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What happened to black text on white backgrounds? All my lif... (Apr 29, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have been enjoying the convenience of giving people my con... (Apr 28, 2016; Replies: 3)
I am running El Capitan 10.11.4.. I have tried going into sy... (Apr 28, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have an Apple Airport Extreme and notice that with Airport... (Apr 28, 2016; Replies: 1)
Checking “Internet Plug Ins” folder in my Librar... (Apr 28, 2016; Replies: 2)
I have the latest version of El Capitan and I use a 2015 iMa... (Apr 28, 2016; Replies: 3)
I have an Airport Extreme w/Time Machine that is the primary... (Apr 28, 2016; Replies: 2)
I want to export a custom size (6×9) set of slides from... (Apr 27, 2016; Replies: 1)
I will be buying a new iPad Pro for my child in college. She... (Apr 25, 2016; Replies: 8)
I am a music DJ and wanted to know how I could use Apple Mus... (Apr 22, 2016; Replies: 1)
I am using iOS 9 on a iPhone 5s and sending to a iPhone 4. S... (Apr 21, 2016; Replies: 1)
Trying to pair and hotspot iphone 6s plus and ipad air2. No ... (Apr 21, 2016; Replies: 1)
I recently received two emails (5-6 weeks apart) ostensibly ... (Apr 21, 2016; Replies: 3)
My Mac mini run a slower than I would like when opening offi... (Apr 21, 2016; Replies: 4)
Emptying trash in El Capitan is rapid but is it permanent? I... (Apr 17, 2016; Replies: 3)
I have hundreds of photos that were scanned from paper pictu... (Apr 17, 2016; Replies: 3)
Hi Gary, I just bought your new Keynote course on Udemy. It ... (Apr 16, 2016; Replies: 1)
On my Mac, I often go under the “Options” tab in... (Apr 15, 2016; Replies: 2)
MAIL/Window/Previous Recipients contains all the addresses t... (Apr 14, 2016; Replies: 4)
My iMac is running, El Capitan Version 10.11.4. I just resta... (Apr 14, 2016; Replies: 1)
Great tutorial on Custom Menu Keyboard shortcuts – but... (Apr 11, 2016; Replies: 2)
I work in the IT field and get automated messages (both emai... (Apr 11, 2016; Replies: 1)
Mail (El Capitan) automatically purges my Inbox every month ... (Apr 10, 2016; Replies: 5) V5.6.1 Is there any way to make new objects, text b... (Apr 10, 2016; Replies: 3)
Since my IMac died I have temporarily bought an iPad Pro for... (Apr 10, 2016; Replies: 2)
I cannot seem to get coupons to print from, walm... (Apr 9, 2016; Replies: 1)
Adobe has issued a security alert for Flash Player – I... (Apr 9, 2016; Replies: 2)
Is there a way to create a keyboard shortcut to insert the d... (Apr 8, 2016; Replies: 1)
Since the Photos application replaced iPhoto I have the cons... (Apr 8, 2016; Replies: 2)
I would like to delete photos from my iphone. However, if I ... (Apr 7, 2016; Replies: 3)

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