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I read Science News – when I remember – infreque... (Oct 17; Replies: 8)
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Hi Gary, all photos I take with my iPad automatically appear... (Oct 6; Replies: 3)
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I have a recent MacBook Pro (2.6 GHz Intel Core i7) running ... (Oct 1; Replies: 7)
Where do you turn it on? iOS6 it was in settings under safar... (Sep 27; Replies: 2)
At this given site there is a fill-in field for the username... (Sep 27; Replies: 4)
Whenever I search for serious apps that perform a useful fun... (Sep 26; Replies: 2)
In iOS7, under updates there are two sections. The top secti... (Sep 25; Replies: 10)
Hi Gary, I have just found that I can now link contacts, but... (Sep 24; Replies: 3)
Hi Gary, Thanks for your hard work and dedication to Macolog... (Sep 24; Replies: 1)
In the old Safari “reader” it was possible to ad... (Sep 20; Replies: 7)
One of the new apps released with iOS 7 is a calculator, and... (Sep 18; Replies: 2)
I have a 27″ iMac (2011) and am using Lion. When I dow... (Sep 18; Replies: 5)
Hi there! I recently made a 15 second video using iMovie ... (Sep 16; Replies: 3)
Our son has just gone to boarding school and we discovered h... (Sep 16; Replies: 1)
I am a teacher and I created many spreadsheets for students ... (Sep 14; Replies: 3)
I watch your MacMost video every day and enjoy it. When a co... (Sep 13; Replies: 5)
I am trying to print out a email company list for our boss. ... (Sep 12; Replies: 1)
I’ve done this on previous versions, but not in 11.0.5... (Sep 12; Replies: 5)
I am using iPhoto 09 on my 3 year old iMac. I now also have ... (Sep 11; Replies: 5)
The photo rotators on my company website require pictures to... (Sep 11; Replies: 2)
I am using iMovie 11 on a Mac OS X Version 10.7.5. I have a ... (Sep 10; Replies: 2)
How do I find out how much available space I have on my Mac ... (Sep 9; Replies: 2)
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