Mac Basics

Are you new to the Mac? MacMost has more than 2,800 free Mac tutorials that can help you get up to speed quickly. Here is a collection of videos hand-picked to help those who are using a Mac for the first time.

Getting Started

First, get a tour of the Mac keyboard. Then, learn about the many different ways to launch apps on your Mac. Your Mac also comes with a large collection of apps pre-installed which can handle most basic computer tasks. One of the key techniques you should know about right away is how to bring up context menus, and there are also a few other key things you should master.

Working With Files, Folders and Documents

The Finder is the environment you use to view your files and folders. Learn how to organize files on your Mac. Learning how to use the Finder is key to getting around.

Safety and Security

No matter which computer or devices you use, you should always keep security in mind. On a Mac it is easy to set strong, unique passwords for each website and service you use. If someone else needs to use your Mac, they should have their own account.

As for malware, Apple has you covered with built-in anti-virus. MacMost has a free course.

Using Safari

The Mac’s default web browser is Safari. It is fast, energy-efficient and good with security and privacy. Learn how to go to sites and perform searches. When reading articles, use the reader view. Learn other key Safari web-browsing tips.

Mac Basics Video Tutorials

These short videos focus on a single topic for those who are new to using a Mac.

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Mac Basics: Using System Preferences
Mac Basics: The Red, Yellow and Green Window Buttons
Mac Basics: Moving And Resizing Windows
Mac Basics: Using The Menu Bar
Mac Basics: The Mac App Store
Mac Basics: Using Modifier Keys
Mac Basics: Switching Apps
Mac Basics: Using the Trash To Delete Files
Mac Basics: How To Rename Files
Mac Basics: Copy and Paste
Mac Basics: Learning To Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Mac Basics: Using the Finder's Four Views
Mac Basics: How To Launch Apps
Mac Basics: How To Use Split View

More Mac Tips

Hungry for more? Learn how to use the Mac App Store to get more apps and see how you can uninstall apps. Learn how to use the Dock and the Menu Bar. Find out how to take screen shots.

Getting Help

The Help menu in any App will give you access to keyboard shortcuts, help you locate menu commands, and view app documentation. You can also download MacMost’s keyboard shortcut PDF if you like shortcuts.
If you have a problem with your Mac, Apple has terrific customer support. You can take your Mac to the Genius Bar in any Apple Store for free help, advice and as the first step in any repair.

Want even more help getting up to speed? MacMost has a general course on using macOS Ventura It includes 48 video tutorials, with more than 5 hours of video instruction.