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I’m learning how to use a recently purchased MacBook Air M1 and have a question about photos. I am using albums to organize my photos. How can I identify the photos that are NOT associated with an album? I am importing photos from an old, no longer used, pc. They are in ... (5 Comments)
How can I open a photo in Preview without it opening in Photos? I want to do some editing that I can only do in Preview. —– Jim Cunningham ... (1 Comment)
You showed the new Apple Mail option coming in Ventura. I was wondering if I would have to have Mail running in background to use the Send Later function? At present I’m using Spark as my default email and have created templates that I schedule during the week which ... (1 Comment)
How to set the iphone to automatically default to speakerphone mode on incoming and outgoing calls. I am usually alone and outside when using the my iPhone 13 (iOS 15.5). I prefer to most always use the speaker on both outgoing and incoming calls. Is there a way to have all calls ... (2 Comments)
I am trying to understand the relationship between the iPhone and my Mac desktop when I have set my phone to ring on, and calls to be controlled from, the iMac. I like this feature because I can use the iMac as a VERY high quality speakerphone, which is very convenient, but I ... (1 Comment)
I would like to rename the files that have time stamp added on the end of the file name. Basically remove last 25 characters before the extension. Examples: IMG523314(2021-12-05-14-51-25_UTC).jpg > IMG523314.jpg Test run1(2021-08-05-11-32-18_UTC).txt > Test run1.txt 25 ... (17 Comments)
I have Mojave OS if I upgrade to newer OS will all my current apps be able to work? I have a legacy version of Adobe Lightroom, that I don’t want to lose. BY THE WAY, many thanks for the workaround. for Instagram. Very excited to continue viewing and using your Forum. ... (2 Comments)
How to change or add a Custom Repeat Interval, i.e., every 90 days in the Reminders and/or Calendar? For vital medications that can not be dispensed sooner than every 90 days. —– BJ ... (2 Comments)
I’m using iMovie 10.3.3 on a MBP running Monterey to edit an MP4 file that was provided to me. The resolution of the file is 1922×804. I created a new iMovie project and then imported the file. When I drag the content from the project media section to the timeline and ... (2 Comments)
Can anyone tell me why my screenshots on Mac Monterey suddenly changed to png instead of jpg and even if I convert them to jpg they don’t show any thumbnail picture now – only the Preview icon? Is there a way to make them appear as jpg again? I sometimes need to take ... (5 Comments)
I am looking for a way to compare the contents of two large folders (multi-terabyte), one of which was copied and pasted to a different external hard drive, to confirm that all the subfolders and files were copied correctly because the copy process was done in stages over time. ... (3 Comments)
Is it possible to print a full month calendar so I can write in appointments and leave it the counter for others to see it? We are currently dealing with a medical situation and need a place to keep track of all the appointments so others can see them. —– Andy ... (2 Comments)
How can I be sure that Live Photos, e. g. a loop photo in the Photos app, is still a loop (a micro video) when I share it in Messages or say Messenger. Do I need to focus on the right file format? A jpeg file cannot show moves, right? It is difficult to control the result once ... (2 Comments)
When I put a date in column A I would like Column C to automatically input a date 28 days later. Is this possible? Thanks. I am trying not to have to go into my calendar app and count 28 days later to input a date in column C when I put my date in column A. —– Trevor ... (5 Comments)
Hello Mr. Gary, I want to ask you a question. How to reset iphone permanently. On my iphone there are files that are “private” and I have moved them to the hard disk. I’ve known on Android, that even if the phone has been deleted and reset, there is still ... (2 Comments)
I missed the shortcut of my desktop folder from the finder. It could be easy to access the desktop through the finder as I showed in my screenshot. Pls follow the following link for illustration Well, when I access the ... (1 Comment)
I have an older Mac desktop and an external hard drive that is formatted for PC with files on it. I want to keep those files but format it for Mac also. Any advice of how to do this is appreciated. My concern is that I do not want to lose the files that are already on the hard ... (1 Comment)
Is there a way to ‘move’ a file from my iMac to my external hard drive without it just ‘copying’ the file over? Sometimes I forget if I already copied the file to the external hard drive, so I end up with more duplicated files than ... (4 Comments)
I am wondering why the Chrome icon in the dock has a number in a white circle with a blue ring. Also my Calendar icon has a number in a red circle … which I know is Siri suggestion, but how do I find what the Siri suggestions are? I want to know what the numbers mean so ... (2 Comments)
How can I manage the my ringtones now that iTunes is gone. I have been experimenting and want to clean out some test ringtones. —– Tom ... (1 Comment)