The Practical Guide To Mac Security (2021)

This is a free course offered by MacMost. Watch 20 videos for regular Mac users about how to prevent online account theft, malware and other disasters. By following these common-sense techniques you can keep your Mac secure and prevent problems.

You can also view all of these in a playlist on YouTube: The Practical Guide To Mac Security on YouTube.

Part 1: Introduction

Protecting Your Online Accounts

Part 2: Passwords

Part 3: Password Managers

Part 4: Two-Factor Authentication

Part 5: Security Questions

Part 6: Social Engineering

Part 7: VPN

Part 8: Handling Account Break-Ins

Protecting Your Mac From Malware

Part 9: Do You Need Anti-Virus

Part 10: Three Rules To Protect Your Mac

Part 11: Mac User Accounts

Protecting Your Data From Disasters

Part 12: Back Up With Time Machine

Part 13: Alternative Backups

Part 14: iCloud Drive

Part 15: FileVault

Part 16: Uninterruptible Power Supply

Part 17: Find My Mac

More Topics

Part 18: Private Browsing

Part 19: Touch ID

Part 20: Erasing Your Mac

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VPN Services
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