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10 More New Things To Try On Your Mac In macOS Monterey
After installing macOS Monterey, here are 10 more new features to check out. Use FaceTime links to add non-Apple friends, include two-factor codes with passwords, swap out Split View apps, customize the mouse pointer, and much more.
How To Use the New Focus Modes On Your Mac
One of the best new features in macOS Monterey is Focus. You can now have multiple custom Do Not Disturb modes and easily switch between them. You can also set these modes to automatically start based on time, location or which app you are using.
10 New Things To Try On Your Mac In macOS Monterey
After installing macOS Monterey, here are 10 new features to check out. Use Focus to set up custom Do Not Disturb modes, add tags in Notes, grab text from images, show the menu bar in Full Screen mode, AirPlay audio and video to your Mac, and much more.
Productivity Series: Multiple Screens and Desktops
I use two displays with my desktop Mac, plus a specific set of desktops set up to show some apps in specific spaces. See if any of my techniques will help you be more productive on your Mac.
Creating a Music Visualizer In Apple Motion

You can use Apple Motion to create motion graphics that react to audio. In this example I'll show you how to have a circle scale to the beat, a visual equalizer effect, and a waveform effect. You can take these and export them to use in iMovie and other video editors.

Setting Up Automatic Two-Factor Code In Safari
Safari 15 allows you to save a key and get two-factor codes for Google and many other services. This allows you to not only fill in IDs and passwords for sites, but the two-factor verification code as well. No need to pull out your iPhone or use another app.
How To Access the Dictionary On Your iPhone
There is a Dictionary built in to your iPhone. Several in fact. But you won't find a separate app to access them. Instead, you can use text selection, Spotlight search or Siri to access the definitions. You can also search the web or get a dedicated third-party dictionary app.
Creating Direct Links To Your iPhone Settings

If you know some hidden codes, you can set up Home Screen icons to take you right to screens in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to use the Shortcuts app to set this up.

New MacBook Pros With M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips
Apple announced two new high-end MacBook Pro models today. These contain new processor chips, the M1 Pro and M1 Max, which are more powerful than the initial M1 Apple Silicon chips. The models also feature new displays with a camera notch, no Touch Bar and a new camera. Apple also announced the new 3rd-generation AirPods and the release date for macOS Monterey (Oct 25).
Productivity Series: Uses For Calendar
Take a look at how I use the Calendar app. I primarily only use two calendars for everything. I also subscribe to some useful calendars. I'll show you some other Calendar tips as well.
Align Text Perfectly With Tabs In Pages
Using lots of spaces isn't the right way to line up items in Pages or any word processor. Instead, use tabs. Tabs allow you to have columns of information that perfectly line up on each line. You can also have a character or underline fill the space which can be useful to create professional-looking forms.
Search Sites Directly With Safari Quick Website Search
Learn how to use Quick Website Search on your Mac, iPhone and iPad to skip search engines and get results directly from your favorite websites. This saves time and increases privacy.
Mac Numbers: New Filter Options
Numbers version 11.2 adds the ability to filter by unique values, fin duplicates and distinct values. Quick filters are also improved with a more comprehensive checkbox system. Learn how to search for duplicates that include several columns with a function.
The Surprisingly Robust Photos Import Feature
When you import photos from a camera or card into the Mac Photos app, you can choose to skip duplicates and place photos directly into an album. But you can also use this powerful feature when just importing files as well.
Using the Application Windows Feature (Expose) On a Mac
With Application Windows, also called Exposé, you can see all of the windows in use by an app and switch to one. You can also switch to recently-opened documents, or switch to a window in another app entirely.
Productivity Series: Uses For Notes
Check out some of the things I use the Notes app for, and share some suggestions for other types of Notes you find useful.
MacMost Live: Working With Pivot Tables In Numbers

Watch as I take an in-depth look at using the new pivot tables feature in Mac Numbers. Learn how pivot tables can be useful for visualizing data and lots of tips and tricks.

How To Create and Share Public Calendars From Your Mac
You can create a calendar like a work, organization or team schedule on your Mac, and then publish it using iCloud so others can view it. Calendar apps on other platforms can subscribe to the calendar although some may not show updates in a timely manner.
10 Mac Features That Will Save You Time
Here are 10 features of macOS that will save you time if you use them. Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts, Hot Corners, autocomplete, dictation, Recents and more.
Using Live Video in Mac Keynote
A new feature in Keynote 11.2 is the ability to show a live video feed on your slides. You can use this to show yourself or something you are demonstrating on your presentation screen. You can also show an iPhone or iPad and when you record your presentation the video is included and ready for export.