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Creating a Photo Collage In Freeform
You can easily create fun photo collages using the Freeform app on your Mac. Just drag and drop images from the Photos app or files and position them as you like. You can add text and more. Then copy and paste or export to share.
10 Common Internet Scams and How To Avoid Them
The best way to protect yourself from online scams is to understand how they work. Learn about these 10 common Internet scams and talk about them with your friends and family before it is too late.
How To Sort Files in the Finder on a Mac
To get the most from the Mac Finder you should know how to quickly sort your files in the Finder window. Learn how to do it in the various Finder views and some tips and tricks.
What Are HEIC Files?
By default your iPhone saves photos as HEIC files. These are compressed images, like JPEG files, but will use less space on your iPhone, Mac and iCloud. You can easily convert these to JPEG files when you need to. Your iPhone also saves video files in HEVC format.
Can I Use a Different Power Adapter To Charge My iPhone, iPad or MacBook?
You can use almost any USB charger with your MacBook, iPhone or iPad. If the charger doesn't provide enough power your device may charge slowly. But a higher-powered device won't hurt. Quality does matter though, in how longer a charger will last before it may break.
How To Back Up Your Apple Notes
If you store important information in your Notes app, you'll want to make sure it is backed up. Since notes are stored as a database, not individual files, you'll need to use multiple methods to insure you can recover information in different situations.
How To Create New Folders On Your Mac
You can create new folders as you like on your Mac's storage drive. There are a variety of ways to create a new folder. Think about how you want to organize your files and create new folders to fit your needs.
7 Ways To Use the Help Menu
Don't overlook the Help menu in the Mac Menu Bar. It can not only take you to detailed documentation about the app you are using, but can also be used as a way to find Menu Bar items and control the current app with only the keyboard.
Using Smart Folders In Mac Notes
Smart Folders are a great way to help you organize your notes in the Notes app. You can use Smart Folders with tags to create your own system to find notes.
Using Links in Mac Numbers
You can use links in a Numbers document to link between sheets, start email messages and phone calls, and also link to web pages. You can also use the HYPERLINK function to create dynamic links with values from other cells.
15 Mac Settings To Make Your Mac More Secure
Here are some settings you may want to check out if you are concerned about security on your Mac. Not all of these are necessary, but you may want to consider them.
10 Places You Can Use Quick Look To Preview Files
Quick Look is a handy way to preview a file in the Finder before you use it. But you can also use Quick Look in Open and Import dialogs, Spotlight, inside apps and other places.
Shortcuts To Help You Organize Your Files
You can use Shortcuts to move files based on choices, file names or locations. Check out these three ideas for Shortcuts apps that will help you stay organized.
13 Tips For Getting the Most From the Safari Sidebar
The Safari Sidebar is a useful tool for quick access to tabs, bookmarks, your reading list and more. You can activate it in a variety of ways and there are hidden features as well.
Using a Green Screen With Your Mac
It is cheap and easy to use a green screen to make videos with your Mac in iMovie. A green screen can also help you improve the quality of your online meeting video.
21 Things You Can Do With Images In Preview
A lot of common tasks you need to do with images can be done with the Mac's built-in Preview app. Learn how to crop, resize, compress, convert, caption and much more.
Common Misconceptions About the Desktop
New Mac users often have trouble understanding the concept of the Desktop because the term is used to describe a variety of things. Understanding the difference between THE Desktop, the Desktop FOLDER and Desktop SPACES, and how the three are related, is an important step to understanding how to use your Mac.
ClipTools: The New Clip Manager Window
Version 1.4 of ClipTools adds the Clip Manager. This window allows you to manage, use and even edit your clips, saved clips and Smart Clips. It is the most powerful update to ClipTools since it launched.
How To Choose Which App Will Open a File On Your Mac
When you double-click a file it opens in the default app for that file. But you can choose to open many files with another app such as a different image or text editor. Learn many ways how to select which app opens a file and how to change the default app for that file.
Why Does Apple Add New Emoji?
New emoji characters are coming to the Mac. But why does Apple put in the effort to add new emoji when there are others things that are more important?