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10 Weird Apple Products From the Past
Many of Apple's most interesting products are no longer around. Some of these devices pioneered entire classes of computers and peripherals.
How To Block Spam Calls On an iPhone
There's no perfect way to block all unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone. But you can use some apps, blocking and a built-in feature on your iPhone to reduce the time you have to deal with them to almost nothing.
10 Useful Things To Add To the Mac Dock
You can add custom items to the right side of the Dock in macOS. Here are 10 examples of useful things that you can add to make it easier to access apps, files, and more.
Apple Event: New iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch
Apple announced the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max today at a special event. These new phones feature upgraded cameras, processor and more. A new base-model iPad was also announced, and a redesigned iPad mini that looks more like the iPad Pro line. The new Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger display and is more durable.
How To Adjust Margins In Mac Pages
Learn how to adjust the margins for Pages documents and what document margins really affect. Margins never restrict objects you place, so you can treat them as guidelines not restrictions in most cases.
The Completely Free Artist Toolkit For Mac
Here are five great Mac apps for artists that are completely free. No trials or in-app purchases. If you want to edit images, draw vector graphics, edit audio or work with 3D, check out these apps that all have a proven track record and many years of development.
How To Disable Command+Q On a Mac
If you find sometimes you accidentally press Command+Q and quit an app, here are three ways to deal with it. First, if you have your settings right, you can recover from accidentaly quitting without losing any work or the windows and tabs you have open. You can also disable Command+Q for any one app. There is also a way to override Command+Q with another keyboard shortcut to prevent yourself from using it anywhere.
14 Things You Can Do To Make Your MacBook Last Longer
If you are thinking about getting or have recently bought a new MacBook Air or Pro, you may want to know how to make it last as long as possible. Here is some advice on how to keep your MacBook running well for many years to come.
Storing Files Locally When Using iCloud Drive
Sometimes you may want to store files in iCloud Drive, and sometimes you may want to store files on your local drive. Depending on your settings, you can have both at all times. Or, you could use one of two methods to put some files either on iCloud Drive or only locally.
Use Quick Look Instead Of Preview To View Files
WHen trying to find images or other files to use, many new Mac users try to use the Preview app to view these files to pick one. Despite its name, Preview is not the ideal app for previewing files. Instead use Quick Look or one of two other methods.
3 Ways To Generate Random Passwords On a Mac

If you need to create a random password outside of Safari or another password manager, you can use a variety of techniques. You can use the Keychain Access app, some Terminal commands, or even make your own Automator action to generate one on demand.

20 Mac App Store Tips
The Mac App Store is probably the best way to get apps for your Mac. Here are 20 tips for finding apps, figuring out if an app is worth downloading, and managing your apps.
The Secret History of Mac Keyboard Keys
What does the Command key symbol mean? Or the Option key symbol? Where is the Backspace key? How is Caps Lock on a Mac different than Windows? Learn a little bit about the keys on your Mac keyboard.
Understanding Sheets and Tables In Mac Numbers
Many Numbers users will try to fit everything into a single Sheet or even a single Table in a single Sheet. But the key to using Numbers effectively is to spead out the functins of your document across multiple sheets and multiple tables inside a sheet in a way that makes the most sense.
Custom Text Wrapping With Shapes In Pages
Text can wrap easily around rectangular images or well-defined image objects. But if you want to control the text wrapping with precision or to create unusual wraps, you can use shapes.
Understanding and Creating Transparent Images On a Mac
Learn what makes an image transparent and how image pixels work. If you need to make the background or some portion of an image transparent to use it in a document, presentation or as a video overlay, here's how to do it in Pixelmator Pro or Affinity Photo.
Understanding the Difference Between Backing Up and Archiving
Many people confuse backing up with archiving. These are two very different things that both involve external drives and your files. But it is important to understand the difference and have both a backup and an archive for your Mac.
The Super-Secret Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Almost No One Knows About
Beyond the menu bar keyboard shortcuts and the ones you can add in System Preferences, there are a set of keyboard shortcuts called KeyBindings that you can use when writing. These customizable keyboard commands can be used to move around in text, manipuate selections and even insert frequently-used words and phrases.
How To Edit Images In Preview On a Mac
The Preview app can be used to view both image files and PDFs. You can also do quite a bit of editing on image files, such as color adjustments, cropping, copy and pasting selections, resizing, markup and exporting into another format.
Why You Should Be Using Multiple Calendars on Your Mac
The Calendar app lets you use as many calendars as you like, dividing up your events and appointments into groups that make sense to you. With multiple calendars, you can turn them on or off to more easily see what you have coming up and share only the events that you need to share.