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I keep getting an error message that my startup disk is almo... (Jun 24, 2016; Replies: 1)
I just bought a copy of “My iPad” (8th Ed, 2016)... (Jun 23, 2016; Replies: 1)
iMac 2009, El Capitan. I now have several external drives fu... (Jun 23, 2016; Replies: 3)
When I print from Notes on my iPhone, the type size is very ... (Jun 23, 2016; Replies: 2)
I’m creating a medical questionaire on Numbers for Mac... (Jun 23, 2016; Replies: 1)
Movies taken by iPhone vertically show black bars on the sid... (Jun 23, 2016; Replies: 1)
I don’t like the default font for emails and I want to... (Jun 19, 2016; Replies: 3)
I am trying to archive ALL my emails which I have saved onto... (Jun 16, 2016; Replies: 2)
I have a SMUGMUG Professional account (but I am just a Dad) ... (Jun 16, 2016; Replies: 2)
I created a Pages document with Track Changes turned on. The... (Jun 16, 2016; Replies: 2)
In iPhoto I can caption photos and the captions will show if... (Jun 16, 2016; Replies: 4)
I save most of my received emails into designated folders. M... (Jun 13, 2016; Replies: 4)
I sometimes take multiple shots of one subject and it helps ... (Jun 12, 2016; Replies: 2)
I will be getting a new iMac soon and would like it to have ... (Jun 8, 2016; Replies: 3)
In Finder—>My MacBook Pro—>Users, I see a list of all th... (Jun 6, 2016; Replies: 2)
After I arrange photos in a particular order in an Album, I ... (Jun 2, 2016; Replies: 2)
Often I use photos to document personal things, such as seri... (Jun 1, 2016; Replies: 6)
This is my sheet: The first column contains DATES with varyi... (May 31, 2016; Replies: 1)
I am thinking of upgrading from my three year old iPad, Are ... (May 30, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have an iMac set up with one Apple ID and have accumulated... (May 29, 2016; Replies: 2)
How to I keep a directory on my MAC and the same Directory o... (May 28, 2016; Replies: 3)
the app store has sent me an update to iPhoto from 2015. How... (May 27, 2016; Replies: 3)
One feature I LOVE with my MAC is the ability to search PDF ... (May 26, 2016; Replies: 1)
When trying to find the location for a photo, spreadsheet, e... (May 26, 2016; Replies: 5)
iPad Air – iOS 9.3.2 MacBook Pro – OS X El-Capti... (May 26, 2016; Replies: 1)
Using iTunes I have re-ripped my entire CD library in the AL... (May 25, 2016; Replies: 1)
I’m not good at this. All I want to do is make a basic... (May 25, 2016; Replies: 3)
When I download the Adobe Flash Player update from Adobe and... (May 23, 2016; Replies: 2)
I use about 6 fonts at most. Most apps have me digging throu... (May 23, 2016; Replies: 1)
When I delete a lot of email in my iCloud account, they all ... (May 22, 2016; Replies: 1)

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