Apple and Mac Rumors

A round-up and summary of the most recent Apple rumors.

Nov 25
Apple plans to switch to OLED displays for iPhones starting in 2018, according to Japanese website (more...)
Nov 11
Apple is in talks with U.S. banks over a potential person-to-person mobile payments service, (more...)
Nov 2
Apple is training retail employees in Australia, France, United Kingdom and other countries for the international launch of (more...)
Oct 6
Apple plans to introduce the rumored 21.5-inch Retina iMac next week, reports (more...)
Sep 21
Apple is speeding up development on its electric car project, reports (more...)
Sep 18
California laws and regulations for self-driving cars may force Apple's "Project Titan" out of the shadows and into the public view, and sooner than some may have (more...)
Sep 2
For months, rumors have indicated the upcoming "iPhone 6s" may be slightly thicker and larger than its predecessor, likely due to several factors including a change in the aluminum being used for the shell, thickening of weak spots in the case to help add (more...)
Sep 2
Along with unveiling the next-generation iPhones, the revamped Apple TV, and new (more...)
Sep 2
At its upcoming iPhone-centric event on September 9, Apple will debut new Apple Watch Sport bands in a variety of new colors, (more...)
Sep 2
Apple is set to introduce the next iteration of its Apple TV lineup at next week's (more...)
Aug 26
Earlier this week, there was some speculation that Apple might be planning to hold its upcoming September 9 iPhone event (more...)
Aug 19
Back in April, we first heard rumors about Apple (more...)
Aug 3
Apple is currently in early talks to launch its own mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in both the United States and Europe, according to (more...)