Apple and Mac Rumors

A round-up and summary of the most recent Apple rumors.

Jun 9
Apple is planning to announce an iMessage app for Android users at WWDC, according to a r (more...)
Jun 8
Because iOS, watchOS, and tvOS all share a common naming scheme, there's been some speculation that OS X, the operating system for Macs, could see a name change to "MacOS" at this year's (more...)
Jun 1
Thunderbolt Display stock shortages at some Apple retail stores have begun sparking speculation that a refresh is coming in the near future, and with current m (more...)
Jun 1
Though the 2017 iPhone is more than a year away from launching, we're already hearing non-stop rumors about the device due to the major design changes Apple is expected to introduce. The latest rumor, coming from IHS analyst Kevin Wang, suggests the 2017 (more...)
May 25
Apple has been engaged in discussions with charging station companies about the (more...)
May 24
Apple is actively developing a product that would compete with the Amazon Echo and (more...)
May 24
Apple plans to introduce a revamped high-end (more...)
May 7
A unified, Apple-designed HomeKit app has been desired by HomeKit users since HomeKit first deb (more...)
May 4
Apple is planning to overhaul its year-old music streaming service to make it "more easier to use", according to people familiar with the matter (via (more...)
Apr 18
Electronics retailer Best Buy has quietly (more...)