Comments and Forum Posts
Forum posts and comments at MacMost.com, MacMost’s YouTube channel and any other place where MacMost controls the comments will be deleted for the following reasons: profanity, personal attacks, rudeness, advocating software piracy, straying off topic from the video or post, not asking a relevant question or providing relevant information, promoting a product or Web site, or anything that makes the comment inappropriate or irrelevant. Even the most interesting on-topic comment will be deleted if it is rude, or contains one word commonly thought of as unacceptable for all audiences.

In general, MacMost does not review products, but instead features and recommends products that are worthy of attention. When a product is reviewed and is found to not be useful or worthwhile, it is simply not recommended. Notable exceptions are products made by Apple itself. MacMost will review and express both positive and negative opinions about Apple hardware and software.
Occasionally companies will send MacMost free samples of products for review. Whether a product was purchased by MacMost or was given to MacMost will not affect whether it becomes a recommended product.
For instance, we receive numerous review codes for iPhone apps every week, and we try to look at them all. They get mixed in with apps that we purchase as well. We only recommend ones we like, regardless of how we obtained the app.

Privacy and Email Policy
We respect your privacy. We will NEVER sell, rent or share your email address. That’s more than a policy, it’s our personal guarantee!
MacMost is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of its users. We do not collect information for any marketing purposes at all. Email addresses are not collected at MacMost.com and any email addresses obtained through correspondance or by subscribing to the email newsletter are not used for any other purpose.
We do not require registration at MacMost.com to post forum questions or comments. However, you naturally need to provide your email address to receive our email newsletter. We do not resell or redistribute these email addresses to third parties. The email addresses provided are for the sole purpose of sending out our regular newsletter and any special editions of the newsletter.
If you contact MacMost through our form or by email we will naturally know your email address from that communication. We do not add that address to any list or redistribute it in any way.

Linking To Our Videos
You may freely link to our videos. A normal link, with no tricky IFRAME embedding, please. Please link to the video at the MacMost.com web site, not at YouTube or any video sharing site.

Posting Videos on Other Sites
The videos in our YouTube channel allow for embedding on other sites. So if you would like to use one of our videos on your site, just embed the YouTube version. However, we do ask that you follow these rules:

  1. Please do not use more than a handful of our videos on your site. Otherwise it will simply look like you are creating a site that rips off our content, and we’re sure you don’t want that.
  2. Only place the videos on sites where they are relevant. Don’t use them to fill up a spammy site with random content.
  3. Place a link from your site back to the page at MacMost.com where the original video is posted.
  4. Do not charge to watch the videos or view the pages with our videos. They are free to watch, so don’t try to trick people into paying for them.
  5. If, for some reason, we find there is an issue with your site or how you are using our videos, we ask that you comply with our requests to remove them.

Translating Our Videos
From time to time we get requests to translate our videos into other languages. You may do so and post them to a web site so long as you follow these rules:

  1. Do not alter the video content in any way other than placing subtitles over the video. Do not trim off the beginning or end or add something to the beginning or end.
  2. You can replace the audio with your own audio if you are doing the translation that way.
  3. Do not try to claim credit for the videos other than credit for doing the translation.
  4. Do not post the videos to YouTube or any other video sharing service.
  5. Follow the basic rules from the Posting Videos on Other Sites section above: only a handful of videos, include a link to the original, do not charge money, respect our requests to stop.

Further Policies
Check back here for any new policies. We will try to address issues and trends as they arise.