MacMost: Safari

MacMost Now 496: Safari AutoFill
The Safari AutoFill feature allows you to quickly fill in web forms using data stored in your Address Book contact and from information you have filled out in web forms before. You can see what information is stored by AutoFill in Safari preferences. You can find the passwords used by AutoFill in the OS X Keychain, and restrict access to those passwords.
MacMost Now 439: The Mac OS X Downloads Folder
Take a look at the Downloads folder and the Safari Downloads window. Learn how to locate files you have downloaded and keep the Downloads folder clean. Also see how you can save files to other locations.
MacMost Now 430: Safari 5.0.1 and Extensions
Apple updated Safari 5 today with full support for Extensions. You can now browse a gallery of extensions that will add toolbars, buttons and other features to the Safari web browser. Learn how to add, remove and set preferences for them.
MacMost Now 412: What is HTML5?
If you have been hearing the term HTML5 and wondering what it really means, then watch to find out.
MacMost Now 408: Safari 5 New Features
Learn about Safari 5's new features, including address bar enhancements, Safari Reader, Bing search, performance enhancements and extensions.
MacMost Now 377: Search Within Web Pages
You can use Find to search within a Web page in Safari or any browser. This simple technique can make it much easier to locate information.
MacMost Now 367: Safari Bookmarks Bar Folders
You can use the Safari Bookmarks Bar to store you more often accessed bookmarks. But you can also use folders there to store larger numbers of bookmarks and groups of related bookmarks.
MacMost Now 354: Searching Safari History
Go beyond bookmarks by using your Safari History as an endless bookmarking system. The trick is to learn how to search your history to find pages you have visited hours or days ago. This powerful feature of the Web browser is often overlooked by new Mac users and long-time users alike.
MacMost Now 327: Customizing Your Safari Toolbar
You can customize your Safari toolbar by adding a variety of buttons and re-arranging them. You can also revert to the default set. You can specify which buttons stick around when the window shrinks. Interesting additions include a New Tab button, an Add Bookmark button, Mail and Print buttons and Zoom buttons.
MacMost Now 314: Web Language Translation
Find out how you can use the Web to translate pieces of text or whole Web pages. Learn how to use the two main translation services: Babel Fish and Google Translate.
MacMost Now 306: Saving Web Pages From Safari
Gary Rosenzweig looks at three ways to save and view Web pages outside of Safari, from his new book the Guide to Switching to the Mac.
MacMost Now 299: Creating Site-Specific Browsers
The free program Fluid allows you to create applications that display a single site in a Safari-like browser. You can use it to turn sites like Gmail into applications, and also access lots of advanced browser functionality not present in Safari.
MacMost Now 269: Understanding Safari Security Preferences
Learn about the different options in Safari's security preferences, such as fraud alerts and disabling plug-ins, JavaScript and cookies.
MacMost Now 251: Safari 4 Top Sites Feature
Take a look at the Top Sites feature of the new Safari 4. It gives you a 3D preview of your most visited sites which you can customize to suit your needs. You also get a searchable coverflow view of your browsing history.
MacMost Now 208: Safari 4 Public Beta
Take a look at some of the new features in Safari 4, including Top Sites, cover flow for your history, and smart search.
MacMost Now 160: Safari 3.2 Anti-Phishing Protection
The new version of the Safari Web browser includes a feature that will alert you if you go to a suspected malicious Web site. Learn more about this protection and how you can further protect yourself against phishing attacks.
MacMost Now 150: Mac Web Browser Alternatives
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at some alternatives to using Safari or Firefox on Mac. They include Camino, Flock, Opera, Web Kit Nightly Builds and OmniWeb.
MacMost Now 112: Create a Browser Home Page with iGoogle
Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to create a special home page for your browser with iGoogle. You can include news and information that you can quickly see at a glance.
MacMost Now 96: FireFox 3 Review
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the FireFox 3 browser for Mac. New features include smooth zoom, better bookmarking and site identification.
MacMost Now 63: Safari Snap Back
Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the snap back feature of Safari that allows you to temporarily mark Web pages and search results to return to them quickly.