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Hi There,In my Macbook pro – 2021, I am clicking on shutdown > closing the lid > opening the lid (mac automatically turns on). Here it says, “touchID requires password when mac restarts”. Why is it so, I had shutdown not restart? Someone please explain ... (4 Comments)
How can I see if my MacBook Pro has been hacked? My partner has had his accounts hacked. I would like to make a reasonable attempt at seeing if mine has been hacked as well. I use 2-factor authentication, 1Password, and have just changed most of my passwords. —– Mike ... (2 Comments)
The Unix Executable Files (UEFs) in my Documents Folder appear in List, Icon and Info form as black squares with ‘exec’ in green in the top left-hand corner. They are without extensions and in List and Info views under Kind are described as ‘Unix Executable File’. Opening ... (2 Comments)
I have just purchased an iPhone, and I am unable to locate the comma and period buttons on the keyboard when composing text on Whatsapp. I can access the comma and period button only if I press the ‘123’ button. This is not acceptable. I want the buttons to be ... (3 Comments)
By default, Keynote slides are numbered in a white text. I can change the slide number text color by selecting the text, format, and change text color. Apparently, I have to do this one slide at a time. Is there an easy way to change all of the slide number colors with one ... (2 Comments)
When I am asked to upload an image to a website, it goes to “finder”. How do I upload an image from “photos”? I belong to an iPhone camera forum . In order to upload photos I need to upload from Photos. —– David Boucher ... (2 Comments)
When I boot up my MacBook Air and open Safari it does not open in a full screen only 50%. How can I get to open into Full Screen? I can’t find anything in the settings to change the Safari window to full screen on boot up. —– Rich ... (1 Comment)
I don’t understand how Smart Folders work in Mac Mail. I have a smart folder for MacMost. Yes, the mail messages populate the MacMost Smart Mail folder. But, if I delete the many MacMost mail messages from my mail inbox, the messages also get deleted from the MacMost Smart ... (2 Comments)
When should Background App Refresh be turned on or off in Settings? I don’t know how much Background App Refresh drains the battery or other resources, but would like to keep it on for some apps where it might be important, and off for the rest of them if there’s no ... (1 Comment)
You often advise that many bookmarks may be unnecessary, and I agree. However, I am a retired college professor, and have about 150 folders most of which contain links to valuable sources for research. Now that I am retired, and no longer feel pressure to publish, I wonder about ... (1 Comment)
I have a spreadsheet created by dragging a Contacts group to Numbers. Several of the contacts have multiple phone numbers (Home, cell, work, fax, etc.) and these are put in separate columns. To make the spreadsheet more compact I would like to combine them in a single cell, which ... (2 Comments)
I wonder what is the best formula in Numbers to Lookup Values (column C) if one date falls between two dates (columns A y B). I haver checked all the numbers videos here. “Using Numbers Lookup With Date Ranges” (#1346) is something similar but it has only one column ... (2 Comments)
Sometimes when visiting a website a message appears asking me to subscribe to notifications. It looks like a pop-up but seems different. What is this called? Is there a way to prevent them from appearing? Is there a reason not to block them, if possible? Safari> ... (1 Comment)
How do you import archived music into the new music app on a Mac-mini? The reason I am trying to import music is that my older iMac crashed and the music in iTunes was lost. I did have a few data DVDs that had my music on them. When taking with Apple support on another problem ... (1 Comment)
How can I merge a single-page Safari window (with no tabs) with another specific Safari window (which probably contains a few tabs) while leaving other Safari windows intact in a single action? Sort of like how I can do it with individual tabs. When doing research using Safari, I ... (2 Comments)
Working o screen recordings. So far no audio though. I thought you could record with audio if you wanted to narrate the video. Is that right? Also if I should be able to narrate the video what app would I look under to make sure it has microphone permissions? —– Greg ... (1 Comment)
what is the easiest way to create an outline and make a template of it? The outline templates is no more on the current version of Pages I am doing presentations and I hand out outlines of the topic to be presented. —– Sam ... (1 Comment)
My original APPLEID is no longer used by apple. My account still exists but I can’t use it on my iPhone because I logged out of it and I can’t log back into it, apple doesn’t allow my old APPLEID once logged out type. Is there a way to load my thousands of ... (2 Comments)
Hello, Is it possible to have a watermark PNG the entire way through a video when having split screen stills. I want to watermark the entire video. I’m trying to create a series of 60 second videos for social media. —– Darren ... (2 Comments)
The existing Password protecting a Cruzer Blade USB Memory stick needs to be changed to a new one. How can this be achieved please. Thanks. To provide a stronger more secure password. —– David ... (3 Comments)