MacMost: Workflow

Translate Selected Text With Workflow
You can do a lot with Workflow, including taking selected text and running it through Workflow actions. In this example, we'll take selected text on a web site, run it through Workflow where it will translate it to French, and then speak the translated text with your iPhone's French voice. You can also provide other text, or even pre-translated text to the actions for a handy travel helper.
Using iOS Workflow To Send Quick Email Messages
You can use the Workflow app to create little programs to automate tasks on your iPhone or iPad. In this example, we'll create a workflow that will send a new email message with the subject, body and from address pre-filled. You can add this as an icon to your Home screen, or to the Today screen for easy access.
Creating Animated GIFs From Videos With Workflow For iOS
Apple's Workflow app allows you to create a variety of automations on your iPhone or iPad. An example is a workflow that takes a video from your library and creates an animated GIF from it. You can store this in your Photos app even though Photos doesn't display the animation. You can then share it online instead of the video.
Using Workflow to Record Voice Memos
The Workflow app on your iPhone and iPad allows you to string together actions to create a custom process. In this example, we'll use two actions to record a quick voice memo and save it to your iCloud Drive. You can put this workflow process on your Home screen for quick access.