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Gary, when sending pictures to a PC, this person had great d... (Aug 28, 2016; Replies: 2)
I am using Pages version 5.6.2 I have created a table and I ... (Aug 27, 2016; Replies: 2)
How do you not display the time machine disc icon on the des... (Aug 27, 2016; Replies: 1)
When we are using TextEdit (or similar app) on a Mac and whe... (Aug 24, 2016; Replies: 1)
On my desktop, if I control-click a file, one of the menu ch... (Aug 23, 2016; Replies: 3)
I mostly use Safari for most of my web browsing, but I often... (Aug 23, 2016; Replies: 1)
Hi Gary! I´m running El Capitan 10.11.6 on a late 2013 iMac... (Aug 22, 2016; Replies: 5)
Due to increasing vision problems I’ve been attaching ... (Aug 20, 2016; Replies: 3)
While using Windows, I entered information on many of my old... (Aug 18, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have the latest version of Pages and Numbers but cannot fi... (Aug 18, 2016; Replies: 1)
I have been enjoying myself creating Movie projects in iMovi... (Aug 17, 2016; Replies: 3)
I’ve seen your video from 2012 about exporting MOV wit... (Aug 17, 2016; Replies: 3)
How do I customise the context menu when I right click on a ... (Aug 17, 2016; Replies: 1)
I’m relatively new on a Mac…I let my grandson buy some g... (Aug 16, 2016; Replies: 2)
iMac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 I use the Safari privacy setting... (Aug 16, 2016; Replies: 6)
Having used my iPhone 6+ continually I was shocked on Monday... (Aug 15, 2016; Replies: 5)
I have an iMac and have set it up as user Mom, using an Appl... (Aug 15, 2016; Replies: 4)
I click a scheduled date on reminders when I want to be remi... (Aug 11, 2016; Replies: 4)
How do I have entry’s in the first sheet automatically... (Aug 11, 2016; Replies: 4)
on ios out and about i join xfinity wifi ( my cable provider... (Aug 11, 2016; Replies: 6)
Hi Gary, I am so confused over iCloud Drive. I have 19,000 p... (Aug 7, 2016; Replies: 7)
I have four text boxes and I want to combine those text boxe... (Aug 7, 2016; Replies: 2)
donating my 2010 iMac with Mountain Lion to my church. What ... (Aug 6, 2016; Replies: 1)
Using MacBook Pro 13″, Mid 2010 with El Capitan, Ver 1... (Aug 5, 2016; Replies: 1)
Gary, Is there anyway to turn off swiping in Apple Mail on a... (Aug 4, 2016; Replies: 1)
Gary, Is there a way to make email attachments saved to desk... (Aug 4, 2016; Replies: 2)
I’m using microsoft exchange in my mac mail. I added s... (Aug 4, 2016; Replies: 6)
We are hosting a live interview with a filmmaker located in ... (Aug 3, 2016; Replies: 1)
I’ve tried setting up DDG as my default search engine.... (Aug 3, 2016; Replies: 2)
I am using El Capitan on a new iMac. I have mail drop turned... (Aug 2, 2016; Replies: 6)

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