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I am trying to show with a formula in a collumn the corresponding values of 2 other values from another collumn An update concerning my previous question about this topic. My database is about tables that has codes that corresponds/translates with a name/title. In some ... (1 Comment)
I have a Mac-Mini running Catalina. This system was provided to me so that I can test a recently developed utility for some custom hardware I have designed. My customer wants me to verify that this utility works in Big Sur and Monterey. I can see that it is pretty ... (1 Comment)
How do I switch apps in stage manager using keyboard? Should be self-explanatory. I am trying to learn, by practice, the keyboard shortcuts for macOS Ventura and apps I use most frequently (Notes, Safari, Calendar, etc.) —– Will Carter ... (1 Comment)
HI, I am trying to transfer files (original music) for a friend from a Tascam DP-03 digital recorder to a new MacBook Air M2. I connected them via rca out of the Tascam to usb on the MacBook. I was told someone else had previously done this for him, exactly this way, on a ... (1 Comment)
I have several Folders containing lots of info on subjects I no longer use but want to keep for possible referral to in the future. Is there a way to ‘separate’ these folders so that are not included when doing a search? The items in these folders contain a lot of ... (1 Comment)
I wish to create a keyboard shortcut that will select “Export To” and then “PDF…” from the resulting drop down menu. Is there a way to do that? I often save Pages documents as PDF files and then share them via email with people who don’t have ... (2 Comments)
I’m trying to get organised. (Yeah, right!) Will be making way more photos and videos in the future, but have loads already. I have dedicated two external hard drives to photos and videos, one to each. And two internal folders, photos and videos. What I would like to do, is ... (3 Comments)
As Apple has made lots of improvements to iCloud storage, has anyone who currently uses (or has formerly used) Dropbox pivoted to using only iCloud in the same capacity? If so what are the pros and cons? I have been a long time user of Dropbox but over the last few years I see it ... (6 Comments)
I’m trying to order groceries online using the Giant Food Stores app. Recently I’m not able to get into the app and select my groceries. The Giant Food Stores app appears, however, my account does not load. I see white rectangles on the spaces where item’s ... (5 Comments)
I would like to make a letterhead template that has the letterhead header only on page 1, but the footer is on all following pages, no matter how many pages I create. So it would be a word processing doc, I think, so that the text flows from page to page. The problem I hit is ... (3 Comments)
I have been using the Photos app, but not using iCloud Photo. I have my System Photo Library, and I also have an “archive” photo library that includes older photos on an external drive. When necessary to use an older photo, I choose the archive library with the Option ... (2 Comments)
A leftie in search of a mouse for my iMac. Not a gamer. Suggestions? My old Microsoft Optical Intellimouse is malfunctioning. Seek a good alternative. Must work with left hand. —– Will ... (2 Comments)
Everyday I change two settings in my Preferences, and I’m trying to find a way to make those settings on setup, something I can use a shortcut for. For work, I use a Mac to remote in to a PC, and as a result, everyday, I go into my System Preferences and change two things. ... (1 Comment)
I have a 75-page document, and all I want to do is to add a blank page directly under page 6 and another blank page under page 18. How do I add a blank page directly under any of the present pages on Mac? —– Theo Chambers ... (3 Comments)
I am having trouble automatically sending junk mail to the trash. Junk filtering seems to work, but whether I use a RULE before or after Junk mail filtering, nothing seems to work and I have to manually delete JUNK mail that has been moved by Mac Mail to the JUNK folder. I have ... (3 Comments)
I have saved a lot of files and folders on iCloud. In some folders , I also have saved a lot of emails as .eml These emails I can easily access in MacBook or Mac. But the same emails are not accessible on iPhone or iPad. The folder ( in which the emails are saved ) shows that ... (2 Comments)
I want to convert a pdf file using preview to text. The way I’m receiving it is in picture format, evidently being scanned in that way then posted. Please help. Thank you for all you do. I am receiving a PDF file in picture format, in other words, I cannot do a key word ... (2 Comments)
I have multiple HD listed on my iMac disk utility and can’t figure out why? Any suggestions?? It looks like they are separate drives but I don’t have any external drives listed like this. Could they be separate partitions? They showed up without, to my knowledge, me ... (2 Comments)
When I lock my screen, or select sleep, why does a virtual keyboard appear on my screen when I attempt to resume working on my computer? The only option I have is to use the mouse and type my login password. I cannot use the laptop keyboard or my wireless keyboard. This is a ... (6 Comments)
When it comes to Thunderbolt (TB) docks for Macbooks, which is better? Dock with HDMI connectors or Docks with DisplayPort (DP) connectors? I read somewhere a long time ago that since Mac natively uses DisplayPort protocol internally over the Thunderbolt cables, it is better. For ... (3 Comments)