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I have an n x m table , n (rows) are years, m (cols)are months, values are temperatures. How can I create a vector just containing the values in the correct sequence? E.G In Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1950 x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 ... (3 Comments)
RAW photos are saved to Photos app. If I copy them to a folder or try to edit them in another app such as Luminar Neo the photo is no longer a RAW photo. How can you copy a RAW photo as a RAW photo? I am trying to edit RAW iPhone photos in other processing ... (5 Comments)
Hi Gary – I have just purchased an iPhone 14 Max Pro and wanted to use it as a replacement for my bedside clock as Apple Watch can on its side. But in the sleep focus, to turn the watch display off (I use the watch on now to get sleep information), the screen goes blank. No ... (5 Comments)
Hello there… I want to create an additional account in Photos. For example what I used it for before was I had 100 client photos and I did not want to mix them with mine. Some video I had seen showed me how to create another Photos account that I can use and switch back ... (2 Comments)
I am trying to delete multiple text messages at one time (i.e., I’m referring to multiple separate messages from different senders, not multiple messages within a single conversation stream). Pressing CTRL doesn’t allow me to select multiple separate messages ... (4 Comments)
I type the French name “Thérèse” frequently in documents, emails, etc, with the text set for English. If I type “Therese” it doesn’t come up with a spelling correction, so both forms are in the dictionary. How can I type the French version without ... (1 Comment)
I need an app to shorten music. Something very easy and simple since I am not high tech. I used the app “Audacity” before, but now it does not work on Monterey. . I am desperate since I teach dance classes and need to shorten the music. —– Lola Miller ... (1 Comment)
How can I collapse (group) a couple of selected rows – not all – with a “button” in Numbers? This is similar to Excel’s Group button. I tried through Categories, but appears to work only with all rows. I appreciate and value your knowledge and ... (2 Comments)
Is it possible to create a shortcut to save a file in Finder to the Desktop? This would save me time, because the only way I know how to do this at the moment is by drag & drop, but I routinely have many apps open so that always means minimising or reducing the screen of ... (2 Comments)
I’ve noticed when using a single network external drive to back up multiple Macs wirelessly to the same drive, as I currently do with my family, the file type is “bundle” and can’t really be looked inside…it’s mystery file. But when I use time ... (1 Comment)
I have a car company I have 24 cars. Car A, B, C, D, E, etc I wash two cars a day. I don’t want to wash a car that I washed 7 days ago or earlier So for instance, I wash car A today. That car should not been washed yesterday. I need Numbers (spreadsheet) to help me notify ... (1 Comment)
If I tag a file and give it “Red” Tag, Is there any way that i can search for any files with a red tag ? —– Ron P ... (1 Comment)
what is a good free zip program to use on Mac just looking for a good free zip program to use to unzip my embroidery files —– PATRICIA DAVIS ... (3 Comments)
Hello Mr. Gary, I want to ask you a question. How to reset macbook permanently. On my macbook there are files that are “private” and I have moved them to the hard disk. I’ve known on Windows OS, that even if the computer has been deleted and reset, there is still some way ... (4 Comments)
In Mac Text Edit: Is there a way to prevent the automatic insertion of current date and time when printing the list? I would prefer that the date and time of the printing of a Text Edit page did not appear. —– Gary Tanner ... (2 Comments)
I’ve created a few custom stations on Apple Music but can’t seem to find them other than recently played. Anyone know if they show up under “my stations” anywhere? Thanks in advance for any help Trying to create several custom radio stations on Apple ... (1 Comment)
Do I need a “Download Manager”? Or is Safari sufficiently robust for larger file downloads? In an electronic magazine to which I subscribe, a recent article described the need for “Download Manager” software for Windows and Mac users. I don’t ... (4 Comments)
I would like to open Photos, select any photo and set it as my desktop. Why can’t I do this? I want to open my Photos Library and easily select a photo as desktop wallpaper. That’s all. —– Greg ... (1 Comment)
I want to add an additional name to my email address current I use on all my aliases but wish to have how do I do that? It’s because I have married and wish to take my wife’s name. —– Barry Welsford ... (1 Comment)
I am trying to make a copy of my Photos on my MacBook to an external device (i.e. hard drive, Microsoft OneDrive or flash drive). I have tried copying the photo and also exporting it within the Photos app but either way the photo it is converted from the HEIC to JPEG format. For ... (2 Comments)