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Is there a software application that will allow me to organize my photos on an external drive? Also what is the best editing software that’s not an Adobe product. I am asking the question about organization of Photos on an external drive so that they could easily be placed on ... (1 Comment)
Is there a way to identify people in photos on an iPad? I have given up my MacBook and only use the iPad but can’t seem to add names to photos i take. —– Murray ... (1 Comment)
Hi Gary, in Numbers I use dropdown menus. In Excel I also used fields with dropdown menus. The items in the menus were sorted alphabetically. When I clicked on such a field, I could either make a selection by clicking on the list that appeared or I typed in the first letter of a ... (2 Comments)
I want to print in sequence, 30 different pdf files as thumbnails, 6 to a page, on multiple pages. I read online instructions but I can’t find a way to print 6 different pdfs to a page. All I get is one specific pdf to show at a time. Under “view” I can’t ... (1 Comment)
With Apple Watch series 7 on the way, what is the best method to use to unpair the old watch (series 4) and pair the new watch while retaining all the current watch settings, faces, etc.? Best method to use to unpair the old watch (series 4) and pair the new ... (1 Comment)
Just in general I need to understand more about Finder. When to use it and how. For example I need to change the name of an existing folder to another. Why is because I set up a client folder who did not show up so there are no records in it. —– Monica ... (1 Comment)
After the most recent automatic update I discovered that Photos was changed – much to my dislike. I the left hand tool bar at the very top there used to be 5-6 categories: Library, Imports, Recently deleted, etc. That has disappeared completely. How do I restore this? I ... (2 Comments)
I have built several sheets in numbers and with some of the inputs I get “The Formula uses a Boolean in place of a number”. This seems to occur when I get different information and the numbers change. I don’t always get the error message. Very difficult time ... (2 Comments)
View post on Recently upgraded to IOS 15.0.1 on my iPhone 12 Pro. I tried creating a widget with contacts but instead of displaying the contacts names, it shows blank circles. I tried the same thing on my IPad Pro and it worked properly, showing the contacts ... (1 Comment)
Where can I save PDF files on my iPad and be able to view them when I am not connected to Wifi? Both Adobe Reader and Books require me to be connected to wifi. I attend a weekly Ukulele group where we play/sing from individual song sheets. The sheets are located online in my ... (4 Comments)
Using Apple Watch (OS8) and iPhone 13. I’d like to disable auto launch audio apps so that it doesn’t show up on my Apple Watch. I’d prefer not to control music on my watch. —– Doug Brandt ... (5 Comments)
I’m trying to dismiss notifications on my Lock Screen. Since upgrading to iOS 15, when I press and hold a notification, there’s no X in the corner to dismiss it like there used to be. I can either tap on the notification and open the corresponding app, or I can tap ... (2 Comments)
I have a iPod nano with music from my cd’s and what I got from iTunes.On my MacBook Air M1 all it shows in music is what I purchased from iTunes. I can’t get my other music to transfer from my iPod to the MacBook. My iPod was setup on a Windows 10 computer. I’m ... (4 Comments)
I’ve been looking at how Safari’s Reader View icon works with the new Compact tab layout. I think that the following describes the situation, but I’m not certain. Is this how the Reader View icon works with this new tab layout? There are two tab layouts in Safari 15: ... (2 Comments)
How can I backup my “Recently Deleted” photos to an ext. drive either from “Photos” or iCloud? I would like to archive my deleted photos —– Gene ... (1 Comment)
I just got a Western Digital external hard-drive that I want to copy files to (I use TimeMachine on another external drive). Since I’ve updated my Mac to Big Sur (11.6) do I want to format the WD hard drive to APFS (Case-sensitive, encrypted) or shall I pick Mac OS ... (4 Comments)
Trying to make a Keyboard shortcut to open Dictionary while in Finder. SpotLight is fine, but I am in an experimenting mood. Not finding a Menu Bar trigger to pair a short cut with. —– Greg ... (1 Comment)
I am director of the Oral History program for a museum and I have a slide that I have formatted in keynote for a specific purpose. I want to make the slide a template or theme so it will be easily accessible for other presentations. I’m having trouble doing ... (1 Comment)
Hi Gary, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a while and really enjoy the way you teach. Today I finally joined Patreon! My question is: how do I remove the administrator of my MacBook Pro 2017? My husband bought it for himself but ended up liking his older PC better ... (1 Comment)
I got a new Mac Mini and the internal SSD is not that large (256 GB). I want to have multiple users in my family with their own profiles and so I want to set it up with my “Home Directory” on an external drive. And we might put each profile’s “Home ... (4 Comments)