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I want to switch from Gmail and Chrome to Mail and Safari. H... (Apr 26, 2017; Replies: 1)
The title says it all, I want to clear history etc. from a s... (Apr 26, 2017; Replies: 1)
I use Apple mail on my iMac. When printing an email the font... (Apr 23, 2017; Replies: 1)
I have created a ringtone from a segment of a song in iTunes... (Apr 23, 2017; Replies: 2)
I have an iPhone 7 Plus with current OS. I use Mail and gene... (Apr 22, 2017; Replies: 1)
I’m a teacher and intend to stream some of my presenta... (Apr 22, 2017; Replies: 1)
When I open email the app has my curser down about 30 emails... (Apr 21, 2017; Replies: 3)
When i click a link in a gmail message on my ipad, it opens ... (Apr 20, 2017; Replies: 2)
Hello, I just watched Gary’s video on wifi strength an... (Apr 20, 2017; Replies: 3)
How do I factory reset an iMac G5? —– ILAN... (Apr 19, 2017; Replies: 1)
I am trying to attach a pdf which is saved on my macbook pro... (Apr 18, 2017; Replies: 3)
I recently watched your clip ‘Maximizing Windows On a ... (Apr 16, 2017; Replies: 2)
Hi Gary, I am using Sierra (10.12.4) on a MacBook Pro (mid 2... (Apr 15, 2017; Replies: 3)
I have “My Photo Stream” checked on both my iPho... (Apr 15, 2017; Replies: 5)
If I engage Desktop & Documents to iCloud on my Mac at ... (Apr 14, 2017; Replies: 3)
I am putting my toes in the water of teaching guitar lessons... (Apr 13, 2017; Replies: 2)
I have a home theater with a 120” screen and a ceiling mou... (Apr 12, 2017; Replies: 1)
Although I have iCloud storage it is my understanding that i... (Apr 11, 2017; Replies: 4)
Measured by arm swing, actual foot step or GPS? —̵... (Apr 9, 2017; Replies: 1)
I am currently struggling to construct an overall archive in... (Apr 7, 2017; Replies: 1)
I have over 1,000 images I would like to remove the back gro... (Apr 6, 2017; Replies: 1)
I have 345 fonts installed on my Mac, but only 131 show up i... (Apr 5, 2017; Replies: 3)
Hi, I am after a bit of help to write a formula as the new u... (Apr 5, 2017; Replies: 1)
Is there any way I can disable logging in with my password i... (Apr 4, 2017; Replies: 1)
Over the years I would have installed iTunes on multiple lap... (Apr 4, 2017; Replies: 2)
I use Sierra with a 2010 MacBook Pro and want to sync Contac... (Apr 2, 2017; Replies: 3)
I am trying to turn ON private browsing on my iPad Air 2 and... (Apr 2, 2017; Replies: 1)
Using a Mac Pro, late 2013, laptop, O.S. v10.12.4 Sierra Is ... (Apr 1, 2017; Replies: 3)
Just bought a brand new iPhone from Verizon. I could not rem... (Mar 30, 2017; Replies: 3)
Tim Cook claimed that most people could use an iPad Pro as t... (Mar 30, 2017; Replies: 8)

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