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I would like to go paperless with all of my financial records. I’m currently saving them to iCloud drive. Is just having the documents in iCloud drive enough? What do you recommend? —– Phyllis Steele ... (1 Comment)
I have a friend with a 2020 Mac mini w 500 GB storage. She is out of hard drive space. We have deleted so many items and have only cleared up 12 GB. She uses about 200 GB, her husband uses 150 GB and the rest (150 GB) is “other” (under the “manage your ... (3 Comments)
I watched your tutorial “200 Mac Tips” and you showed how to edit ‘Previous Recipients’ on a Mac but how do you do that on an iPad (iOS 15.1) I use Mail on MacBook Air for my main email a/c but use a secondary Gmail a/c on the iPad. I have a few addresses ... (1 Comment)
How to keep dark mode dark on Mac? I like to always use dark mode on my Mac day and night, and have set Dark in Settings/Appearance. Yet too often than not I get the white background in various Apps like Mail, Numbers, Safari, Pages irritating my eyes even at the minimal ... (2 Comments)
I recently purchased a new iMac 24″ with 16GB of memory and 1TB of storage. I am supremely confused regarding the two USB-C and two Thunderbolt ports in the rear of the machine. I am elderly and not too computer savvy. About the most taxing task I do is edit short drone ... (1 Comment)
Can I assign a specific sound to a specific email sender? I am using a iPhone 12 mini + 15.2.1 and I use gmail. I have a specific email for work and I need to be able to get them as soon as they come in. Right now I have to look every time any email comes in. —– How ... (1 Comment)
If I create a sound effect in iMovie can I just grab that one effect and not the whole soundtrack or dialog track? Why I am trying to export a sound I created without importing the entire sound track or dialog track is this. I want to share my sounds individually with a person ... (1 Comment)
I have downloaded from external app a driving duration report. It gives me the values only in for example 01:12 Which would be 1 hour and 12 min. I would like to SUM all the columns to get the monthly driving report in hours, minutes, sec. When I choose in Numbers under ... (4 Comments)
Ever since I upgraded to Monterey, I’m having a terrible time with searches in Mac Mail. It wants to search only the selected mailbox, and I don’t know how to tell it to search all mailboxes. Sometimes when I type in the search window, I see “Search All ... (1 Comment)
Is there any way to select a whole column of cells. Say “Column A” has 200 cells going down to the bottom of the page. Each cell has a different result and different formulas in each cell to get those individual results. I want to select all 200 cells of “Column ... (1 Comment)
I am trying to hide the toolbar in the application TextEdit and I can’t seem to figure out how. There is not a menu bar command for this as far as I can tell and I don’t remember what I did before to get it to hide itself. I am talking about hiding the place where the ... (1 Comment)
I am currently using Apple Pages program to store all my passwords. Pages allows me to assign a password to a file. I hear all the time where some professional password programs are compromised. Is Pages a safe form of protection for my passwords? Thank You and your program in ... (3 Comments)
I’ve had this issue for a while, since one of the Big Sur upgrades and it has persisted with my recent Monterey upgrade. All emails coming into the Inbox are duplicated into the VIP mailbox. If I delete any of them from the VIP mailbox, they are also deleted from the Inbox. I ... (6 Comments)
Question: How do I back up Time Machine backups? Why: Time Machine backups was on an external drive that failed. What I did: I replaced the drive and restarted Time Machine on it. Wanting to not loose months of backups again, I tried copying Time Machine files to another new ... (2 Comments)
Hey Gary, I know that time machine captures files saved in iCloud if storage optimization is turned off. I have created a time machine back up of my m1 MacBook Air but am unable to locate the iCloud files on my time machine backup. Where are these located within the external ... (3 Comments)
I have an external hard disk with 200G, and I connected it to my MacBook Air, to copy all the disk’s files to my iCloud. Upload is taking a long time, of course, but it’s been days and I am not sure about the progress. So I have two questions: 1. How can I know the ... (1 Comment)
I saw your video of how to remove a background in Preview. I do use the Smart Lasso, but I find that in order to get the right color background, I have to cut and paste the image onto that color and then take a screenshot of the whole thing. I note that in your video, the ... (1 Comment)
I have a MacBook Air and use Word and save in Word docx. What I’m trying to figure out is how to organize my open Word docs. When I go to that screen, they are all over the page, different sizes, not in any particular order, and I have to scroll across each one to have the ... (1 Comment)
How to update Apple Mail to suggest the new mailbox for moving thermal too. ie When right/control clicking on an email it suggests Payments 2021 but now it’s 2022 and I have a new mailbox Payments 2022. It seems like it take a 1/2 to 3/4 of the year for it to figure it out. ... (1 Comment)
Can photo glare (in general, but primarily with glasses) be fixed without using full Photoshop program? Any suggested programs for Mac and iPad? Did not find topic addressed in Gary’s library…perhaps a future episode? Comments welcomed…thanks. Have not found ... (1 Comment)