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I would like to ‘password protect’ a TextEdit document on my Mac. I have a TextEdit document that contains sensative personnel information. I want to ‘password protect’ it on my Mac, so that only I can open it. —– Vince Smith ... (1 Comment)
How do I move a file to a different position within a folder? I keep a Turbo tax and a PDF copy of each years taxes in my Turbo tax Folder and in one instance they are seperated by several other files —– Frank McCarthy ... (2 Comments)
* What is the keyboard shortcut for 1/2? * What is the keyboard shortcut for 3/4? * What is the keyboard shortcut for the symbol ‘divide’? * What is the keyboard shortcut for the symbol ‘degrees.’ as in degrees Fahrenheit? —– Florina ... (1 Comment)
I had asked you some questions earlier about using Mac passwords off a a video you had recently done. You suggested that I review your security class on Udemy. Well I did as you suggested and would absolutely believe that it is the first course that any new Mac owner must ... (1 Comment)
Hi…I am copying files to an external drive. I pressed something on the keyboard and the progress bar window has disappeared. now I can’t tell the progress —– Judy ... (1 Comment)
I’m trying to type a quotation mark, “, but it keeps coming up as a small ... (2 Comments)
If possible, how to, enable similar to: Reader function in Mac Safari, in Mac Mail? To obtain the Mac Reader function, less strain of my eyes —– Beff ... (2 Comments)
On a recent Mac Power Users podcast, they said when using iCloud to store your files, you should right click on a folder and select “Download All” to ensure that the files in folder are all downloaded to the Mac as well as also being in iCloud. But when I right click ... (1 Comment)
What is an easy way of entering fractions? I’ve searched every resource and haven’t found an answer… Thanks in advance! 😊 —– Ron ... (1 Comment)
Greetings, I’m a newbie to the macOS as a long-time user of Windows. I have been watching your youtube videos, during the time when my device was still shipping to at least prep myself for the new OS that I’ll be using, and I can’t quite recall if it was from ... (1 Comment)
I have four devices (1 iphone, 2 ipads, 1 iMac) all of them using one mobile phone number, the one of the iphone. If my son wants to establish a facetime session he may want to be connected to one of my devices and not to all others. Is there a way to do this? (Maybe something ... (2 Comments)
I am a new MacBook Air (Intel) owner and this function I’m trying to fix is my machine automatically re-opening all previously opened apps & services from last session, when I’d rather start from all closed & open manually. I recall this was a prompt ... (6 Comments)
I have a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro and I’m using an external keyboard with a numberpad (Keychron K1). I’m trying to take a snip screenshot with shift+command+4 but the shortcut only works with the “4” key located above the letter keys and not the numberpad ... (1 Comment)
I haven’t had to move Favorites around in Safari in a long time. I forget how to create favorites folders and move bookmarks around in them. Can you send some guidance. Ken Manage bookmarks ( have accumulated to many and would like to reorganize favorites and ... (4 Comments)
Have a keyboard shortcut for subscript and superscript which will work in any text-based app, including Microsoft Word, Open Office etc. Mainly to write chemical symbols – carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, isotopes of elements, some maths and statistics ... (1 Comment)
How do I get the Apple Pay verification prompt to choose a different iOS / iPad device. I have 4 iOS/iPadOS devices. I usually only have one with me all the time, my iPhone 12 Pro. I try to use Apple Pay whenever I can. In Safari, on the Mac, when I make a purchase with Apple ... (1 Comment)
I created a template and saved it in Numbers in the My Template folder. I subsequently decided to abbreviate the column headings which are the months of the year, but when, for example, I select the heading ‘January’ and change it to ‘Jan’ it reverts to ‘January’ when ... (2 Comments)
Create a keyboard shortcut for exporting vCards? I have tried about 30+ different combos suggested on apple tech support page with no success. I will be exporting a lot of vCards for backup and sharing with another computer. —– Robert ... (2 Comments)
I am trying to edit a Pdf file on my Mac. Wanted to know what was the best program to use to edit documents, for erasing and putting in different numbers? —– Adriano ... (7 Comments)
Hello. Would be remise if I didn’t first mention how much I’ve benefited from you posts. Thank you. My situation deals with iCloud vs. Documents for where to place my Word and Excel docs. I purchased an iPad to use for work in tandem with my Mac. When I needed remote ... (2 Comments)