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Using Photos Memories On Your Mac
Your Photos app on your Mac will occasionally suggest groups of photos to view as Memories. You can view the photos in the Memory, or watch it as a slideshow. You can also save Memories and let Photos know if you'd like to see fewer memories like the one you are viewing.
How To Do an L-Cut and J-Cut With iMovie
To make the audio in your iMovie projects better, try keeping the audio from a previous clip around for a short time while the next clip starts. You can also have the audio from the next clip start while still showing the previous one.
10 Ways To Customize Mac Mail
Mail is one of the most customizable apps that comes with macOS. You can change how you view your list of email, access mailboxes, read messages and much more.
Mac Basics: Using Modifier Keys
The modifier keys on your Mac keyboard are the Command, Option, Control, Shift and fn keys. You use them for keyboard shortcuts and other functions. Since they differ from Windows modifier keys, it can take new Mac users time to learn how to use them.
Creating Template Files For Any App On Your Mac
You can turn a regular file into a template file using the Stationery Pad or Locked file attributes. This lets you start a new file with the content in an existing file, but insures that you don't accidentally overwrite the template.
Mac Basics: Switching Apps
You can switch between apps in several ways, including doing the same thing you do to launch apps. The App Switcher, however, is the primary way to get from one running app to another.
Importing and Exporting Contacts On a Mac
Exporting contacts from the Contacts app to a spreadsheet may seem impossible until you learn one simple trick. You can also export a spreadsheet to a CSV format and import contacts into the app.
Get the Most From Safari With the Favorites Bar
The Favorites Bar allows you to have links easily accessible right at the top of your Safari window. You can also add folders to pack in even more links. The links and folders have special features if you use the context menus or modifier keys.
Mac Basics: Using the Trash To Delete Files
The Trash, also called the Bin, on your Mac is how you delete files. You can also recover files from the Trash, skip the Trash, and set it to automatically delete files after a period of time.
Proper Use of Header and Footer Cells In Numbers
Header and Footer rows and columns have special properties in Mac Numbers. They label the cells in the body of a table, and also exclude themselves from calculations. You can scroll and print with better results using headers too.
Playing Classic Games On Your Mac

If you miss the games from the arcades of the 80s, or the classic Mac, Apple II or other systems, you can still play a lot of them on your Mac today. They are free and you don't even need to install anything.

What New Things To Expect From Apple In 2021
In 2021 we can expect more Apple Silicon Macs, new iPads and iPhones, and perhaps some surprises as well.
Create Custom Video Text Captions For iMovie With Keynote
While iMovie's title options are limited, you can create almost any sort of text caption with animation in Keynote and then easily apply it to your iMovie project.
Mac Basics: How To Rename Files
There are many ways to rename a file or folder on your Mac. You can do it in the Finder with a menu bar command, a keyboard shortcut or the context menu. You can also rename files while working on them in apps. There are also options to batch rename multiple files.
10 Quick and Easy iPhone Shortcuts
iPhone Shortcuts don't have to be long and complicated. Here are 10 one or two-action shortcuts that are easy to build and very useful. Also learn a good way to launch these from your Home screen.
Build an Automator Quick Action To Snooze Email
Want to clear your inbox but need to set reminders to get back to email messages later on? You can use this Automator Quick Action to set a reminder with a mink to the message and then archive the message.
Mac Basics: Copy and Paste
Copy and Paste is a basic Mac skill. But looking deeper you can also cut and paste, copy multiple items, copy text and images between apps, attach images to emails and messages, copy and paste in the Finder, and even get a clipboard manager to take it to the next level.
15 Ways To Speed Up Safari
Safari should be fast as loading and displaying web pages on your Mac. If it is slow, here are 15 things you can try to fix the problem.
Last Name Sort In Mac Numbers
The latest versions of Numbers make it much easier to sort by last name, even if the data includes only full names. The new functions TEXTBEFORE, TEXTAFTER and COUNTMATCHES allow you to put last name before the first name. You can also use REGEX to do it with an even shorter formula.
Mac Basics: Learning To Use Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are one of the primary productivity tools on your Mac. You can discover shortcuts by looking in the Menu Bar and in System Preferences. You can also create your own.