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I have a large Numbers file (art supply inventory) and when ... (Mar 24, 2017; Replies: 5)
I must have multiple text boxes in some master pages. Only o... (Mar 24, 2017; Replies: 3)
I somehow inadvertently installed an app called Mac Ads Clea... (Mar 22, 2017; Replies: 1)
When I add an answer and change columns, my previous answer ... (Mar 21, 2017; Replies: 1)
Hello gary, i’ve watched your video tutorial “Se... (Mar 20, 2017; Replies: 1)
Hi Gary, I take a lot of screenshots …command-shift-3 ... (Mar 19, 2017; Replies: 2)
How do I get my iTunes tunes on my iMac (Fully up to date Si... (Mar 19, 2017; Replies: 2)
In Mail I want to delete all Junk mail automatically. I set ... (Mar 18, 2017; Replies: 1)
downloaded some ringtones how do i get them in my phone .. g... (Mar 18, 2017; Replies: 1)
Your Original Question: I took a dozen pictures 3 days ago w... (Mar 16, 2017; Replies: 2)
I am trying to get rid of the friggin’ incessant email... (Mar 16, 2017; Replies: 1)
Can you open some files in text view, and open other files i... (Mar 15, 2017; Replies: 3)
Any plans to do an iMovie course? I’m afraid to take a... (Mar 15, 2017; Replies: 15)
We have an office computer, with a large iCloud account that... (Mar 15, 2017; Replies: 3)
I am in the process of selecting a photo editor. I noticed t... (Mar 14, 2017; Replies: 4)
Is there a possibility to tag slides to be printed as a hand... (Mar 14, 2017; Replies: 1)
I would like to move a folder to take with me on vacation. &... (Mar 13, 2017; Replies: 1)
Trying to delete duplicate or unwanted photos from my iPad A... (Mar 9, 2017; Replies: 1)
I have a new MacBook and want to transfer my photos from iMa... (Mar 4, 2017; Replies: 3)
When our daughter was younger, we set her iPhone up with an ... (Mar 3, 2017; Replies: 4)
I am trying to sum the amount spent for food by month. I hav... (Mar 2, 2017; Replies: 1)
If I open google maps while in the car with the bluetooth co... (Mar 2, 2017; Replies: 1)
I receive numerous junk mail messages daily on my iPad. R... (Mar 2, 2017; Replies: 1)
I’m considering getting a protective case for my iPhon... (Mar 2, 2017; Replies: 5)
Within a large Numbers spreadsheet I frequently want to sort... (Mar 1, 2017; Replies: 1)
I am running Sierra 10.12.3. With other apps, when I Control... (Feb 26, 2017; Replies: 2)
My girlfriend request that I installed an antivirus program ... (Feb 24, 2017; Replies: 5)
When I go into About This Mac>Storage>Mange it shows that so... (Feb 24, 2017; Replies: 3)
I will soon install CAT 6 wiring while simultaneously replac... (Feb 24, 2017; Replies: 4)
I have a number of students that didn’t understand dur... (Feb 23, 2017; Replies: 7)

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