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How To Capture Any Text From Your Screen On Mac, iPhone or iPad
Sometimes it can be difficult or impossible to select text to copy from a web page or image. But you can use Live Text or take a screenshot and copy text from that instead.
10 Ways To Make Text Larger On Web Pages
If text on a web page looks too small for you, you have many different options to make the text larger and the page easier to read.
iOS 18 Home Screen, Control Center and Lock Screen Changes Coming To Your iPhone
When iOS 18 comes out this fall you'll be able to put app icons wherever you want, tint your Home Screen, lock apps, add tons of controls to Control Center, and even change the buttons on the Lock Screen.
Understanding How Your Photos Are Stored in Your Mac Photos App
When you store photos in the Photos app, they become part of your Photos Library. But you can also create albums to view your photos in a different way. What exactly happens when you put a photo from your Library in an album?
macOS Sequoia Window Tiling Preview
Window management is coming to macOS in Sequoia later this year. See how it looks and works so far in the early beta version. You can easily move windows to the left, right, top and bottom, in quarters and more. You have many ways to access these new window management features.
What's Coming In macOS Sequoia
macOS Sequoia is coming this fall. Here's a look at the first new features in the initial beta release. We're going to get window tiling, highlighting and math in Notes, a Passwords app, send later in Messages and much more. There will be more features, including AI, coming later this summer.
Right Click On a MacBook Trackpad
If you have a MacBook or a Mac with a Magic trackpad, there is no right button for you to press. But you can still right click using a variety of different techniques.
How To Select Noncontiguous Text in Pages and Other Apps
You can now make noncontiguous text selections in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Learn how to use this new feature and some possible uses including an interesting way to make noncontiguous pastes.
Why Your MacBook Battery Drains Fast
If you feel your MacBook battery drains too fast, there is probably something you can do about it. First check out a graph that shows you the battery drain over time. Then use various techniques to figure out which app is the problem. You can even figure out if it is a specific web site you are visiting that is causing the issue.
Do Not Use Keyboard Covers Or Camera Covers With Your MacBook
Those thin keyboard covers you can get for your MacBook may look like a good idea, but they can break your MacBook. Also avoid camera covers and screen protectors.
Windows Menus Vs the Mac Menu Bar
When switch to Mac from Windows, or needing to use both, the major differences between how the similar-looking menu bars on these two operating systems is important to understand.
Learn To Talk About Your Mac by Knowing the Right Technical Terms
When talking about your Mac and other Apple products it is often important to use the right terms in order to communicate and get help or discuss ideas. Learn the different between the pointer and cursor, battery life and longevity, memory and storage. Learn how to correctly identify which Mac you have and which version of the operating system it is using.
Custom Sort Order In Numbers
While it is easy to sort by numerical or alphabetical values, there is no simple way to sort with a custom order like High, Medium and Low. But you can use simple SEARCH or MATCH formulas to do a custom sort if you need it.
Searching the Text Of a Web Page
When searching for information online you may not get your answer right away when you get to a web page. Instead of reading the whole page you can search for text within a page to quickly find what you want. Here's how to search for text on a web page on the Mac in Safari and on the iPhone.
Stolen iPhone Messaging Scams
If you lost your iPhone, it may have been stolen and your troubles may not be over. Because your iPhone is locked down by Apple security, you may now be contacted by a scammer looking to trick you into unlocking it for them.
How To Translate Text On Your iPhone
There are a variety of ways to translate text between languages on your iPhone. You can select and translate in almost any app, including text you write. You can also translate text inside photos and spoken text in a special built-in app.
How To Translate Text On Your Mac
Your Mac has a built-in translation feature that works almost anywhere. You can translate text to read it, or to aid in communication. You can even translate text embedded into photos.
How To Save Photos From Apple Messages
If the data in your Messages app is taking too much space on your Mac, iPhone or in iCloud, then you should clear out old photos and videos in conversations. You can do this in the Messages apps, but also in Settings. Then be sure to save and delete photos as you get them moving forward.
Mac Typing and Editing Keyboard Shortcuts
Using the arrow and modifier keys will let you efficiently write and edit on your Mac without needing to take your hand off the keyboard to use a mouse or trackpad.
Learn How To Edit Your Pictures In Mac Photos In 5 Minutes
Here's a quick start guide to using the Photos app to edit your pictures. You can straighten, crop, adjust light and colors, fix problems and add filters.