Video Guide To Mountain Lion

Check out the Video Guide To Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store! A downloadable app with 20+ videos containing more than 2 hours of instruction. A great way to quickly learn all about using your Mac.

Alternative To a Book
Shortly after starting MacMost, I began work on a book to teach people how to use Macs. It was eventually published as the MacMost Guide to Switching to Mac and it was for Snow Leopard. The book sold well, but not well enough to justify the many weeks of work that went into it.
In the meantime, I was publishing video after video at MacMost. I liked making those and people liked learning from short videos. Seemed to me that I was reaching more people with my videos than with the book.
So when Lion came around, I decided to update the book, but not as a book. Instead, I build a Mac app that contained videos. The videos are a little different than the ones at Instead of 5-minutes long and focusing on one technique or feature, these were longer and attempt to cover all of the basics behind using your Mac.
Is it better than a book? For some people. People like to learn in different ways. Some will prefer a printed book, while others will like video. Some may like both.
Get It In the App Store
Another cool factor about the Video Guide to Mountain Lion is that you can get it in the Mac App Store. If you have a Mac with Lion or Mountain Lion, then you have access to it.
The Mac App Store makes it easy to bring the Video Guide to you, as I don’t have to mess around with publishers, distributors or bookstores. And I can price it much lower than a book too, because of that.
So to get the Video Guide to Mountain Lion, just click on the links on this page and it should launch the Mac App Store and take you right to the correct page. Easy for both of us.
App Features
So the app has 20+ videos, all listed on the left. Just click one to load it up. Then use the familiar playback controls under the video to play, pause, and jump around in the video.
The app also remembers where you left off in each video. So you can stop in the middle of a video and return later to finish it.
What’s In the Videos?
The videos are not quite like those at Instead of introducing each topic, I dive right in.
You can basically see my Mac’s screen as I walk you through how to perform basic tasks on your Mac. You learn how to manipulate files and folder, use the Contacts and Calendar apps, iTunes, Mail, Preview and Safari. You’ll learn about Mission Control and the Dock.
I believe you will find as much information in the Video Guide to Mountain Lion as you would in any beginner’s guide book.
Check out the Video Guide To Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store!