10 Mac Beginner Tips In 6 Minutes

Here are some tips for those new to the Mac. Learn how to quickly switch to other apps and windows, launch apps, use Hot Corners, type Emoji and more.

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    2 years ago

    Hi Gary, I always love your tips! I'm using MacBook Pro with Big Sur. I just tried typing a calculation into Spotlight, exactly the same as you did in the video, but nothing happened. I then added = at the end and nothing happened. So I pressed Enter as well - and nothing happened. The only result I get is "Search The Web". Just had a look in Preferences/Spotlight and discovered I need to click the Checkbox for Calculations - perfect! I thought this extra info might help others :-)

    Alice unawai
    1 year ago

    I’m a senior.I need help getting my iphonexr & iPad & MacBook 13 to work together.need to learn how to copy &send.. And how to organize my 13000 photos

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