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Forum Question: MacMost App for iPhone

Hi Gary:

Was wondering if you have considered making the iPhone App work a bit different than it presently is.

Let me explain: I just started using it a short while ago and whenever I click on a ‘news’ article that is referenced to a website it takes me out of your App and into Safari. Once I am finished I have to close Safari and then reopen the MacMost App. For lack of a better expression – this is a pain in the ……

So could you elaborate on this and let me know if there is something I am doing wrong or is there an ‘update’ for your App coming soon that will allow me to stay within the MacMost App.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to this.

Edward Walsh
Marystown, Newfoundland

— Edward Walsh

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    7/15/10 @ 3:41 pm

    So you are clicking on a link to and external article, correct? I am trying to do the “proper” thing there and take you to that article as a web link. I could load it inside the MacMost app, but I feel that it would be improper — that it would look like the content belonged to MacMost.
    So that is why those links are normal links that open in the browser. I know other apps ignore this kind of thing, but as a content producer myself I feel it is important to respect the content and whoever makes it.

    Edward Walsh
    7/15/10 @ 7:55 pm

    Hi Gary:

    Thank you for responding to my earlier posting. After reading your reply I can ‘see’ your perspective and it is completely understandable wanting to do the ‘proper’ thing. For me it seems like you are trying to avoid the ‘few’ or ‘many’ who would attribute the news article to MacMost and that is obviously in your best interest.

    However, that being said, as a content producer yourself and wanting to give credit where credit is due, is it possible to still do that without taking me outside the MacMost App and then having to return on my own? What about doing something along the lines of what iAd’s is doing for their advertising – click on the ‘link’ it opens in a browser window within your App and then all I have to do to get back to the next article is touch a ‘x’ in the upper corner to close it?

    I, not being a computer programmer (just a Hardware/Network Specialist), might not understand the difficulties of doing this whereas you are a content provider, but my reason for asking is I usually like to stay within the App I am presently using and then when finished reading all the news articles close it and move on to the next.

    Please don’t be upset over asking this or consider me lazy for not just going back and forth between App and browser. I enjoy your MacMost App and it is something I figured would be no harm suggesting if it could be implemented.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.


    Edward Walsh
    Marystown, Newfoundland

    7/15/10 @ 10:09 pm

    I do appreciate the feedback. But your suspicions are rig that it would be more work as well. I’d have to balance the hours of work involved with other projects and things I do for MacMost. I honestly don’t expect to spend more time on the app in the near future. Maybe somewhere down the line.

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