MacMost: Siri Shortcuts

Create a Button On Your Mac or iPhone To Make a Call With One Tap Or Click

If you want to make it as easy as possible to call people you can set up a single-action icon that you can tap on your iPhone or click on your Mac to make the call. On the iPhone you can use the Shortcuts app to build a shortcut and place it on your Home screen. On your Mac you can use Automator with a shell script and some JavaScript to place an app in your Dock to make the call with a single click.

A Set Of iOS Shortcuts To Manage Text Clips

Sometimes you need a series of shortcuts to accomplish a task, not just one. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create three small shortcuts to save and recall text clippings. The first two allow you to save the clipboard or the selection to a file in a folder. The third shortcut lets you recall one of those clips so you can paste it into a document, email, note or just about anything.

Siri Shortcuts: Applying a Photo Watermark
You can use the Shortcuts app to apply a watermark to a photo before sharing it on your iPhone or iPad. In this example, we'll take a transparent image file and have a Shortcut place it at the bottom right corner of the photo right from the Photos app. We can then share the photo. The watermark can be any image file. You can also manually size and place the watermark.
Siri Shortcuts: Physics Position Formula

You can use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad to create scripts that calculate the results of complex formulas. In this example, we'll ask for the inputs needed for the simple physics position formula: time, initial position, initial velocity and acceleration. We'll then calculate the position of the object at that time. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to process a formula in Shortcuts yet, but we can use a series calculator functions to do it.

Siri Shortcuts: Random Reminders

Learn how to build a simple Siri Shortcut that will choose an item from a Reminders list and speak that item aloud. In this example, the Shortcut will get a random item from a list of chores.

Siri Shortcuts: Live Photo To Animated GIF

Learn how to build an iOS Siri Shortcut to create an animated GIF from a Live Photo. This can be tricky because you can't choose the image from a Share Sheet and you need to convert the Live Photo to a video first using Encode Media. But once you get all the pieces in place it is easy to set up the shortcut and have it ready to use. Then you can share a Live Photo as a GIF on social media.

Siri Shortcuts: Magic 8-Ball

Learn how to use Siri Shortcuts to create a simple shortcut that allows you to ask a question, and then presents a random answer. The answer is spoken and both the question and the answer are then recorded into a text file on your iCloud Drive. You can use the pieces of this shortcut to build all sorts of useful things based on your needs.

Siri Shortcuts: Selfie Strip

Learn how to build an iOS Siri Shortcut for taking a series of photos, combining them into a vertical strip, previewing the result, and sharing the resulting image. To accomplish this, we'll use the Take Photo action and the Combine Images action. We'll wrap Take Photo inside a simple Repeat look. Then we'll use the Quick Look action to see the result and share it. You can also use other actions to instantly send the image via Messages, Email or save to your Photos Library.

Using Siri Shortcuts From the Gallery
The Shortcuts app from Apple allows you to create your own Siri Shortcuts from building blocks. A large gallery of sample shortcuts is a good place to start to learn about using shortcuts. When you select a shortcut from the gallery, you customize it while adding it to your active shortcuts. You can then trigger it with Siri or pressing a widget button.
Using Siri Shortcut Suggestions
The simplest way to take advantage of the new Siri Shortcuts feature in iOS 12 is to just use one of the suggestions in the Settings app. You can look through a list of recent activity and quickly create a shortcut from that, assigning a Siri trigger phrase to use the shortcut over and over again.