MacMost: Mail

MacMost Now 595: Lion Search Tokens
Performing quick by complex searches in the Finder and in Mail is easier in Lion because of the new search tokens feature. You can build queries using text, dates and file types right in the search field.
MacMost Now 545: Mail Act-On
You can assign rules to keyboard shortcuts with the Mail extension Mail-Act On. This makes it easy to send messages to folders without your hands leaving the keyboard. You can also assign rules to outgoing messages and alter how Mail sets the read status of messages.
MacMost Now 509: Gmail Labs
You can add functionality to Gmail using Gmail Labs extensions. Take a look at some of the most useful extensions, like Multiple Inboxes, Superstars, Canned Responses, Inserting Images and Undo Send.
MacMost Now 487: Including Images in Email Signatures
A common request is to include a small image in Apple Mail email signatures. This isn't easy to do, but there is a trick that can be applied to get a small image added to your signature.
MacMost Now 459: Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
Gmail is often the choice of email power users. You can optimize your Gmail experience even more by learning some simple keyboard shortcuts that allow you to navigate, read and compose email without having to move your fingers from the keyboard.
MacMost Now 456: Autoresponders With Apple Mail
You can use Rules in Mail to create autoresponders that will instantly reply with an automatic message when you get email. You can tailor the autoresponders to reply to messages with certain subjects, from people or domains or to special email addresses.
MacMost Now 439: The Mac OS X Downloads Folder
Take a look at the Downloads folder and the Safari Downloads window. Learn how to locate files you have downloaded and keep the Downloads folder clean. Also see how you can save files to other locations.
MacMost Now 429: Using Automator to Create Services
You can use Automator to create scripts that appear in the right click menu. This example shows you how to build a workflow that attaches the current file to a new email message.
MacMost Now 411: Mail Quoting
Learn about how Apple Mail quotes the contents of previous messages. You can choose to have the entire message quoted in a reply, or just a portion. You can change the quote level and decide on the default location of your signature.
MacMost Now 388: Protect Your Email Account
Web-based email accounts have been the target of malicious hackers and spammers recently. Find out how they get access to an account, and how to protect yourself. See how to check your Gmail account for unauthorized access. Protect your account with a strong, secure password.
MacMost Now 383: Mail on the iPad
Take a look at the Mail app on the iPad. It has a beautiful design and is very easy to use. But it lacks powerful features.
MacMost Now 368: Send vCards in Email
You can easily export vCards from the Mac OS X Address Book and send them in email messages. The recipient can then easily add all of your contact information to their Address Book or other contact management software.
MacMost Now 270: Fighting Social Network Spam
Spam isn't just for email inboxes any more. You can also get spam on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Learn how to cut down on the amount of junk you get. Find out what works and what doesn't.
MacMost Now 229: Address Book Groups
Learn how to use groups in Address Book to easily send email to the same group of friends. Also learn some tricks and about smart groups.
MacMost Now 227: Mail Signature Tricks
Learn how to customize your email signature and easily switch between multiple signatures. You can also have Mail choose a random one each time you send a message.
MacMost Now 224: Using Mail Rules
Learn how to use Apple Mail's rules to filter your email. You can get alerts when messages arrive, automatically sort mail into folders, and even reply or forward specific messages when they arrive.
MacMost Now 159: Using Data Detectors

Data Detectors allow you to turn addresses, phone numbers and dates in mail messages into Address Book contacts and iCal events. You can also turn selected text into to-do items or stickies.

MacMost Now 129: Shorter URLs and Hiding Your Email Address
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at two Web services. The first,, will take a long Web address and shorten it to make it easier to send in email. The second,, will hide your email address.
MacMost Now 122: How To Send Video Email From Your Mac
Gary Rosenzweig looks at using PhotoBooth to send a quick video email using the built-in iSight camera and software included with your Mac.
MacMost Now 108: Setting Up Mail
Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to set up the Apple Mail application to receive and send email from a standard ISP email account.