MacMost Online Courses

MacMost offers a variety of online courses at the new MacMost Courses website, owned and maintained by MacMost.

The Guide To macOS Sonoma
Shortcuts: Automating Tasks On Your Mac
Pages: Mastering Your Macā€™s Word Processing App
Numbers: Using Spreadsheets On Your Mac
Keynote: Building Presentations On Your Mac
iMovie: Creating Videos On Your Mac
Getting to Know Mac Photos
Getting Started With Automator
Final Cut Pro Quick Start For Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access a course once I have purchased it? (For the MacMost Courses site)
After you have purchased your first course at the site, you will get an email with your ID and password. Go back to and log in. Then you will see a list of your courses. Click on the course to go to a list of lessons. Click on a lesson to view it.

How do I access a course once I have purchased it? (For Udemy Courses)
To sign up and buy a course, you will first need to create an account at Once you have signed up for a course, you can simply go to, sign into your account, and click on the My Courses link at the top of the page. This will show you all of the courses you have signed up for. Look for the MacMost course and click on it. Then you will be taken to the page for that course. Near the to you will see sections: Overview, Course Content, Q&A, Bookmarks and so on. Click on Course Content and then you can proceed to watch the videos.

How long do I have to go through the course?
MacMost and Udemy courses do not expire. You can go through the videos immediately, or wait until a convenient time. You can watch them in a day or over many months. It is up to you how long you take to complete the course.

Can I watch the course videos again?
Yes. You can view the videos in each course as many times as you like.

Can I purchase the course in my country?
Almost certainly, yes. But MacMost Courses and Udemy are available in most countries worldwide.

Besides in a browser on my Mac, is there any other way for me to watch the course videos?
MacMost courses are available to stream in any modern browser on any device. They can only be streamed online.