Different Ways To Access Files On Your Mac Desktop

The Desktop is a unique folder on your Mac that gives you quick access to the files and folders in it, providing other windows aren't in the way. Here are some ways to get to your Desktop items.

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    1 year ago

    Hi Gary, good suggestions. Just thought I’d mention that you can also use a hot corner to quickly get to the desktop folders. 🤓
    Thanks for all you do - Stu

    Tom Benson
    1 year ago

    Thanks Gary! As always, your videos are so informative.
    If I delete a file or folder from the Mac desktop does it remove it from the computer completely?

    1 year ago

    Tom: Yes. Deleting from the Desktop deletes the file in your Desktop folder. The file is deleted. It isn't anywhere else.

    1 year ago

    good answer!

    Dean Kutzler
    1 year ago

    Or you can use what I love best for all things the hand gestures. Pinch "OPEN" with a 4 fingers will do the same thing. This way you don't have to fumble with the clunky function button. I also swipe left/right to access the adjacent windows.

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