MacMost: Mac Software

MacMost Now 202: TypeIt4Me
In this MacWorld Expo special, check out TypeIt4Me, a productivity enhancer that allows you to trigger long sequences of text with only a few keystrokes.
MacMost Now 201: NeatReceipts Update
In this MacWorld Expo special learn about the new Mac software from The Neat Company.
MacMost Now 200: Make 3D Timelines on Your Mac
In this MacWorld Expo special, learn how to make 3D timelines using software from Bee Docs.
MacMost Now 198: Affordable Desktop Publishing
In this MacWorld Expo special learn about iStudio Publisher, affordable desktop publishing software for the Mac.
MacMost Now 194: Adding Custom Sounds For Mac Events
On this MacWorld Expo special take a look at Sounds4Fun, software that allows you to attach sounds to all sorts of events on your Mac.
MacMost Now 187: 1Password
1Password helps you keep your online accounts more secure by allowing you to use different secure passwords for every site you visit, while still making it easy to log on.
MacMost Now 181: Create PDF Files By Printing
You can easily turn any document from any program into a PDF file by printing it and choosing to save as a PDF instead of sending to a printer.
MacMost Now 172: Creating Tables and Lists in TextEdit
TextEdit is one of the most underrated pieces of software that comes with your Mac. Learn how to use it to create rich text tables and lists.
MacMost Now 167: Using the Archive Utility
Hidden in Mac OS X is the Archive Utility, a handy little application for compressing and decompressing files and folders into .zip, .cpio and .cpgz formats.
MacMost Now 165: Faxing From Your Mac
New Macs no longer come with telephone modems, making it hard to use them to send faxes. But two services allow you to send faxes for free or at very low cost. There are ways to receive faxes as email as well.
MacMost Now 164: Spell Check in Mac OS X Applications
How to use the built-in Mac OS X spell check in many applications like TextEdit, Mail and Safari. You can make it learn new words and reset your custom dictionary.
MacMost Now 157: Uninstalling Applications on Mac OS X

Sometimes removing an application isn't as easy as dragging the application to the trash. Learn how to find the files that are left behind and clean up after an uninstall.

MacMost Now 136: Free Screen Capture Software
Gary Rosenzweig looks at Jing from TechSmith. This free screen capture software for Mac and Windows allows you to quickly capture and share images and video from your computer.
MacMost Now 135: Watching DVDs On Your Mac Without the DVD
Gary Rosenzweig looks at the software DVD Drive-In for Mac. This makes an image of a DVD on your MacBook's hard drive so you can watch the DVD while traveling without having to bring the DVD with you.
MacMost Now 125: Getting Organized With VoodooPad
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at VoodooPad, the personal wiki software for Mac. He uses it for to-do lists, taking notes and organizing information.
MacMost Now 124: Mac Desktop Wallpaper Clocks
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at Wallpaper Clocks, arrtistic desktop wallpapers that also include a live clock and changing graphics.
MacMost Now 97: Better Prices on Mac Software
Gary Rosenzweig looks at how you can save money on Mac software by shopping around at online stores.
MacMost Now 96: FireFox 3 Review
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the FireFox 3 browser for Mac. New features include smooth zoom, better bookmarking and site identification.
MacMost Now 89: NeatReceipts Review
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at NeatReceipts, a scanner and software that lets you digitize and organize receipts, bills and other documents.
MacMost Now 82: MacSpeech Dictate Review
Gary Rosenzweig reviews the speech recognition software MacSpeech Dictate.