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Adding More Keys For More Mac Shortcuts
Ever want an extra set of buttons to control your Mac? Add single-press buttons to launch apps or do whatever you want. You don't need to get an expensive peripheral. A cheap extra keyboard or keypad will work if you also use a third-party keyboard tool to configure it.
Everything You Can Do With Video and Audio Files Without Launching an App
If you need to rotate, trim, extract a frame or text from a video or audio file on a Mac, you don't need to even open an app. You can do all of these things and more just using the Finder and macOS.
Everything You Can Do With Images Without Launching an App
If you need to rotate, trim, convert or just view some images on a Mac, you don't need to use any app at all. You can do these and more using just the tools in the Finder and macOS.
10 Ways To Organize Your Notes
If you have a lot of notes in the Notes app you may want to try one or more of these techniques to organize them. You can use sorting, folders, tags, smart folders, links and other techniques.
Building a Retirement Planning Spreadsheet In Numbers
Learn some Numbers spreadsheet skills by building a simple retirement planning table and chart. Learn how to use basic formulas to calculate how savings will grow with contributions and interest each year.
What To Do On a Mac When Someone Sends You a Microsoft Word File
What do you do if someone sends you a Microsoft Word document, but you don't use Word on your Mac? You've got several options for viewing these documents, copying text from them, and even editing and saving in Word format without needing to buy anything.
Using the Mac News App Even If You Don't Like News
You can use the News app as a customized article feed only from sources you want to see. So instead of reading about world news, politics or finance, you can make it your tech news, science news or entertainment news app.
Batch Rename Multiple Files On a Mac
You can rename multiple files using the Finder's hidden Batch Rename tool. You can change matching text in all file names, or add an index number to each file's name.
Changing the Accent Color Used in Apple Apps
Apps like Pages, Numbers and Notes use specific colors for selected items and highlights. This is called the Accent Color. You can override the accent colors in these apps with a system-wide accent color setting.
Turning Off the Caps Lock and Other Text Cursor Indicators on Your Mac

Starting with macOS Sonoma you will see an indicator under the text cursor when you have Caps Lock turned, are using dictation, or have just switch keyboard input types. Here's more about this and how you can turn it off if you really want to.

Tips To Being More Productive Using Mac Pages
Learn how to be more productive when writing in Pages by using styles, the left sidebar, sections, dictation and more.
How To Capture Any Text From Your Screen On Mac, iPhone or iPad
Sometimes it can be difficult or impossible to select text to copy from a web page or image. But you can use Live Text or take a screenshot and copy text from that instead.
10 Ways To Make Text Larger On Web Pages
If text on a web page looks too small for you, you have many different options to make the text larger and the page easier to read.
iOS 18 Home Screen, Control Center and Lock Screen Changes Coming To Your iPhone
When iOS 18 comes out this fall you'll be able to put app icons wherever you want, tint your Home Screen, lock apps, add tons of controls to Control Center, and even change the buttons on the Lock Screen.
Understanding How Your Photos Are Stored in Your Mac Photos App
When you store photos in the Photos app, they become part of your Photos Library. But you can also create albums to view your photos in a different way. What exactly happens when you put a photo from your Library in an album?
macOS Sequoia Window Tiling Preview
Window management is coming to macOS in Sequoia later this year. See how it looks and works so far in the early beta version. You can easily move windows to the left, right, top and bottom, in quarters and more. You have many ways to access these new window management features.
What's Coming In macOS Sequoia
macOS Sequoia is coming this fall. Here's a look at the first new features in the initial beta release. We're going to get window tiling, highlighting and math in Notes, a Passwords app, send later in Messages and much more. There will be more features, including AI, coming later this summer.
Right Click On a MacBook Trackpad
If you have a MacBook or a Mac with a Magic trackpad, there is no right button for you to press. But you can still right click using a variety of different techniques.
How To Select Noncontiguous Text in Pages and Other Apps
You can now make noncontiguous text selections in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Learn how to use this new feature and some possible uses including an interesting way to make noncontiguous pastes.
Why Your MacBook Battery Drains Fast
If you feel your MacBook battery drains too fast, there is probably something you can do about it. First check out a graph that shows you the battery drain over time. Then use various techniques to figure out which app is the problem. You can even figure out if it is a specific web site you are visiting that is causing the issue.