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I am trying to add a priority to a message. I know how to simply use the menu item Message, Set Priority. I would like to “set visible header fields” but can’t figure out how to do that. —– Brendalyn ... (1 Comment)
Mac Numbers version 5.1 (Yosemite) I just need a simple formula that will highlight a cell based on the difference between two other cells. Cell N9 would “fill” if P17>J17. I would adapt the formula to fit the other cells in column N. Example: N1 would fill if ... (8 Comments)
Hi Gary, this is most annoying… every time my iPhone rings, my iPad rings also, and, interrupts any program I’m running at that time. Being a musician, I read charts on my gigs. I also get a lot of robot calls and soliciting calls. If my iPhone rings while I’m ... (2 Comments)
I have a program loaded called: CleanMyMac 3 on my 2009 iMac, running High Sierra, and I’m not sure if I should be using this to clean files from my hard drive? Thank you for any help you can give me on this. Joe —– Joseph Innamorato ... (1 Comment)
Please, I want to know how to transfer, through a wireless network, a folder containing several photos, from a computer with a Windows System to a MacBook Pro 15″, with macOS Mojave, Version 10.14.5. Thank you for your help. —– José Augusto Macedo do Couto ... (4 Comments)
I just upgraded from El Capitan to Mojave on my Mac. Since then, I’ve lost the ability to use the right shift key on keyboard to display all open apps. —– TheTrainRev ... (1 Comment)
I’m using Mojave 10.14.4, Numbers v.6.0. I can make the text in the Table large, but when the formula comes up the text size is small. This is where I can easily have a typo. Is there a way to increase the size of the text in the formula field. I guess I could use the zoom ... (1 Comment)
I used to have the large Apple keyboard and there was an “Enter” key on the numeral keypad. I now have the small keyboard and wonder if there is an equivalent keystroke to use. —– Jack Weibel ... (2 Comments)
I want to copy a photo from an email newsletter and send it to someone. I made a screenshot, but it won’t copy onto a Word doc or an iMessage. also, I don’t know how to view my clipboard. It’s not on the LaunchPad. and spotlight sent me right to ... (2 Comments)
I’m thinking about the pros and cons of Apple’s iCloud Keychain. If I enable it and start using the Safari suggested passwords, then decide after using the system that I want to try a different Password Manager, and disable Keychain, do you know what passwords would ... (3 Comments)
When i take a foto from a picture with a frame (eg in a museum) it happens that during capturing the lens is not exactly on the level of the center of the picture. This skews the resulting photo. The corners are not square and the borders not parallel. Can I correct that with the ... (2 Comments)
How do I create a formula in Numbers to convert inches to feet and inches. For example, I could enter 28 in a cell and the next cell would give 2′ 4″. —– Jean-Claude ... (3 Comments)
I have formatted the column for date to today. Now when the day changes, the date also changes to the next day in all the cells that I had filled for the previous day Is there a way to prevent this ? —– Vikram kumar ... (1 Comment)
I want to send detailed invoice generated in numbers to my clients. Is it possible to do it directly from the Numbers app? —– Vikram kumar ... (3 Comments)
I am a disabled user and even though I can type (slowly) I use this with my mouse to play on a Minecraft roleplaying server where there is an extraordinary amount of things to be typed. I have an entire panel just for the server. However, I am not sure how to activate the Spoken ... (3 Comments)
If there is a pail or pole in the photo and it ruins the shot, can I get rid of it without having to buy another editing program? —– Neil ... (1 Comment)
How do I enlarge the print size of incoming emails? —– Art Hooks ... (3 Comments)
My iMovie recently updated and I can no longer access my photos or videos from the side bar. Some show up there in “years” of some old albums but recent photos/videos are no longer in the project/media screen. I know I can drag photos/videos to my desk top and then ... (2 Comments)
I have all of my media on my external Seagate drive. I can’t get iTunes on my iMac to “see” the media. I’ve tried to redirect iTunes to the drive but I can’t make it play the music, movies or tv shows. It used to work but I screwed it up some way. I ... (4 Comments)
I have a new 27″ iMac coming in 2 weeks with a 3TB Fusion Drive. My current iMac has a 1TB drive that is 85% full and an external G-drive, 2TB, that is 70% full. Together they are ~2.1TB of data. Both drives are backed up to a new WD Passport 4TB via Time Machine. I have ... (2 Comments)