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I am trying to clean up my email folders, sending to the Archive folder things that are old but that I want to keep. Is there a way to make folders inside Mac’s own Archive [folder/file]? I want to create folders inside my Archives in order to organize the emails in it, ... (1 Comment)
\Will it be safe to download SnagIT from this site? https://[***]/en/app/1531095431/techsmith-snagit-2021 I saw this youtube video about Snagit; then checked thabove site. will it be safe to download it from this site? It seems Snagit is not available at appstore? Please let me ... (4 Comments)
I will be buying my first iMac soon. I have never used a wireless keyboard and mouse. That leads me to my 2 questions. My desk is small and I have the Google Wi-Fi (router, with mesh system) very close to where my mouse and keyboard will be. First, will this cause any ... (1 Comment)
How can you copy a Saved Search such as you recently demonstrated from one Mac to another without having to go through the whole process of recreating it on a second Mac? Trying to save time with a long complicated Saved Search. —– Bob Herwick ... (1 Comment)
I am looking at purchasing the new iMac 24 inch, my first Mac computer. I will be setting it up for my wife and myself. I will set up my account when setting up iMac for the first time. After watching your tutorials I know how to set my wife’s user account up, but, I do not ... (5 Comments)
Is it ok to delete backups on Time Machine? I have many that go back several years. I ask this because my Mac had a message that said that the WD that I use had been ejected incorrectly. When I looked at how many files were on it I was surprised. For some reason o thought they ... (5 Comments)
How can I open more than one folder at a time? The purpose is for me to organize the contents of the folders by dragging items to/from these folders while they are opened. —– Joe V ... (3 Comments)
How can I open more than one folder at a time? The purpose is for me to organize the contents of the folders by dragging items to/from these folders while they are opened. —– Joe V ... (2 Comments)
The Desktop Photos folder does not exist under the Library folder. Where is it?I would like to delete a number of useless photos in the desktop and screen saver. There are too many unusable photos in my Desktop Photos and I would like to delete them. —– Peter ... (3 Comments)
I am trying to mirror my iPad to my MacBook Pro 2013. I can’t use Sidecar as it is not compatible. I am trying to mirror my iPad to my MacBook, as I am a teacher and I want to walk in the classroom, using my iPad while its screen is projected onto my MacBook. I have tried ... (1 Comment)
What version of flash player will work with Big Sur ? where to download it ? Because the latest update to Big Sur has erased the Flash Player which is needed to view content online. —– Visi ... (1 Comment)
I would like an app that would beep alerting me to when the CAPS LOCK key is pressed. Doe something exist for this? I hate typing a line or a paragraph and then look at the screen and see it is in all caps when I accidentally hit the caps lock key. —– Hank Chiuppi ... (2 Comments)
When I need to do a presentation (w/o wifi), I always turn off my WiFi and shut off my VPN and my Dropbox and Google Drive programs to conserve battery power during my presentation. My question: Is there a way to set up a macro so that one click will accomplish all of that ... (1 Comment)
Hi Gary, any chance you can do a video on how to select items say for example in photos as I struggle to recall how to click multiple pics that are not in a row or pick like 3in a row then some from another sequence. Just confuses me.. Thanks. struggling to select items in photos ... (1 Comment)
I’m trying to set a daily reminder for only weekdays. I want to set a reminder to go pick up our son at daycare every weekday afternoon. However I cannot find any options to select multiple specific days for repeating reminders. I’ve tried on both my Mac running Big ... (5 Comments)
I have an iMac with connected USB drive(s). I’d like to access these connected drives from my MacBook Air over my home network. Using the MacBook I can connect to folders on the iMac internal drive but can’t seem to connect to the usb drives. “go to server” shows the ... (8 Comments)
How do I add rows in between rows without having go inserting one row at a time? —– James ... (4 Comments)
What app can I use/purchase to edit my photos to create eg art , water-colour look , comic etc on my Mac Book . I kn ow there are apps like this for my iPad but these do not work on a Mac book pro —– Daniela ... (3 Comments)
Choosing share on a file doesn’t allow sharing to reminders. Choosing more shows reminders as selected. I my example the file is a pdf invoice that I want a reminder to pay. —– Miles ... (1 Comment)
How do I set default Finder setting to always open with more than 1 Tab? I am always using multiple Finder tabs at the same time as this is quicker & easier. At the moment I have to manually add the extra tabs I need each time I open Finder but it would be even better if ... (1 Comment)