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I’m putting together a Keynote presentation. I run it ... (Dec 3, 2016; Replies: 2)
I’m wondering if I can have the lyrics showing in a co... (Dec 3, 2016; Replies: 2)
I have several mail accounts, but I want all replies to be s... (Dec 2, 2016; Replies: 1)
I am a Volunteer for a UK Charity and have recorded a large ... (Dec 2, 2016; Replies: 2)
As an entertainer I add the party to Calendar, add the Locat... (Dec 1, 2016; Replies: 3)
I want to search all types of files by filename and sort by ... (Dec 1, 2016; Replies: 3)
Apple, wanting the help us configure iOS, rewrites the URL t... (Dec 1, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have several old video 8 cassettes with family movies take... (Dec 1, 2016; Replies: 2)
I have three PDF documents, each 9 pages long (monthly state... (Nov 30, 2016; Replies: 3)
Hi Gary, I am getting unwanted adds on my Calendar on my Mac... (Nov 29, 2016; Replies: 4)
Hi, Thanks for a very helpful video on how to make table of ... (Nov 29, 2016; Replies: 1)
Is there any less expensive alternative to the LG 5K display... (Nov 29, 2016; Replies: 1)
Calendar search on my iMac (OS Sierra) does not find entries... (Nov 27, 2016; Replies: 1)
Hi Gary, how do i cut off end (applause) of a dowloaded song... (Nov 26, 2016; Replies: 7)
The Trendnet TEW-632BRP router was purchased in 2010. I̵... (Nov 25, 2016; Replies: 3)
With the most recent iOS version on the iPad, when launching... (Nov 25, 2016; Replies: 4)
When I have multiple audio output options on my Mac, I can g... (Nov 25, 2016; Replies: 1)
I use the block caller/contact feature to stop telemarketing... (Nov 25, 2016; Replies: 4)
I would like to have a short cut to iCloud. I find it tediou... (Nov 24, 2016; Replies: 1)
So I can find my car as in the article you posted. —&#... (Nov 24, 2016; Replies: 1)
I got some great photos of new grandchild on iPhone Message.... (Nov 24, 2016; Replies: 2)
I love my Apple Watch Series 2 and use it when running, cycl... (Nov 24, 2016; Replies: 2)
When I chose to move a legitimate new mail in Junk Mail by s... (Nov 24, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have videos from my VCR that are in QuickTime format. I ha... (Nov 23, 2016; Replies: 1)
In the past, when using Safari on my MacBook Air, whenever I... (Nov 22, 2016; Replies: 8)
If i send an apple email to someone asking a question, how d... (Nov 21, 2016; Replies: 3)
On the new macs we dont get the iDVD app, unfortunately. But... (Nov 21, 2016; Replies: 15)
Gary, My keychain passwords do not seem to work with my Bank... (Nov 18, 2016; Replies: 3)
I have been getting several unwanted emails from people I do... (Nov 18, 2016; Replies: 2)
How Do I Sync Email Signatures Between My iMac and MacBook P... (Nov 17, 2016; Replies: 1)

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