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The MacMost Newsletter: Issue 787
February 1, 2024
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-- Gary
When you add a shape or image to a Pages word processing document the object will be anchored to the text, which will wrap around it. You can change the object's settings so it stays on the page or is inline with text. You can also change how text wraps around the object.
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I like using the Safari Favorites bar, even though I am not a fan of bookmarks in general. Learn how I use it and get some tips to make it useful for you.
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Starting with macOS Sonoma if you click on the Desktop background wallpaper, all of your windows move off to the side and you can access items on the Desktop. To turn this off, you need to change a system setting.
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You can make videos that feature your Keynote presentation and you live on camera on the slides. With this technique you can record your presentation for later use or as a YouTube explainer video.
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Sharing files with iCloud Drive is often a better solution than sending a file email or message. But it can be tricky to send a file or whole folder if the other person doesn't have an iCloud account.
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If an app is using the microphone, camera or recording the screen then you'll see a colorful privacy icon in the menu bar.
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iPhone Stolen Device Protection, Privacy and the Apple Vision Pro, AI is faking it, and yes, Taylor Swift. Subscribe at iTunes...
I'm often asked about the software and gadgets I use to produce the MacMost videos and in my work as a developer. So I've compiled a list of the products I use and recommend. Check it out. -- Gary
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