. Use them for reminders, to-do lists or quick bits of text.
MacMost Now 266: Keeping Third-Party Applications Updated
It is important to keep your third-party non-Apple applications updated so they are stable and you have the latest features. Often you have to manually check your version against the version at the Web site and carefully follow update instructions.
MacMost Now 263: A Look At Spaces
Spaces creates virtual displays that you can switch between even though you only have one physical screen. You can place different windows and applications in different Spaces to extend the amount of desktop space you have to work.
MacMost Now 261: The Mac Grab Utility
In addition to screen capture keyboard shortcuts built into Mac OS X, you can also use the Grab utility to capture the screen. This enables you to capture windows and perform timed screen captures as well.
MacMost Now 244: Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
Learn how to use the System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts section to create shortcuts for menu items in any application.
MacMost Now 236: Reintsalling Lost Applications

Find out how to replace applications that you may have accidentally deleted from your Mac.

MacMost Now 228: FTP With Cyberduck
Learn how to use basic FTP to upload and download files with the open source Mac FTP program Cyberduck.
MacMost Now 221: Jumpcut
You can supercharge cut, copy and paste on your Mac with the system extension Jumpcut. This free software provides a buffer of multiple clipboards allowing you to recall previous cut and copy contents.
MacMost Now 207: Using Preview to Cut Out Part of a Photo
Use the Preview application that comes with Mac OS X to cut out a person or object from a photo and make the rest transparent. You can use this to make better images for social network profiles, Pages documents or Keynote presentations.
MacMost Now 203: Ten Ways To Do Slideshows On Your Mac
Take a look at 10 different ways you can turn a set of images into a quick slideshow on your Mac.