10 Hidden Commands and Features On Your Mac

Here's a list of 10 features of your Mac that are hidden from view. You'll learn about hidden folders and files, hidden Safari menus, how to access hidden markup tools in Mail and Photos, hidden toolbar buttons, hidden menu commands and even characters hidden in your keyboard.

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    Markus Alexander
    4 years ago

    Wow, Gary, thanks for these tips. I've been using Macs for quite a while but there were still some gems here that I wasn't aware of. Another thing I like, although it isn't really hidden, is the options available in the Print menu if you click the dropdown arrow at the bottom left. From there, you can save virtually anything as a PDF or choose from a variety of "send" options.

    Gina Ferrari
    4 years ago

    Wonderful stuff, Gary. In the future, please write out any terminal commands in the text that appears below your videos so we can cut and paste them, since getting those Terminal commands exact is most important.

    4 years ago

    Probably the most remedial hide command is the Hide App command of command+H to hide the current application. Or option+command+h to hide all other opened applications except the one that's front most and active. I am often the Apple tech guy for friends and it is ubiquitous as to how many don't know or don't use this simple command enough to reduce screen clutter.

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