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How To Rebuild the Spotlight Index on Your Mac
The Spotlight index is used to let you search for files on your Mac. If searching is not working properly you can rebuild the Spotlight index.
ClipTools: How To Use Smart Clips

Smart clips let you paste text with extra programmable elements. You can use previously copied clipboard items, ask for input, select from a list, a current or future date and more.

Customizing Your Mouse Settings
f you use an Apple Magic Mouse with your Mac you should check out all of the customization settings. Even if you don't change anything, there are probably gestures you aren't aware of that you could be using.
Mac Lock Screen Settings
A new System Settings panel in macOS Ventura gives you control over when your Mac locks and what appears on the Lock Screen. It is important to review these settings and set them up to be as secure as possible for your situation.
Cropping Photos on Your Mac in the Photos App
Learn how to use the cropping tools in the Photos app. You can crop to any part of the photo, or stick with specific aspect ratios. You can also rotate and adjust the perspective of a photo.
Using the Terminal For a Better Mac Calculator
Another choice for doing calculations on your Mac is to use the Basic Calculator app inside the Terminal. It has some features that neither the Calculator app, Spotlight nor Siri have like variables, history, customization and more.
Getting the Most From Hot Corners On Your Mac
Hot Corners allow you to assign functions to the four corners of your Mac's screen. Just move your mouse pointer to one of those corners to activate Mission Control, Notification Center, lock the screen and more.
10 Variations On How To Take Screenshots On a Mac
If you take a lot of screenshots, check out these productivity tips to make your captures go to the folder you want, save to a different location each time, go straight to the clipboard, go into the Photos app, and more.
How Should You Format An External Drive For a Mac?
When you buy a new external drive for your Mac, it is not going to be formatted for your Mac. You should use Disk Utility to set the drive up right before using it.
A New Free Mac Utility App: ClipTools
ClipTools is a free clipboard manager and text selection utility for Mac from MacMost. With it you can access your clipboard history, save clips, use programmable Smart Clips, paste the date or time, insert example text, perform calculations and paste the result or replace the selection, convert numbers to words, sorts lines and so much more. Check out for a full list of features and an App Store link.
Customizing Your Trackpad Settings
If you use a Trackpad with your Mac you should check out all of the customization settings. Even if you don't change anything, there are probably gestures you aren't aware of that you could be using.
10 Things To Know About Using the Trash On Your Mac
The normal way to delete files on your Mac is to use the Trash or Bin folder. There are several shortcuts and advanced techniques that you should know about.
How To Customize the Clock in Your Mac Menu Bar
Your Mac shows the date and time at the top right. You can customize this to only show the time and whether to include things like AM/PM, seconds, and the day of the week. This is more than just a display as it acts as a button for Notifications Center and Do No Disturb.
Using Lists in Contacts on Mac, iPhone and iPad
Lists replace Groups in the Contacts app and since you can now manage them on the iPhone and iPad they are much more useful.
10 Things You Should Know About Naming Files on a Mac
How long can Mac filenames be? What characters can you use and which should you avoid? What about if you want to use the files on other systems too? How can you get numbered or dated files to sort properly?
10 Tips for Using Split View on a Mac
Split View is a simple useful multitasking tool that lets you work with exactly two windows at the same time. Here are some tips to get the most out of Split View.
Set Your Mac Wallpaper To Change Automatically
If you want your Mac's Desktop background wallpaper to automatically change every hour or day, you can do it in System Settings, Wallpaper. However with the new look of System Settings in macOS Ventura, it can be hard to find the controls if you are used to the old System Preferences app.
Should You Use Microsoft Office or Apple Apps on Your Mac?
Do you need to purchase and use Microsoft Office? Free Apple apps like Pages and Numbers are good alternatives to Word and Excel. But some people may still be better off buying Microsoft Office and having both sets of apps available.
Creating Keyboard Shortcuts To Launch Apps
You can use the Shortcuts app to create very simple Shortcuts to launch apps. You can then assign a keyboard shortcut to that and now launch or switch to that app with a single key press. Add as many as you like for quick access to your most-used apps.
Clean Up Your Mac’s Dock
Take the time to clean up and customize your Dock to improve your productivity. These 10 tips are quick and easy to do.