Apple and Mac Rumors

A round-up and summary of the most recent Apple rumors.

Apr 18
Electronics retailer Best Buy has quietly (more...)
Apr 14
Adding to the evidence that Apple is intending to change the name of OS X, the company on Thursday posted an updated webpage referring to the (more...)
Mar 22
While some customers were hopeful that Apple would release (more...)
Mar 18
For several weeks now, most every Apple observer has written the same thing about Apple's March 21 event: A new 4-inch iPhone and a new 9.7-inch iPad. No new Apple Watch 2. But if that's all we get (and don't get), the event is going to be fai (more...)
Mar 1
Apple has expanded its real estate holdings in Sunnyvale, California with the lease of a 96,000 square foot industrial property that formerly served as a Pepsi bottling plant, reports (more...)
Feb 27
Re/code reports that the much anticipated Apple (more...)
Feb 26
Rumors surrounding the 4-inch "iPhone 5se" continue today with new information pointing to the possibility of Apple dropping the "5" from the name altogether and simply calling it the "iPhone SE." As (more...)
Feb 24
Siri will make its long-anticipated debut on Mac in OS X 10.12 later this year, following over three years of testing, according to (more...)