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10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Mac Safari
There is a lot of hidden functionality in the Safari browser on your Mac. Here are ten things (actually 13!) that you may not know you can do that will help you when browsing the web.
Mac Basics: Changing Your Desktop Background
You can set your Desktop Picture to a variety of dymanic or static images that Apple provides. You can also use a soild color or choose from one of your own photos or an image file.
Creating Useful Helper Actions For Mac Numbers

By using JavaScript in Automator you can change the value of selected cells in Numbers. But a little more coding you can place specific or random values in the cells, reorder them, insert data from the clipboard or even an Internet location. There are allo sorts of ways to use code like this to do things you couldn't easily do in Numbers otherwise.

Using Advanced Text Options In Pages
You can go beyond basic font changes or bold text by using advanced text options in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You can make text stand out with spacing, baseline changes, outlines, shadows or adding a background color.
Keep Your Online Accounts Secure Using Safari Passwords
If you aren't using a third-party password manager, you should be at least using Safari Passwords. This allows you to create strong unique password for your online accounts without having to remember or type them. You can even use those password on your other Apple devices through iCloud.
25 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Mac Numbers

Here are a variety of functions, features and tips for Mac Numbers that many Numbers users don't know about.

Mac Basics: How To Preview Files
If you want to see the contents of a file before opening it in an app or importing it into a document, you can use many different methods in macOS. You can use Finder icons, Gallery View, the Finder window preview area, or Quick Look.
How To Set the Default App For Opening Files On a Mac
Simply opening a file will launch the default app for that file. But you can indicate that you wish to open a different app in several ways. You can also set the default app for that file or for all files of the same type.
Mac Basics: User Accounts
Each person using a Mac should have their own user account. This allows everyone to have things set up the way they want, access their own iCloud Account and prevents others from accidentally deleting or changing files. Enable Fast User Switching to make it easy for more than one person to use the same Mac.
Create a Quick Action To Center Any Window On a Mac

Learn a little bit of JavaScript by creating an Automator Quick Action to center the current window on your Mac. You can assign this to a keybard shortcut and also alter the script to position the window in other ways.

How To Use Do Not Disturb On a Mac
Use Do Not Disturb to make sure notifications don't appear on yoru screen during meetings, online presentations or when you just want to get more work done. There are a variety of ways to turn on and off Do Not Disturb, and also a variety of settings to customize it.
Mac Basics: The Pointer and Cursor
The cursor or pointer is a primary tool you use on your Mac to get things done. The pointer changes to show you what action is being performed. The cursor is used to show where you are acting inside of text.
Tips For Getting The Most Out Of the Finder Sidebar
Here are 20 tips for using the Mac Finder Sidebar, one of the primary tools you have to help you get to and organize files on your Mac.
Two Ways To Take a Photo On Your iPhone Using Your Voice
You can make the Camera app on your iPhone take a picture using only your voice by either setting up a Shortcut or activating Voice Control.
Mac Basics: Using System Preferences
System Preferences is where you go to change settings on your Mac. Settings are arranged by category in panes, but you can search for settings too. On the Mac, you access app preferences in the individual app.
How To Organize the Files On Your Mac
It important to come up with an organization system for your files on your Mac that meets your needs. Here are some examples of how you can do it. Your system doesn't have to start out perfect and you should always be looking for ways to improve it.
Mac Basics: The Red, Yellow and Green Window Buttons
The Red, Yellow and Green buttons at the top left corner of windows on a Mac perform a variety of functions. They are similar to, but different than buttons at the top of windows in other operating systems. Find out how they work and learn some tips.
Using Special Viewing Modes With Pages, Numbers and Keynote On iOS
There is a special Reading Mode in Pages, Numbers and Keynote on the iPhone and iPad that allow you to view your documents without accidentally making changes. Pages also include a Presenter Mode for using your iPad as a teleprompter.
Using the Raspberry Pi 400 With Your Mac and iCloud
The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap computer you can use to access the web, mail, documents and learn basic computing. But by using the web apps and screen sharing can you also use it as an extension of your Apple life?
10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Mac Pages
Here are 10 Mac Pages tips with ideas for special features you can use in your next Pages document.