MacMost: Video Podcast

Mac Photos App Storage Options
Most of the time you can just use a single iCloud photo library stored in your Pictures folder. But if you have other needs you can move it to an external drive, create more libraries, and even link photos to your library without importing them.
ClipTools: Using the Calculator Functions
You can use the free app from MacMost to perform calculations and have the result automatically pasted. You can also calculate the selected text or the text in the clipboard.
A Quick Early Look At macOS Sonoma
Take a look at some of the new features coming to macOS laster this year including Safari Profiles, Aerial Wallpapers, links between Notes, and much more.
New 15-Inch MacBook Air, Mac Studio and Mac Pro
Apple announced three new Macs at this year's WWDC. In addition to an anticipated larger-screen MacBook Air and an update to the Mac Studio, they also have a high-end expensive and expandable Mac Pro that uses Apple's home-grown chips.
Typing Math Symbols and Equations on a Mac
Learn how to type math symbols like the division sign, single-character fractions and more. Find out how you can type complex math equations in Pages.
8 iPhone Home Screen Customization Tips
Learn how to move groups of app icons together, reorder quickly, hide apps without deleting them completely and much more.
10 Alternatives To Your Favorite Mac Shortcuts
Sometimes widely-used Mac tips and tricks aren't actually the fastest or easiest was to do something. Learn some alternatives to using Spotlight, the app switcher, the Emoji viewer and more.
10 Tips for Using the PDF Menu in the Print Dialog
There are lots of ways to use the PDF button that is hidden in the Print Dialog of most apps. You can use it to print part of a document or page, export as an image, send directly to Mail and much more.
How Autocomplete in Numbers Works
When you are reusing the same text in a column, such as entering categories or names, you can save time and effort by using the autocomplete feature. This allows you to easily retype the same text without needing to enter every letter.
Why Mac and iPad “Deals” Aren’t Always Good
If you see a good deal on a Mac or iPad it may not be as good as you think. Here are 8 things to watch out for when evaluating sale or deal on Apple computers and tablets.
How To Search a Single Website
If you know the information or item you want is on a specific site, there are quicker ways to get to it besides a general web search. Most websites allow you to search inside them, and even search engines allow you to narrow things down.
10 Tips For New Mac Users
Here are 10 tips for people who are new to using macOS.
How To Control Where Downloaded Files Are Saved on a Mac
When you download something in Safari, another browser, or Mail, it is saved to the Downloads folder by default. But you can change that to another location or have it prompt you each time.
Jump Around in a Keynote Presentation With Buttons
A presentation is usually linear, advancing from one slide ot the next. But you can create buttons that are links to other slides to jump around and view slides in a different order each time you present. Or, you can just jump to an option part of your presentation and then back to the main slides.
Understanding Curly and Straight Quotes
When you type quotation marks on your Mac you'll usually get curly quotes that curl correctly depending on what you are typing. Learn what curly quotes are, how they work, and how to use straight quotes instead if you like.
How To Lock iPhone Apps With Your Passcode
By using a Shortcuts automation, you can make it seem like one or more of your regular iPhone or iPad apps are locked and require your passcode to access. This low-security technique could prevent others from gaining access to important apps.
Understanding Smart Folders, Albums, Mailboxes and Playlists
When using smart folders or albums it is important to realize what they are. Items are not "in" a smart folder or album. They are simply the results of a search. The items remain where they were. You can't delete items from a smart folder or album because that wouldn't make sense.
Using Font Book on Your Mac
Font Book is the app that comes with your Mac that lets you install new fonts and manage the ones you have. Most Mac users never need to use Font Book, but if you are a designer or content creator you may need to know how it works.
Controlling Google Lights and Switches With Siri on Your iPhone
So many lights and switches won't work with Siri, but will work with Google. However, you can still use Siri to control there by setting up a Shortcut to get Siri talking to the Google Assistant app.
Clipping Masks in Pixelmator Pro
Clipping Masks are a useful technique to be able to use only part of an image masked into a specific shape without destroying the image in the layer. You can use it to easily create sculpted images in Pages, Keynote or iMovie.