I am trying to figure out how to use iCal so my employees and I can see each others calendars and edit them as well. Everything I have tried keeps setting my reminder alarms off on their iMacs. I also need my calendar that is shared by them to work with iCloud to sync with my iPhone and iPad. I am using lion. Hopefully you can help my office not sound like a fire alarm is going off when my reminder goes off and it sets off about 20 iMacs alarms. —–
John Fugitt

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  1. In iCal click the Calendars button at the top (I assume you are using Lion). Then Control+Click on the calendar and select “Get Info.” There is an option there to ignore alerts. Have everyone do that.
    Or, of course, you could just avoid having any alerts set for that particular calendar.

    • John Fugitt says:

      That would work great but now I cannot share my calendar with the rest of my staff because i am using Lion and they are on Snow Leopard. Any way around that?

      • Shouldn’t make a difference, I think. Unless you have upgraded to iCloud.

        • John Fugitt says:

          I did upgrade to iCloud. I love your videos and advice by the way. You guys are the best. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel and have learned several neat trick. This iCal deal is driving me crazy.

          • Ah, then you and your calendar are on iCloud. That’s a difference service from MobileMe. I’m not sure what happens if you try to access a shared iCloud calendar with a computer that doesn’t have iCloud (Snow Leopard doesn’t). My feeling is that it won’t work.

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