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Earlier this week an NBC New report showed that it was very easy for all of your computing devices to get hacked in Russia. It seemed to show a phone, a PC laptop and a MacBook that were hacked almost instantly upon being turned on. Most people took this at face value and assumed that […] (Read More, 4 Replies)
It is important to lock your Mac when you are away from it and in other situations. Learn how to set a hot corner and use a keyboard shortcut to quickly lock your Mac once you have set things up in System Preferences. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. […] (Read More, 6 Replies)
Many of the posts you may see in your Facebook news feed are scams or pieces of misinformation. Learn to be skeptical when you read information passed on from others. Verify information before passing it on yourself. Often, posts are simply ploys to gain popularity on Facebook. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi this is […] (Read More, 11 Replies)
Apple IDs can now be made more secure by using the two-step verification process. This involves changing your Apple ID account and added secure devices, like your phone, to the process. In order to make changes to your account, like a new password, you would then need to verify your identity by using your device […] (Read More, 15 Replies)
It is easy to disable Java in your web browser. Doing so may help protect you from future malware threats. Java is no longer used on most web sites and you will most likely not notice the difference once you turn Java off. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. […] (Read More, 24 Replies)
There are many ways to password protect and encrypt small pieces of data on a Mac. You can use Keychain Access to encrypt a note in your keychain. You can use Disk Utility to create a small encrypted disk image. The app Evernote allows you to encrypt a piece of text inside a note. You […] (Read More, 2 Replies)
If your iPhone is stolen much of your personal data, including access to your email and online accounts, can be stolen as well. Protect yourself by setting up your iPhone correctly in advance. Turn on passcode protection and also the Find My iPhone feature. With Find My iPhone you can erase or track your iPhone. […] (Read More, 7 Replies)
A few simple techniques can help you secure your iCloud account and prevent someone else from gaining access to it. Use secure passwords, set up better security questions and answers, make sure your linked accounts are also secure, and be sure to back up your Mac! Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary […] (Read More, 8 Replies)
Gatekeeper is a new security feature of OS X in Mountain Lion. It allows you to prevent apps from being installed depending upon the source of the app. You can decide to only allow Mac App Store apps, or also allow signed apps, or turn off Gatekeeper if you don’t want to use it. Learn […] (Read More, 9 Replies)
If you carry around USB flash drives, you may want to consider password protecting them in case they are lost or stolen. It is easy to format a drive with encryption using the OS X Disk Utility app. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary at MacMost Now. On today’s episode let me […] (Read More, 21 Replies)
Learn about all of the different Safari browser preferences that affect security. You can find them in more places than just the Security tab. Learn what each one does to protect you while you surf online and decide what the best settings are for you. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) In this episode lets take […] (Read More, 14 Replies)
You can protect your Mac from malware by following three simple rules. First, keep your Mac up-to-date. Second, only download from sites you trust. Third, stay informed. This videos shows you how to accomplish each of these steps. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today’s episode, let me […] (Read More, 29 Replies)
Learn about the Mac Defender/Mac Protector trojan horse malware attack. See how it works. Find out how to protect yourself from it. Watch step-by-step how to remove it. This piece of malware tricks you into download and installing it with frightening, but completely fake, virus warnings. What it really wants is your credit card number. […] (Read More, 33 Replies)
If you use a Mac to browse the Internet, you should be using 1Password. This third-party utility lets you create, save and use secure passwords on every site you log in to. You can also store bank information, notes and files inside 1Password’s encrypted database. In addition, it will protect you from dangerous phishing attacks. […] (Read More, 34 Replies)
If you must browse the web using your MacBook, iPad or iPhone on a public wifi network, you will want to use https whenever possible. Many major sites allow you to force https using an account setting. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary With MacMost Now. On today’s episode, let’s learn about […] (Read More, 25 Replies)
Learn how to create documents that can only be opened with a password. Documents in Pages and Microsoft Word can have passwords that restrict opening and use. Preview can be used to make copies of PDF files that require a password to open. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. […] (Read More, 5 Replies)
You can block web sites and protect all of the devices in your house using DNS controls. A service like OpenDNS allows you to prevent any computer or device on your network from going to categories of sites or a specific site. You may also be able to block sites using your DSL or Cable […] (Read More, 3 Replies)
Your web browser uses to store bits of information associated with the web sites you visit. There are misconceptions about what cookies do and how they are used. Learn how to examine your browser cookies and set your cookie storage preferences. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi. This is Gary with MacMost Now. On today’s […] (Read More, 10 Replies)
Web-based email accounts have been the target of malicious hackers and spammers recently. Find out how they get access to an account, and how to protect yourself. See how to check your Gmail account for unauthorized access. Protect your account with a strong, secure password. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with […] (Read More, 1 Reply)
Learn about the Snow Leopard firewall. You can turn it on in your system preferences and it will block unwanted access to your Mac from inside your network or while you are on a public network. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. In today’s episode, let’s look at the […] (Read More, 27 Replies)
If you have a wireless network at home you should set up wireless security. It is as simple as setting a password through the Airport Utility application or the Web interface of your wireless router. This will not only prevent others from accessing your network and using your Internet connection, but it will also encrypt […] (Read More, 8 Replies)
Learn how to walk away from your Mac without worrying about others easily getting access to your data or messing up your settings. By setting your Mac to log you out, or require a password when you have left it, you can walk away from a Mac in a semi-public area like your work space […] (Read More, 1 Reply)
Gary Rosenzweig tackles the controversial question of whether you need to buy anti-virus software for your Mac. There are currently no active Mac viruses and anti-virus software could cause unexpected problems. Staying informed and up-to-date is a better option. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) In today’s episode we’re going to address a controversial topic: do […] (Read More, 128 Replies)
Do you use a dictionary word, date or common password for your online accounts? Then it is only a matter of time before your accounts are compromised. Learn how to use strong passwords for your online accounts to protect yourself. You can use the Mac OS X Password Assistant to create random letter and number […] (Read More, 9 Replies)
The Guide to Online Password Security When you create an account at a Web site you are usually asked to provide a password. What do you choose? Your child’s name? Your dog’s name? Your favorite flavor of ice cream? Choosing a weak password opens your account up to being invaded. Someone could mess around […] (Read More, 55 Replies)
Spam isn’t just for email inboxes any more. You can also get spam on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Learn how to cut down on the amount of junk you get. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. In today’s […] (Read More, 3 Replies)
Learn about the different options in Safari’s security preferences, such as fraud alerts and disabling plug-ins, JavaScript and cookies. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today’s episode let’s talk about Safari browser security. So being secure while browsing the web is important enough for Safari to have an […] (Read More, 1 Reply)
Mobile phone users must be vigilant and check for fraud on their monthly bills. iPhone users may find recurring charges for services they never asked for and possibly can’t even use on an iPhone. Here’s how to check for and deal with them. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. […] (Read More, Comments Off)
The new version of the Safari Web browser includes a feature that will alert you if you go to a suspected malicious Web site. Learn more about this protection and how you can further protect yourself against phishing attacks. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi, this is Gary of MacMost Now. Today let’s look at […] (Read More, 1 Reply)
Gary Rosenzweig looks at those emails you get forwarded that present urban legends as truth: gas price boycotts, social security changes, store bankruptcies, microwaving water, etc. Check out and when you get these emails. Video Transcript (Click to Expand) Hi this is Gary with another episode of MacMost Now. Hold on a second, […] (Read More, Comments Off)