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In google sheets I use a LEN Funtion to limit the # of characters in a cell to 20, (including spaces), or less. It gives me a warning if the # of characters exceeds 20. Is there a way to do this in Numbers? The explanation for the LEN function in Numbers doesn’t seem to ... (1 Comment)
Is it possible to screen share with someone who is not on the same network? I am going to send a new MB Air to a nephew, and I would like help him get started. He is several states away. —– Robert Williams ... (1 Comment)
On my Mac I receive spam messages in Messages that I do not receive on my iPhone. On the Mac it is roughly 5 clicks to block and delete the message. The process is much simpler on the iPhone, with the “Block and Report” option. But most of the spam does not appear ... (1 Comment)
Is there a way I can create Text Edit document with Custom Tab Stops? I want to save Text Edit document with multiple tab stops and save it while creating some lists. —– Lali ... (2 Comments)
Unable to complete the iOS 17.4.1 software update on my iPhone 12 because message ‘More Storage Required’ appears. Not sure what best way to do this is. Have recently attempted to download the iOS 17.4.1 software update on my iPhone 12, but a message accompanied its ... (1 Comment)
In Keynote, I want an object to enter the screen while rotating. So build 1 is Move In, and build 2 is Rotate. But I can’t get build 2 to start with Build 1, only on click or after. Thanks for any help. I’m not sure what to add. I can’t seem to get an object to ... (1 Comment)
In Preview, is there a way to add page numbers as footers? When I open PDF file in Preview and print the pages, I would like to be able to number them so when the pages get mixed up, I know which order they should be arranged. —– Bob Kunes ... (5 Comments)
How do I store some Pages and Numbers documents locally on my iPhone? Often I am not ‘online’ while using my iphone. I’d like to be able to access one of my Numbers and/or my Pages documents but can not. I watched you tutorial on how to do this on my Mac (thank ... (3 Comments)
How Do I Insert a “Carriage Return” In a Numbers Cell using iPad pro internal keyboard? I have a cell in numbers that i need to have 3 different staff members add notes and i need a couple of carriage returns in between. I know I can accomplish this by breaking up the cell ... (1 Comment)
An automator or script to convert .pages documents to .pdf right from the finder ie. select a pages document in the finder (or docum ents! – batch would be great!), quick action to make pdf version of the document/s in the same place (folder). I have many pages documents ... (8 Comments)
Thank you for your video on Users. If I have a user account on my son’s computer that is connected to my Icloud, but I also have my own computer connected to my iCloud, can the cloud maintain both sets of data? Or does one override the other? I’m wary of using my ... (2 Comments)
When I use File > Move To… in Preview it presents me with a collapsed Finder window in the dialog and in order to move the file to any folder not in sidebar or the file path above the existing location, I have to expand the dialog, go to the very bottom, and select ... (2 Comments)
How can I make the answer to an if statement division problem display a whole number and take the remainder of that value for a formula in another cell? Sorry new to numbers. Cubic Yards to size of dumpster and quantity. a2 is total cu yds, b2 is text from if statement showing ... (1 Comment)
Every other line in a folder is shaded a touch darker … is there a way to adjust the amount of shading to make it darker? It would be easier to delineate each line from one another —– Line Shade question ... (4 Comments)
How do I find and delete a bunch of short (Live Photo) video files in a Macos folder containing 1400 iPhone video files? I have 1400 videos from various iPhone backups. Amongst them are a number of short videos resulting from the iPhones having Live Photo enabled. I thought it ... (1 Comment)
What is the best method (formula or javascript) for looking at a range of cells (specifically, an entire column), checking to see if there is a text string within each cell that meats certain criteria, and then replacing all of the text within each cell with my specific text. I ... (3 Comments)
As I age, Calendar gets harder to read. How can I increase the font size on the calendar itself: eg make the hour designations on the left-most column actually readable? Thank you. Device: Mac Running Monterey —– steve ... (1 Comment)
Is there any built in functionality to Password/Passcode protect/lock the mail app specifically? If there is no such feature out of box from Mac operating system, is there any third party app that can be used to achieve this? The way I want it to function is, when I open the Mac ... (2 Comments)
Hi! It is necessary to compress a lot of video (with support for HEVC HLG), but keeping the original metadata including camera model and geolocation. I tried to use ShutterEncoder, where there is a function “Preserve metadata”, but as a result, only the date of ... (6 Comments)
I want to move a song from one album to a different album. I had a CD which I ripped to iTunes many computers ago, but in Music one of the tracks seems to have migrated to its own album with the same name. So I have two albums with the same name, but one album just has one song, ... (4 Comments)